55 Chapter 55; Your food is ready....

Su Wei Wei who was feeling smug, snapped her eyes open and lunged on Huo Shen's back as it was facing her and he was caught off guard, she immediately stretched her hands to move the collar of his shirt to the side so that she could see the tattoo but Huo Shen was faster than her.

Before she could get hold of his shirt collar, he held her mischievous hands before dragging her to the front and she fell into his crisscrossed legs.

"We haven't gotten engaged yet but you can't wait to devour me... Are you that thirsty?" He warmly chastised before letting go of her hands and went back to typing what he was writing, Su Wei Wei slightly blushed knowing that she had been caught, but she didn't care, she was just dying to see that tattoo...


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