1 Chapter 1; I'm not feeling well....

"A Yan, I'm not feeling well... My belly hurts a little down here..." Su Wei Wei who had been lying on the couch worriedly mumbled as she pressed her tummy showing him that, recently, she had been feeling unwell and experiencing some abdominal pains out of nowhere.

She has been careful with whatever she ate and doesn't recall eating something that could upset her stomach, but then again, it wasn't her tummy aching but her abdomen.

"What are you even nagging about? Get up and prepare food for lunch! Do you want the entire family to starve?" A low-pitched tone echoed from the top of the stairs, as the figure descended the stairs that were going down into the living room.

Su Wei Wei hurriedly lifted her head gazing toward the stairs while standing up abruptly, the person getting down the stairs was none other than her mother-in-law.

"Mother..." She humbly greeted her while bowing her head respectfully but that woman gazed at her with disgust, you could tell how much she loathed her from the face she was giving her.

After being in prison for fifteen years, she was released and Huo Yan proposed to her, she felt lucky that the man had been waiting for her for all these years and she felt grateful for accepting his proposal.

And when he proposed, she immediately accepted and they began staying together, they even went to the civil registrar's office and registered their marriage.

It has been five months since she was released and he never allows her to go out or go anywhere outside of the mansion without his permission, so she has been staying in the mansion this entire time.

"Don't call me mother... Hurry up, I'm starving... Or do I have to beat you so that you can listen?" She coldly mumbled strolling down the stairs and swinging her hips from side to side into the living room where Su Wei Wei was standing.

She got closer and roughly nudged her away from the couch like that dirty messing her couches.

Su Wei Wei was caught off guard and stumbled backward, the back of her legs knocking the table behind her and it assisted her in stabilizing her footing, she knew her mother-in-law didn't like her but it was better compared to how her birth mother treated her.

"A Yan...." She softly called him so that he could talk sense to his mother and allow her to rest, he was going through some files on the other side of the living room. She was truly feeling bad and couldn't do anything.

"Just do what mommy is telling you to do, you do know that's how she is..." Huo Yan didn't even turn around to gaze at her, and this has always been the reason he gave her whenever his mother treated her badly. He always found excuses for his mother and family.

She slightly sighed walking over to the kitchen, she always hoped that Huo Yan would stand on her side just one time and defend her, but halfway through the hallway, she felt dizzy and fell onto the floor and her breath got labored.

She nervously held her neck while struggling to breathe. She was even unable to call for help... Her entire body began sweating.

"What are you even pretending down there for? Hurry and get up..." Zhou Zan, Huo Yan's mother loudly yelled pointing her index finger at her in anger.

Huo Yan got up and strode over to where Su Wei Wei was lying without any hurry, but when his gaze glanced at her eyes, they were closed, and seemed to have fallen unconscious, he slightly panicked.

"Mother, is lunch ready? I'm hungry..." A naughty-toned voice echoed from the stairs, it was Huo Yan's sister Huo Shi.

"Geez! She is down there pretending to be sick while my baby girl is starving! What kind of a daughter-in-law is this? I even don't know why I have to condone her around her..." Zhou Zan was mad and hauled insults at her while Huo Shi walked over to her mother.

Huo Yan roughly tapped her and tried to wake her up, but she didn't budge, he tried again by pinching her body all over but there was no reaction whatsoever.

"I will take her to the hospital...." Huo Yan picked her up and walked over to the parking lot where he placed her inside one of the cars and let the chauffeur drive them over to the hospital.

"What kind of a delicate being is this? Can't you find a normal daughter-in-law for me? Don't come back with her!" Zhou Zan was still mad and she had never liked Su Wei Wei.

"Mother, calm down... Let the servants cook something for us now, I'm starving..." Huo Shi softly mumbled, she was Su Wei Wei's agemate but hadn't gotten married and was still staying at her maternal home.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After a twenty-minute ride, they arrived at the Huo Hospital and immediately admitted her.

"Hello Master Huo Yan, we have done the blood tests and it shows that she is four months pregnant..." Doctor Zhu strode over and approached him with the reports.

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