24 Chapter 24; What if I don't want to study?

" What if I don't want to study? " She pouted her lips feeling like the next four years will be the worst years of her life, but she only has this option to change her fate.

" You have to study like all other girls of your age, I will enroll you in the Huo International School... You better work hard and achieve better grades, without certificates you are nothing... " He stood up and strode out of the bedroom closing the door before walking over to the hallway approaching the stairs and going down.

Su Wei Wei didn't have anything else to say, after all, his requests were all reasonable and there was nothing outrageous to refute.

" Fine.... " She rolled all over the bed trying to calm down, first, she needed to make plans, but first of all, she had to get engaged and then attend her stepsister's birthday party...

"Good morning Master Huo..." Huo Qi was up early and even ordered the servants present to prepare a healthy breakfast.. it was just right in the morning and the sun was up and bright but with soft warmth.

" Good morning Huo Qi... You can take the clothes over to my master bedroom..." He strode out of the mansion wearing some outdoor sandals and strode to the other side where several flowers were planted in a greenhouse.

Huo Qi signaled the guards who were carrying the shopping bags to follow him upstairs, he got to the bedroom door and gently knocked at it.

"Don't come in... I want to sleep more..." A soft voice echoed from the inside, she didn't sound like an angry wolf, her voice was calmer and had a little bit of hoarseness as she was just waking up.

"Miss, we brought some new clothes over for you to dress in..." He softly smirked before opening the door and walking in, she was rolling around the bed, but she was wearing a tiny night dress..

She got off the bed and took steps forward approaching Huo Qi who was eying her curiously, her eyes were mischievous, and a smirk was pasted around her face like she was up to something.

Huo Qi took a step back, if while she was handcuffed he was no match for her, then how about now that her hands were free plus her legs?

"Mr, what's your name? How about we get down to business? I like you you know... You are very charming!" She took a step forward getting closer but Huo Qi moved aside and avoided her.

"Mrs. Huo, please pay attention to your identity, I just brought your clothes over that Master Huo had purchased...." He signaled the guards to place the shopping bags down on the floor before leaving in a hurry...

What was this? Was she tempting him? Was she seducing him?

"Hahaha, handsome... I can cure that scar of yours, and you will be more handsome, your voice makes my heart beat violently, do you want to hear it? " Su Wei Wei spoke out loudly seeing he was fleeing.

Could this be a confession? Huo Qi hurriedly walked out of the bedroom closing the door, their Missus was up to something this early morning, what was she plotting?

" Hahaha..." Wei Wei loudly giggled before getting the shopping bags and began going through them.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Ay.. ayy.. ayyy..." He rushed out of the mansion over to the garden where Huo Shen was tending to his flowers and he let the cold breeze caress his blushed cheeks...

"What happened?" Huo Shen eyed him for a second before going on with watering his flowers, most of them had bloomed.

"Aaah? Nothing... nothing..." How could he say something like that? Even though their relationship hadn't developed, it was still a crime to covet their Missus.

"Have you stopped all the projects we wanted to collaborate with the Mo family?" He loudly sighed, he wanted to cut ties with that scheming family completely.

" Yes, we found the person who was in charge of brewing this toxic poison! But we don't know if there are more and he isn't giving out any much information we need..." That same night, Huo Qi began working on those people and everyone who had schemed against their master would pay dearly.

" Go and bring him over... " He stopped what he was doing and they went back over to the living room, this House was also designed and decorated all White, and everything was white.

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