1 Chapter 1 Coincidence

*Novel uses strong language.

'I hate school.'

'I hate how we are forced to interact with complete strangers.'

"Doesn't my eyeliner look great today?" - "Uhm, no"

Joon-Woo saw them from the corner of his eye. 'They seem to be getting along really well.'

'Am I really jealous of them?' He stared into the distance in front of him. 'Yes, of course I am. But there are people who just don't mingle well with others. You know, I should just focus on my studies' he thought while taking out his books.

"Hey, give me your phone", the guy behind him ordered him. Joon-Woo sighed. 'Of course, things never go as planned. This is school, after all.' He tilted his chair a little towards the guy behind him but didn't look him in the face. "No. You got caught last time."

The other guy was reaching for Joon-Woo's arm. "Oh, come on! I won't get caught this time."

"Besides, I don't have much network data left." "I'm just going to text someone."

"That's what you said last time", Joon-Woo mentioned.

"Yo. I said, give it to me." There was something sinister about this guy's voice. His eyes were sparkling red. He's Tae Yang Lee, 17 years old and pretty hot blooded. Light brown, sorta-short hair which's covering his face with a curl in the middle of his forehead, still revealing part of his forehead, something you'd probably see in K-Dramas, brown sharp eyes and a well angled face which comes from his strong physique.

Joon-Woo looked at him in disappointment. 'Arg.. You jerk, is this your phone?'

Tae Yang looked even more angry.

'Fuck, this is why I hate school' Joon-Woo unwillingly gave him his phone.

So, school was over for today. Joon-Woo was walking home in the afternoon. 'Damn it! That jerk used my phone to buy things again.' He let out a sigh. 'Whatever, no need to get stressed out. I'm gonna get an earful either way.'

Once he stepped into his room he took off his jacket, let the bag drop somewhere and hopped into bed with his phone out. 'At least I got my phone back this time. Now... time for Joon-Woo's happy hour.'

Random Chat.

9:31pm. You are now connected to a stranger.

* Joon-Woo's messages are highlighted with a star.





9:32pm. The chat has ended.

'What a great start.' He held the phone above him while laying on his bed.

9:36pm. You are now connected to a stranger.

*[Male Age 18]

[Hey you fucker]

[I'll make you a poem with the letters SNU]

[Call out the letters]



[? You have to start with "S"]


[You fucker]


[Where lies Seoul National University]


[Neglect, I fucking cried like a bitch]


9:41pm. The chat has ended.

'This fucker. Ok, am gonna succeed this time.'

9:41pm. You are now connected to a stranger.

*[Eh bebebebebe]

[Eh bebebebebebebe]

*[Eh be ehb bebebe]

*[Eh bebebebebe]

[Eh be ehb bebe]

[Ehbebebebebe Eh]

*[Ehbebebeb B]



[Tsk Tsk]

9:45pm. The chat has ended

'I won! Haha!!' Inside he was overcome with joy about his victory. 'Ok, next!'

9:45pm. You are now connected to a stranger.

[Looking for fun with a male ♥️]

'Hell yeah!!!'

[Are you up for it? Hehe]

*[Yes, I plan on making your day]


[You mean bro]

[Never said I'm female]


9:47pm. The chat has ended.

'Hahaha this guy is crazy, hahaha. I know this is abnormal. There are all kinds of weirdos in here. But it's still better than school. He laughed while wildly shaking his legs. Having a smile on his face he continued.

11:40pm. You are now connected to a stranger.

(Note: I have no clue why the time jumped from 9pm to 11pm but I'm not going to change that.)

Joon-Woo looked pretty happy, the light of his phone shining onto his face.



*[How old?]



[??? why omg lols]

*[You a girl?]

[Yes yes why?]

[Are you a pervert?]

'?! What, she's for real? What should I do? This is a first.'

*[You a girl?]

*[But why are you on this?]

[? Why can't I? Lol]

*[Cuz it'a full of perverts]

[Lols including you?]

*[No no I'm not a pervert]

[How can I tell? Lol]

'I should lie, just in case.'

*[? Yo I do well for myself. I ain't lacking money either. Am just bored.]

[Please you're lying lmao how old are you]


[-_- You're a geezer rofl]

*[No no I'm in grad school T.T I'm not old]

[Then what's with the confidence? Lol]

*[I'm for real lol you're prolly not all that great, chatting to chat on this sort of thing.]

[?? WTH I'm quite popular you know ^^]

*[Yup, def all talk.

Pics as proof please]

'OMG is she a hottie?! No way??!'

[Lols rofl asking for a pic just like a pervert~]

[OMG lol I'm not lol anyhow, lying is like a second nature for you isn't it? :-P]

[You and your jokes.]

*[?? You outside?]

[Yep. Going home after cram school lol]


Walking around late at night

Is dangerous

weird people around]

[Rofl, I can beat them up lolol I'm good]


I mean it's dangerous for other people]

[Lololololololol rofl lmao fuck you lol]


'OMG. I must be dreaming. A girl my age! Never in a million years!'

He was facing to the side of the bed.

'I wish there was a girl like this in real life. This is the first time this has happened since i started high school.'

12:28am. 'Huh? Where'd the time go? I have to wake up early to go to school.'

[Hadn't had this much fun in a while lol but I need to get up early]

'Wow! What a relief!'

*[It isn't early anymore lol but why]

[I'm in charge of chores fml]

*[Oh ok ok]

[Sweet dreams bye]

*[Hey, wait. Know any good songs to listen to in bed?]

[You're so random~ Lol a song?]


[Listen to "You did well today"]

*[Listening now]

'Oh, nice song!'


[Right lol your turn now]

*[Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space]

[Wth lol damn long thought it was a quote or something]

*[Listen to it

It's an awesome song]

[I'm listening

It's very melancholy -.- rofl]

*[Yep, no taste in music~]

[Rofl idk see you tom, nm it's past 12 so see you later lol]

*[Yep text me]

'See? Talking to someone like this is so much better than in real life.


'It's a really nice song.'

The next day.

'Time to return to my hellish reality. I first get to school by seven. The first to get here so early.'

'I feel uneasy being around people and I hate bumping into annoying kids.'

Joon-Woo saw no one in his class. 'As usual, it's empty.'

He sat down.

'Ok, now I'll open my book and...'

Slamming his head on the book he thought '... pretend I fell asleep while studying.'

Joon-Woo heard the door open. 'Huh? Someone else in here so early? Is it the chore monitor?' Steps were passing him. 'Oh it's a girl in charge of chores at the start of the semester. Poor soul.'

'? I never get texts at this hour??' Hearing his phone vibrate he looked at the notifications he received.

[Omg yoyo


I'm chore monitor but there's a kid who came earlier than me lolol]

'Ok, the point being.'

*[?? Why is that so crazy lol what is he doing up so early? Is he a nerd?]

[No no just a bit on the quiet side is all lol

A bit of a loser]

*[Lol that's mean lol calling someone a loser lol]

[Woah, he just woke up while I was talking to you lol]


'What?' Then he realized. He examinated the girl that just entered the room. She was cleaning the board while holding her phone.

'She's on her phone. No way, no way, this isn't possible. But still, you never know.'

*[What's he look like? Lol]

'What am I thinking lol. There is no way...'


Joon-Woo's heart was beating like crazy as the girl turned around to take a look. He quickly lowered his head to make it look like he was sleeping.

[I took a look, but he's asleep again]

He was nervous and started sweating.

'No! No! No! No! No!' There is no way. One more time.'

*[Go try and say hi lols good to make friends at the start of the year lol]

[? Why lol nah lol]

*[It's awkward, just the two of you lol]

'This is not possible. You're kidding yourself. You have been antisocial for too long.'

[Ok since I'm nice...]

'This is all just a big coincidence.'

'Footsteps?! Omg is she coming towards me?'

Joon-Woo jumped when he suddenly got poked. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

"Omg sorry! Did I wake you?"

Their eyes met.

"N- no. I'm ok."

'She's too close! Help!!!'

"Sorry I scared you! I didn't get your name. Hehe." She looked at him with her hands close to her body, wryly smiling. "Nice to meet you. Hehe. I'm Seung Ah Yoon! Hehe."

~Chapter 1 end.

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