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"If you lived through - or are still living through - highschool, you can relate to Joon-Woo. An outcast and a loner, his only joy comes from the hours he spends on his phone, randomly chatting with strangers. It's all weird and meaningless, until Joon-Woo strikes gold - as he's matched in a private chat with a pretty young girl his age. Jackpot! But when he discovers that this same pretty girl is actually Seung Ah, things get a little too real for a guy who's never even been remotely kissed." Story: Eun Hyuk Park Licensed in english through Webtoon Novel: Jintane Unofficial Webnovel *Be aware this is a novel which is going to follow the exact same story of the Webtoon. I do not gain any profit from this whatsoever - I only want to add to the popularity of this Webtoon so go ahead and read it on Webtoon. It deserves a whole lot more attention. The Cover Art is not made by me, I only added the Title and the Author's name. If there are any concerns or problems regarding copyright or other topics you can contact me via e-mail, @okamisbusiness@gmail.com Thank you.


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