Reaching For the Stars

Charlie Yang is suddenly pushed into a new unfamiliar yet familiar world with the memories of his alternate self! With a power no one else has, technology to be discovered, and famous works not existing in this new world, how will Charlie reach the stars? Rising through heartbreak, join Charlie as he and his Achievement System achieve greatness! 1-2 chapters daily. Will increase in the future. Chapters are around 1,500 words in length. Discord code: rvVt3sB3vn Cover credits: @ksb_x4 Please contact me if you wish for the cover to be removed.

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Chapter 30

The oxygen is sabotaged and I let Reed go up and check a few rooms.

People still aren't using the strategy of killing someone and then sabotaging something in the opposite corner to prevent people from reporting or to hang out with a group to seem innocent.

Vent plays haven't been developed too well either since it just started trending so people will just kill someone and run out of the room.

It's still good to check, though.

I see wipL's corpse on the floor and report it.

[Charlie: "Okay I found wip's body in the communications area. I have a pretty good shot at who I think it might be."]

[Rykun: "Ooh okay, who is it?"]

[Charlie: "It's Julian."]

[Redde: "Exactly what I was thinking."]

[bzoomster: "Same, I just saw him going up from around that area to do the oxygen."]

[Loafofbread: "Yup I also saw he faked a few tasks and was just moving around with no direction."]

[Juliamn: "Wait guys it's not me. I'm not the impostor."]

[Yvettel: "Who is it then?"]

[Poodlefluff: "Julian I've seen you just running around the map looking at everybody and you were the last person that was with wip."]

[Juliamn: "... It's not me guys."]

[Charlie: "Who is it then?"]

[Juliamn: "... I don't know."]

He began laughing and we started laughing with him,

[Juliamn: "Okay okay, god damnit yes I am the impostor."]

He voted himself out.

Juliamn has been ejected.



Okay well, I think it would be a good time now to start streaming.

I go to the streaming tab and see that my follower count has risen from the 3,000 to 7,000 now.

Oh, brother.

7,000 followers god damn. I'm getting so hard carried right now.

I check my OBS one last time to see that the facecam and the game are showing up and I click the stream button.

"Hello hello? Is this working?" I wave towards the camera.

[bzoomster: "What's working?"]

"Oh I clicked the stream thing and I'm not sure if it's working. If it shows up on my OBS it is, right?"

[blacklily: "I'll check."]

"Oh, thank you."

[blacklily: "Yup it is."]

Ah, if she's checking on her stream, will my stream tab show up on her stream? Wow, that's free exposure thank you so much, Lily.

"Thank you very much, Lily."

[blacklily: "Jesus Christ, that's how you look like Charlie?"]

[bzoomster: "Wait, wut, you're actually doing the face cam?"]

[Rykun: "I need to see this man right now."]

They all looked up my stream and clicked on it.

[Redde: "Hehe."]

Reed laughed strangely with a little tone of pride.

I wave towards the camera with a dazzling smile.

After showering, I had changed into a white comfortable shirt and some shorts but they only saw my upper torso. My hair was also damp and I had a rosy tint to my white creamy skin from having just showered.


coochieman232: i did not expect charlie to look like this

andreap011: youre frkn sexy wtf

redissus: holy sh i think im about to go sus on this guy]

There were lots of other comments that started being spammed in the chat. God damn dude.

I think I'm going to have to enable follower-only chat.

[bzoomster: "Bro Charlie how old are you?"]

I smiled, "Guess."

[bzoomster: "Dude you could be 20, or 16, or 18, or 22. I don't know man."]

[Redde: "He's 13 years old."]

[blacklily: "What the fuck redde."]

I laughed out loud, "Yup I'm 13 years old."

[Poodefluff: "Actually?"]


[Juliamn: "Charlie, do you model or something?"]

[Charlie: "Uhhh, not right now, no."]

Probably will in a few weeks.

[wipL: "You could if you wanted to man. It's a good choice to stream though 'cause you're pretty good at videogames."]

[Charlie: "Yeah…"]


[Achievement get:

Get 5,000 live viewers. 5023/5000

Rewards: 150 achievement points]

Hot damn.

[Achievement get:

Get 500 live viewers.

Rewards: 50 achievement points]

[Achievement get:

Have more than 100,000 people look at your face all at once.

Rewards: 500 achievement ponts]

Oh my.

Damn. Since everyone went to my stream, some people also decided to follow, and the streamers themselves together probably total for more than 100,000 people.

I'm literally cheating this.

Though the numbers seem a little… odd? 100,000 people net me 500 achievement points?

[The Host did not have to do anything achievement worthy to get 100,000 people to look at your face. Since there are multitudes of ways to achieve this, the reward has been balanced according to the difficulty. Though, 100,000 viewers is still a grand achievement! The System congratulates the Host!]


I'm literally bathing in achievement points.

I beamed, "Thank you all so very much."

They just congratulated me on the viewers.

Reed sent me a smiley face through our messages and I sent one back. That's a true friend. Happy for my success.

[bzoomster: "Definitely did not expect you to look like that though. Anyways let's start the game before the lobby kicks us out."]

[Charlie: "Yup agreed."]

I checked that the facecam would cover the lobby code and went back to the game.

I smiled while moving my character around in the lobby.

This is great.


We played some rounds and through each round, I started getting more and more viewers. It rose from 5,000 to 6,000 and then jumped to 9,000.

I'm now at 9,000 viewers from my first day and hour of streaming.

I didn't even expect 5,000 viewers at once and now I'm already almost double that huge number. 9,000 views in a video may not seem like that much, but 9,000 live viewers staring at the screen, and watching what you're doing while chatting is something completely different.

The next round started and I was an impostor.

I muted myself in the discord.

"Hey, new viewers. Nice to meet you, I'm Charlie. Thank you all for watching and welcome to my stream."

I looked at the chat for a few seconds and said hello to the names I could scan. I wouldn't be able to see these many names were it not for my upgraded vision.

Since follower-chat wasn't enabled and there was no slow-mode people were just saying whatever the hell they wanted.

I noticed a few thirsty comments but I tried not to look at them lest I inadvertently see something that will want to make me bleach my eyes.

I haven't set up the donations button nor gotten verified for subscriptions. I'll probably do this later.

Donations are kind of risky since people can donate and then take back the money to troll me.

Subscriptions are much more reliable since it's handled by the streaming website.

"Okay, since this is an impostor game I'll try to do something cool for you guys."

My other teammate was blacklily. I can throw her under the bus and clutch the 1v8, but that'd be too scummy.

I look around and see Julian doing his long task. He just started a few seconds ago and over below in the corner is zoom. Zoom is right in the corner which will be a little difficult to spot since Julian didn't even see zoom coming in.

With his task still covering his view, I walk around where his view is blocked and get around to zoom.

I click the kill button and sneak through the other door. I vent to the other side and see that lily is walking to where Julian is.

I vent in front of Lily and we walk up together to zoom's corpse.

She reported the body.

[blacklily: "ITS JULIAN."] she yelled out as soon as she unmuted herself.

[Juliamn: "Wait why me?"]

I haven't unmuted myself yet and I begin laughing.


valbr21: omg no way

bandomviewer22: bruh]

I unmuted myself.

[Charlie: "I was walking with Lily up there and we saw Julian alone in a room with a body."]

[Redde: "Where was it?"]

[Charlie: "Far left side in Medbay. I don't know if it's Julian because he wasn't running away and he looked like he was doing a task. I saw them both go up together with no one else though. Is there a vent there?"]

[Julian: "Yeah 'cause I was just doing my long task."]

I muted and laughed out loud with the viewers.

[Rykun: "There's like one just outside."]

[Yvettel: "That's a little weird that you know that. Where have you been and what are your tasks Rykun?"]

[Rykun: "Uhh… I was doing wires near the camera and then I went down to the boiler thing."]

[Poodlefluff: "That's cool because I didn't see you at all."]

[Rykun: "Wait no I was in front of you, how did you not see me?"]

[Poodlefluff: "Hmm.."]


bro21: LMAO wtf is this

thetable_x: lmao theyre accusing eachother pog]

I laugh at the chat. Fortunately, I still have not gotten to the stage of a toxic chat or a chat that just spams emotes not letting anyone read anything.

[Charlie: "Well I don't know. We saw Julian alone with the body and there was nobody up there. I think I remember that there's a really long vent from Admin up to right below the medbay."]

[blacklily: "Who was at the admin room, then?"]

[Loafofbread: "Yvette and me."]

[Rykun: "Did you see anyone go up from below the admin room?"]

[Yvette: "No, we didn't see anyone but the admin and medbay place are kind of connected with that really long passageway. Maybe someone quickly killed and then left under the decontamination?"]

[Charlie: "If that happened then Julian should've seen it…"]

[LoafofBread: "Maybe it's reverse psychology?"]

[Julian: "No because then I would just leave if I did the murder."]

[LoafofBread: "That's what you want us to think…"]

I glanced over at the chat quickly and saw that people were beginning to spam things.

There were huge chunks of text with just emotes and words that filled the entirety of the chat.


Viewer22: omg is he the impostor i cant even tell

notasimp_xx: bruh who is this mans

keywarriorrr: POG POG POG POG POG POG]

I also saw some hate comments.

Probably bitter people that I had just begun streaming and immediately started gaining viewers. I can understand it, but it's not the right thing to do.

I opened the game back up and voted to skip.

[Charlie: "I'm just going to skip here. Julian is kind of sus or Bread and Yvette maybe did something."]

[Poodlefluff: "And Rykun."]

[Rykun: "Wait what do you mean I was with you."]

We all skipped and discussed for a few seconds of the remaining meeting and muted ourselves again.

There are 7 crewmates left.

We need one kill and a double kill.

Lily still probably hasn't realized this since everyone's kind of new so I can't trust her to do this.

If I can communicate with her to kill someone and then camp the bodies with me, it could be an easy win.

I signal her to come with me to the Vitals room and she, fortunately, gets the hint after a few seconds of running around.

We arrive at the Vitals room and Bread is there camping to check who dies. Wow, that's a lucky placement for us.

I move around him and to my luck, Lily surmises that I'm telling her to kill him.

Ah, she's good at following directions.

Bread is murdered and I sabotage the reactor.

I start going up and Lily comes with me.

Kill cooldown is around 20 seconds. By the time we reach the reactors, Lily's cooldown will be at around 10 seconds. If there's a single person in the reactor with no one in sight I'll murder them.

We both get up to the right top side of the map, where one of the reactors is and we see two people. Yvette and Rykun.

Okay, we'll play the waiting game then.

The reactor is done and Lily's cooldown is now probably at 7 seconds.

Lily and I start following Yvettel and Rykun

Fortunately, they think we're trying to make a group and don't try to split up at all.

They think we're innocent.

Lily stabs Rykun and I immediately tap the Kill button.


'Lily' 'Charlie'

[Yvettel: "Wait what happened?"]

[bzoomster: "What?"]

[LoafOfBread: "God damnit."]

[Juliamn: "How did you just win?"]

[blacklily: "Oh my god Charlie that just felt sooo smooth."]

[Charlie: "Good joooob Lily."]

[wipL: "Wow that's unbelievable."]

[Redde: "Bruh I was so lost this entire game. We didn't even find a single corpse, it was Charlie and Lily that self-reported the first one."]

[Juliamn: "Wait what even happened?"]

[blacklily: "So first we killed wipL and blamed it on you."]

[Charlie: "Yup and then after the meeting Lily killed Bread and sabotaged the reactor so that no one would come down here."]

[Poodlefluff: "Ohh that's smart."]

Yeah, it'll be a while until they learn all the tricks.

[Rykun: "And then in the reactor, you killed me and Yvette…"]

[LoafofBread: "God damnit Lily."]

[blacklily: "Suck it Bread. Charlie I didn't even have to use my brain though, that just felt sooo natural."]

I laughed.