Reaching For the Stars

Author: CyanSuch
Magical Realism
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What is Reaching For the Stars

Read ‘Reaching For the Stars’ Online for Free, written by the author CyanSuch, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, COMEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Charlie Yang is suddenly pushed into a new unfamiliar yet familiar world with the memories of his alternate self! With a...


Charlie Yang is suddenly pushed into a new unfamiliar yet familiar world with the memories of his alternate self! With a power no one else has, technology to be discovered, and famous works not existing in this new world, how will Charlie reach the stars? Rising through heartbreak, join Charlie as he and his Achievement System achieve greatness! 1-2 chapters daily. Will increase in the future. Chapters are around 1,500 words in length. Discord code: rvVt3sB3vn Cover credits: @ksb_x4 Please contact me if you wish for the cover to be removed.

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Good novel so far. MC isnt stupid Or an Emo loner that lust after every woman he sees. He has a system and actually thinks on which stats he should increase that benefit him instead of spamming charm. He already has a group of friends but dont worry if you think mc will expose all his secrets. Author already confirmed to me that the mc will not tell anyone about his system or share it to help. (I Really hope this stays true all throughout the story) First entertainment, mc will be streaming. Im Enjoying it so far so please Dont drop.


Anybody reading this, you have to read this. This is my book number 1 book so far, dont get let down by his depressed self it will bet better. I like how the author made a realistic friendship


This is a really good book and I like the characters ( cause their personalities and the shit they do are pretty relatable) but if he’s streaming I think it would be great if you just give some highlights of the games like you’re currently doing and if we have fight scenes in the near future don’t extend it for like 7 chapter (like some other books I know of) as it would be a major turnoff. The pace is good and he’s not hunting for pok-cough I mean women so that’s nice. I think there should be a little more world background as we don’t know much about it but it’s nice to read overall and easy on the eyes.


I guess I'll commend the author for he only cares for his reader's opinion about the book and doesn't even care for the money. I respect you dude. And your novels grear by the way, with just the right amount of pacing and I love that its not harem, hehehe well good luck on your novel man.


Read till chapter 22. Overall a very good novel. The only problem I have with this novel is that the story until now occurs in 3 or 4 days since Mc's Transmigration. I am not saying that plot progression is slow but it just doesn't feel believable for this much plot progression occurs in first four days. Try doing short time skips (days to weeks but not years). By that I mean, make Mc's Age progression along with plot progression. Spread out plot progression along Mc's schooling & ***** years instead of compacting it by doing plot progression Day by Day. You will be burnt out to write content very quickly. But this is Author's novel. He can do whatever he wants with his novel.


Reveal spoiler


The pain of waiting for waiting for an update 🥺🥺 But anywhere perfect novel for a relaxing afternoon and keep up the amazing author👍👍👍👍👍👍


Nice ............................................................................................................................................................................................................


All good 😌 , Author is doing good and letting us pesants read his magnificent novel. King Author, hopefully 🙏🏼 You pass any obstacle that shall fall upon yOu Great Noble Author. Sincerely your peasant AirlyWind


There are few showbiz-centered novels out there that are not Yaoi. There are even fewer that I would actually say are good. This is definitely seeming like it's going to be one of the best. I hope it gets to have long chapter list in the future since the current 30+ chapters feel like an appetizer to a great full course dinner. Cheers!


keep it up[img=recommend][img=update]


Amazing book got me hooked. Read all the chapters in one go. Keep uo the grwat work. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤝🤝👍👍👍


For me, this is one of the best entertainment novels out there. The writing quality is honestly top-notch every time I read a chapter. And doesn't have any generic tags like 'harem' in it, which is personally not my cup of tea.


god I hate romance in this story.mc gets heart broken twice and one time he loved her soo much he probably would have died but then gets feelings for some girl hes known for like 3 days its soo obvious. dont get me wrong Il I like the mc but i dont like the direction of the story and I just cant read it anymore.


That's my very first review, I hope to support this book a bit hehe. The story here is a real hidden gem which brightened my day. It's a light and well written story with lots of bondings. The emotions and the actions of the main character are logic and well explained. There is also the comedy tag which isn't just for show. All that mixed with an achievement system make it a great story. Hope it will keep a stable release. Thanks for your work author and good luck !


This is the best book out there for anyone who likes a good plot with excellent writing and a great MC. I mean seriously how dies this guy feel so real when this is obviously a magical realism work of fiction whatever!! My point Is that you have to read this you will not regret it! Thankyou so much for your womderful work Author:)!! (I also appreciate the lack of haremesque elements)


This is a well written novel that i would recommend to anyone looking for very likeable characters and good writing quality. the story is fun so far as the mc try to know the world around him and develop his own skills. its an enjoyable read, you wont be disappointed.


Absolutely brilliant. Don’t have anything bad to say about this book. I was so absorbed reading it my eyes got dry. Thanks to the author for regular updates and caring about the readers!


I really dig this nonel type and theme, i hope autor keep up with the novel, there is already a handfull of novels with similar theme that got abandoned and left me disapointed. keep up autor, good novel.


keep it up. Very entertaining story and dont drop plzzzzz. Its the only reason I am alive i.e I am alive just to read this story, just to be clear. If I dont see regular updates dont blame me for great misfortune will befall you and all your hair will start to fall and u will become bald, not even the good kind of bald just partial bald where only your top will lose hair and it probably looks ugly u know, full bald is good and all but half bald is another thing. Did you know that there are different kinds of baldness and more than 40 % of male population is bald in this world like seriously I think that in soon future everyone will become bald and like our future generation will be born bald..... now that i think about it people are born bald..... see this a premonition that we all will turn bald and return to our roots and all traces of hair will be associated with primitive people that are compared to monkeys So thats why i say that all presidents and office workers should be bald as it goes along with their image and we can separate then and know who is an office worker or an important official if u are still reading this bullshit than hats off to you man, dont you have stuff to do I mean like I am just typing bullshit to reach the word count you know... go on do something productive


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