6 Chapter 6; What's the matter?

"Okay, so, are we going to the hotel or?" They settled down in the back seat as he passed his iPad to him while he got his laptop.

"The Su family is big, check out if there is news about her arrest... We will go to that detention center..." He received his iPad. He began going through his emails checking them out if he has any urgent ones.

He was wearing a black suit, black shirt, and a heavy black velvet overcoat that went down past his knees, he was a tall man around 6 feet.

His facial mask went from the eyebrows to the nose but on the left cheek, it was extended a little, down to the cheekbone.

"Is his fiance Su Qing?" Huo Qi queried while his fingers never stopped running across the keyboard searching for her details, but the only name he could find was Su Qing.

"That one should be the second born I guess, she is a bit younger, there's another daughter..." That old man would always tell him anything concerning the Huo family, and he was well-informed.

"I can't see any other daughter's name mentioned here apart from Su Qing and the other two younger boys... That's all and I don't seem to find any news related to the Su family about the arrest and crime, apart from business information... Completely nothing... " Huo Qi slightly frowned as he went on searching at the House registry online.

He was a good hacker but then again, Huo Shen had the powers to do anything he wanted one of them being, to find the housing register.

Within a minute Huo Qi found the name under the Su patriarch's wife and the girl was never genealogically identified as a daughter of the Su family but as Pei Fang's daughter.

"She hasn't been acknowledged in the Su family, and I don't think anyone knows about this incident... " Huo Qi mumbled and began working on other kinds of stuff.

" Mmm... " Huo Shen roughly hummed as the chauffeur drove them onto the highway.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

After an hour of laying on the floor, her inmates woke up due to the seeping cold only to find themselves on the cold floor while Su Wei Wei lazed on the bed with her legs facing upwards dangling lazily.

"You are lucky that I feel pain today, hurry up and massage my shoulders and legs... And remember to be gentle..." Her voice was cold and her aura was fierce and intimidating.

Her eyes had gone back to light green which wouldn't be noticed in a distance unless you got closer to her. She had also contemplated her situation and was so pleased to know that, this life, came with its perks.

They hurried staggered and got up before approaching her, they nervously began massaging her legs and shoulders.

"Now, let me ask you a question, why have you all been beating me up? Why torture me like this and we are in the same place?" She queried eying them, they didn't look like criminals to begin with, they gave her those innocent eyes and were surrounded by a warm aura, but who would judge a person by their looks?

"We were.... We were... We were instructed to do so... We were paid to do that..." They nervously mumbled bowing their heads down as Wei Wei glared at them.

"Oooh... All right, be gentle..." She had just mumbled when a warden walked over to their cell.

"Who is Su Wei Wei? you have a visitor! Come out...." She called her out but Su Wei Wei merely lifted her head gazing at her before bowing it without any response.

The other inmates were frightened seeing her ignoring the warden, if no one responded, the warden would open the door and they all would be severely punished.

"Who is Su Wei Wei..." She coldly muttered glaring at them, her eyes were burning in fury seeing how they were ignoring her and tending to Wei Wei.

"What's the matter? Why are you shouting? When I came here, I was denied all the rights to receive guests!" Su Wei Wei harrumphed in annoyance sitting up on the bunker bed and gazing at the woman with her purple eyes.

They were sharp and intimidating, this wasn't the weak girl they knew and patronized.

"You have got a visitor who won't go away without visiting you..." Huo Shen had powers to command, and the Officer in charge of the prison had given him the go-ahead to visit whoever he wanted to, thus, the police officers and the wardens didn't dare go against that request.

They were under pressure until he saw her, he wouldn't move an inch, and if he didn't see her, the warden knew things wouldn't remain as simple as they were.

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