Quick Transmigration: Being Whoever, Doing Whatever Book

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Quick Transmigration: Being Whoever, Doing Whatever


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Lea is just a normal yaoi loving woman, when all of a sudden she finds herself with the Doing Whatever You Like system. Now she can go worldhopping to all kinds of worlds without even needing to fulfill a mission! Even though she finds it quite a shame the system didn’t choose a man as its host, she won’t let this amazing opportunity get wasted. She’ll make sure her fujoshi-eyes won’t go to waste! In the meantime she’ll find her own love interest. Sun goddess (female): You want me to leave my husband alone, so he can be with a man? Sure, if you become my mistress. Lea (female): I don’t mind, but aren’t you a little too hot? I’ll melt! System (staying out of the world): They can’t touch. That’s good. Undercover criminal (male): You’re punishing yourself all wrong! Let me teach you. Lea (female): This would be way better if I were a man… System (inserting itself in a male character): Stop touching each other! Normal apocalypse survivor (male): Can live with you? Lea (male!): I don’t know. My mindless zombies are already so hard to handle! System (male): Don’t ignore me! A fun quick transmigration story in which Lea will experience the pleasures of all kinds of relationships, from all kinds of perspectives. Love interest: It doesn’t matter which gender I am. It doesn’t matter which gender you are. I don’t care what your sexual preferences are, as long as we’re together! Lea: Aw~ that’s so sweet! Can we have a polyamorous relationship with a third party? Love interest: No! Your body is free to do what it wants, but your heart belongs to me! Lea: Alright, alright. Calm down, I was just joking. System: Were you? Lea: Figure it out yourself. ----------- Note from author: This work will contain sexual relationships (hopefully I can write them well). Lea will be transmigrating in both female and male bodies. The Love interest will also change gender depending on the world. Sometimes they'll be both female or male. Other times Lea will be female, while the love interest will be male. It can also happen that Lea is the male and the love interest is female. The love interest will have the same soul in each world, and they will probably always end up in a relationship. But I can't guarantee that their relationship will be monogamous. I don't want to limit my imagination! Hope you'll like the story!


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