188 Quod Erat Demonstrandum

"See? Liu Sha only remembering all this proves my theory. The system does not want us to remember important things.... Only until at the right moment."

"It also proves the simulation theory that I remembered." Liu Sha said. "They prove each other, connected into this tie."

The people from this universe, the one said to be living in a simulation under Mo Aini's own, needed to take a while to understand it. 

Yang Caihong rubbed his forehead. "I feel like I suddenly became a character in a crazy M. Night Shyamalan film."

Niu Weizhe also went completely quiet, processing it by playing with Lang-Lang and trying to seek answers from the dog's lazy eyes.

Is the dog real or not real? What does that dog know? Are we all dogs?

Tu Xingjiu was able to grasp it a little bit better than the two, as he had always felt that their world was just one big movie that we play a role in. But he's not a science guy himself.


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