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Racing Hearts


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A wise fool once said 'the heart wants what it wants'. Unfortunately, no one told me that sometimes, what the heart wants could be the only missing piece of a recipe for disaster. Maybe I wouldn't have listened; then we would have made it out unscathed. But there was no way to avoid it. I was in love with my principal. Heart, mind, body and soul. How do I say no to that? Azania Wyatt is an 18 year old high school senior, who has had everything at the drop of a hat. She is daddy's little girl and has some underlying issues from her childhood that she keeps dead and buried. Anthony Matthews is a 24 year-old married retired F1 race car driver, who has now taken up his legacy seat as the principal of Westerbridge Academy. Anthony also just so happens to be the brother of Azania's godfather. And he is seemingly the only person who can see beneath Azania's fake facade. What will happen when the two of them cross the line and fall in to each other's arms instead?


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