Rage Against The Heavens K Selection

A Turkish University student finds himself inserted into a respected molecular biologist in an Alternate universe newly post-singularity earth in The Year 2050 he is both depressed and happy about his new circumstances until he discovers something that makes him scream in absolute despair he is in the blindsight universe and this universe is not kind to sapient intelligence

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3 Chs

The beginning

*Sigh* seeing my country much more liberal was quite the sight this was a scene intellectuals can finally flourish for once without fear of the old regime

the old regime collapsed a let's eat the rich trope seems to happened to the previous ruling party I would be horribly lying if I said I was feeling sorry for Tahip but no one deserves The Same Fate Johan De Witt Suffered I mean Jesus Christ man that must been quite the day

at least the new ruling alliance of parties didn't screw up we had our own economic miracle like what South Korea and China and Germany experienced ext and I would never imagined seeing this day but we have something like the nordic model going on slash a bit of meritocracy, technocracy and technogaianism here and there though this is fairly new and was only possible in last five years since singularity hit normally larger a population a country has you have more general industrial output but less resources to distribute but singularity bumped up efficiency a lot to make the necessary thresholds to be met the math checks out and since singularity hit

a solar punk aesthetic is also becoming more common with the expansion of green energy overall but our main power sources are still either nuclear fission or fusion still at least those oil barons are not as strong as they once were their focus shifted to chemical industry derived from petroleum instead of the past energy and fuel market and their political powers shrank a lot in last decades can't say I have pity for them it's obvious they always stirred the pot making nuclear energy look bad while in reality nuclear energy kills much less than coal and petroleum industry ever did and nuclear carbon footprint was almost invisible compared to these industries statistic data's don't lie

wave energy also got introduced and spread in the last few years supplementing other green energy sources

the year is 2050

most things worldwide became cheaper while it is nowhere absolutely free even the worst doing countries are in similar living standards to my past life Western Europe the least

well maybe except Russia, Ukraine and Crimea all of their economies are still reeling from stupidity started by Putin and his yes men's at least Crimean's finally had enough of it and gained their own independence as a result of this having enough of Putin's madness they are no longer puppets of neither Russia nor Ukraine they are their own country after so long with a wrecked economy though and let's not Forget French colonies in Africa nope I refuse to call them real countries because they are not they are still resource colonies of neo-colonial French government I mean come on their GDP's are still going down even after singularity hit if this doesn't prove it nothing does screw France's government really neo-colonialist assholes bunch of them

middle east became even more chaotic while singularity made pays rise higher and prices to lower in the countries of the region it also led to wider availability and creation of higher quality weapons and more access to chemical weapons and bioweapons the extremist groups from countries like Syria, Iraq and Yemen and others all mainly blamed Iran and Saudi Arabia for the suffering their countries endured as puppet proxies of their mad cold war and in a mad desire to give them their karma unleashed chemical and biological weapons to both sides and Shia and Sunni counterparts in their own countries middle east imploded yet once again and what an implosion it was both Saudi Arabia and Iran also became failed states and rest of what remained in the middle east with them in the economic collapse that followed

Israel and Egypt both are barely hanging from the chemical and biological attacks that devastated the entire region while all other states in the region collapsed long ago to some weird techno barbarian fantasy setting made real they are also suffering a portion of the regional economic collapse but it seems they will recover if something doesn't go wrong that is but this is the middle east and it became more chaotic than ever before

Türkiye Also suffered a bunch of chemical and biological attacks from its areas bordering the middle east most of the damage was contained in southeastern and eastern Anatolia regions but compared to the rest it got of fairly light pre preparations for obvious signs of the apocalypse in the middle east stopped worst from occurring border regions have even higher military presence than before and There has Been a Huge Increase in MIT's budget to prevent the worst prior to the entire regional attacks and collapse further prior to these events a tall security border wall has been started to built and sadly only completely finished after the attacks took place a wall that would make the trump cry to its beauty a wall that's construction was the real economic price türkiye suffered of these events that nearly bankrupted the country if it was not managed properly thankfully it was

it is further surrounded with autonomous surveillance towers and tons of flying drones it is certainly the most expensive wall and security investment to an entire border in the entire world

at this point almost the entirety of the middle east is a no man's land a land of a terrific amount of deaths and loss so many graves and so many dead children may future be more peaceful but that's doubtful

other bad stuff includes global warming becoming quite serious and the Political Landscape is still insane as it always was but humanity is doing better overall other than the exceptions I mentioned anyways I know this all because memories of this life became quite vivid or should I say my dormant memories from my past life awakened??? this is a weird conundrum because for some reason I am quite sure on an instinctual level that this body was always mine in the first place and I didn't accidentally devour anyone's consciousness

but none of this matter right now what matter is the note on my office desk which I am quite sure was not there a moment before and the horrific revelations it gave me

"you are in blindsight universe I am blocking humanity's signals from going past the solar system but hyper-intelligent non-sapient entities like Rorschach, scramblers, Portia and many others are still out there good luck being humanity's shepherd in this Dark Forest against sapients"

*In an office building of a pharmaceutical company the devastated scream of a scientist can be heard*