Rabbit Must Die Book

novel - Eastern

Rabbit Must Die

Yimeng Huangliang

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  • 383 Chs

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Ever since a despicable rabbit arrived at the Heavenly Court, banners have been hung up in the residences of all the major Immortals: beware of fire, theft, and rabbits. At the same time, the God of Food's Complete Rabbit Cooking Guide started selling like hotcakes. One could often see a bunch of Immortals waving various magic treasures, chasing a rabbit all over everywhere, shouting, "Although group beating is unfair, we can lose face, the rabbit must die!" Passerby A: Why is that rabbit so freaking famous? Almost all the Immortals know him, is it because he's cute? Passerby B: No! It's because he's a jerk! No, that's inaccurate, he's totally a mega jerk!