29 Chapter 29; Huo Shen, where are you?

"Okay, Master...." Huo Qi left the mansion to work on all those things, Huo Shen was using a private number which he used to communicate with his father, and the other mobile phone with the common number was being handled by Huo Qi.

"Who in the right mind thinks of having a wedding at 18? That's crazy!" Su Wei Wei roughly banged the hardwood table but the pain that shot in afterwards made her eyes tear up in big teardrops.

Huo Shen got up and walked over to her side and held her hand carefully massaging it while he blew some cold breath toward the skin that had turned bloody red.

This pain was excruciating, she had thought it wasn't that unusual not to feel any pain when she experienced it in the cell, but now, she couldn't beat anyone without experiencing this pain... But with him, the pain actually faded away and she miraculously felt better all over.


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