2 Chapter 2; Four months pregnant?

" Four months pregnant?" Huo Yan hadn't expected to score with just that one night shot, that night, he had gotten drunk because he wanted to sleep with her and get her pregnant, he loathed her to the core and couldn't spend a night with her in his sober mind, he knew how much he was disgusted with an ex-convict.

"Yeah, but the fetus is already affected by the poison in her body, and it's not possible to carry the fetus to full term... she is bound to have a miscarriage any time soon..." He explained his findings and didn't want to make any empty promises while understanding the situation.

"Okay, arrange for an abortion and perform the bone marrow transplant on my other kids that why her sole responsibility..." He instructed the doctor who gazed at him wondering what math, he was calculating.

"But the poison?" The doctor didn't understand what he was thinking.

"They are half-siblings and their genes would match, don't worry... There is no way the fetus's bone marrow is affected by poison, it's just four months...." Huo Yan's cold voice ordered him on what to do, and knowing there was no future for the fetus, they would have to make use of it now while it was still alive.

"Okay... There are papers you need to sign before we proceed, let's go to my office..." They took the elevator over to his office and got the papers signed before starting the surgery.

While standing in the hallway, his mobile phone rang, he dipped his hand inside his trouser pocket and got the phone before receiving the call.

"Hubby, where are you? It's the weekend today..." A coyish and soft voice echoed from the other end of the phone call.

"Where are you?" Huo Yan's tone suddenly turned cold and the surrounding air turned icy sending shivers to everyone who was passing by.

From the surrounding noises, Su Qing must have gone out.

"I went out to shop... It's been so long..." That voice from the other end was still laughing and warm.

" What about the kids? Whom did you leave them with? Can't you be a responsible mother for once?" His tone was rough and reprimanding. Instead of tending to the kids and accompanying them, she was out there shopping every single day.

"A nanny is watching over them until I'm done with my things, it's not like I have to babysit those grown kids, hubby, I miss you... When do you plan on stopping this facade? You need to come back home to us...." She softly whined as her friends dragged her around, Huo Yan could hear several voices surrounding Su Qing teasing her.

"Hump!" He hung up angrily and strode over to the VIP wardroom where his kids were admitted, from the glass door, he could see them soundly sleeping while their nanny accompanied them.

If he went in, they would ask him several questions which he didn't know how to answer, thus he turned around and went back to the emergency surgery hallway.

Sooner, Su Wei Wei was out of the surgery room and admitted to the normal ward where Huo Yan checked on her before going back home.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Three days later...

"Huo Yan...." She had been sleeping all this while because of the drugs and sometimes she could wake up, but she looked delirious and unfocused.

"Madam, there is no one here and you are supposed to be discharged... The wound can be easily taken care of at home..." The nurse responded seeing her struggling to find the person she was calling.

"Okay, you can help me out in clearing the discharge papers, thank you, nurse..." She softly mumbled sitting up on the bed, she could feel her tummy aching.

"Okay, be careful of that place, you just had surgery to get rid of the appendicitis, which was the one that was causing pain.." she was done recording and closed her file.

" Okay nurse, thank you..." The nurse walked away to do the paperwork for her, since she came from the Huo family there wasn't much to do.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"I heard that there's something she has that's very important to us and that's what the fortune teller told me, and that's the reason I went back to her, but you do know how much she depends on me, she is obsessed with me and no matter what, you are my priority...

She would also always stay here because of pity and would have nowhere to go... You do know that we are legally married and hers is just a fake marriage with fake certificates...

You are the one I love Su Qing, but the Su family is crumbling, we need to know the secrets for it to prosper, don't tell me you want your inheritance to subside into nothing." Huo Yan could be heard convincing a woman who was Su Wei Wei's sister inside the bedroom, that they had left the door open.

The Su family had two daughters and two sons, of which, Su Wei Wei was brought over to the second family, and she was an illegitimate daughter born out of wedlock, while all those other kids were her halfsiblings, but all in her lifetime, she never expected to sacrifice so much for this family, and she never expected that this same family that she sacrificed herself for, was the one that would destroy her.

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