PYROSITES: My Heroines were truly Villainous

[SPIRITY WSA ENTRY - VILLAIN] When I was in middle school, my favorite genres were always Sci-fi and Reincarnation. So, when I heard that I was going to be reborn into a world of advanced AI and high tech, my excitement went through the roof, knowing that I would be reborn into my dream world. But that's not the only reason why I'm excited, because I knew to myself that in this life I would finally have a chance to find my cute heroine!! that's right... My ideal heroine... However, Little did I know that my heroines were all originally villainous villains?!!, whose fates are to destroy the world?! "Ahh shit...." ======== [Benefits of adding this to your collection] -Characters and worldview Illustrations for y'll! [Exclusive illustrations] -2.2k words per chapter for the first 10 chapters of the story. -Consistent weekly updates for you all! -It's free and accessible to read. -Writing development. -Update every 6:55 P.M / 18:55 (UTC+08) ======= Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pZHbXYjz

NightGLE_WN · Fantasy
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Sector Neuf

After killing the military guy, Drake, for some reason, menacingly smiled as he kicked the body of the military guy multiple times.




"You useless piece of shit! Can't even kill an 11-year-old kid?!" Drake angrily retorted while continuing to stomp on the military guy to relieve his anger.

Drake continued, not realizing the door had quietly been opened.


"I will kill all of you, fucking Soulshearth!!" Drake cursed out loud.

"?!" Suddenly, Drake noticed a fearful aura coming from behind him, followed by a cold voice.

"Oh, you're talking about us?" said in a chilling tone behind his back.

As soon as Drake heard the voice, he immediately turned around and saw an ominous human figure in the shadows.

Two suspicious people were wearing pure black robes that covered their entire bodies.

Underneath their robes, they wore highly advanced platonic armor. In addition to this,

Both of them also wore black masks that were carved with unique designs.

One of the masks had a sakura leaf on the forehead, which extended down to the mouth part of the mask. The other mask had a stylized cross on it.

"W-who are you?" Drake nervously asked as he looked before them.

Hearing this, one of the masked individuals who had a sakura design on her mask walked forward and replied,

"Oh... me? I'm Red Rose, and the guy in front of me is The Relentless Demon," Red Rose replied in a playful tone.

"..." Upon hearing this, Drake froze for a moment as if he remembered something.

"Red Rose and The Relentless Demon... wait! Don't tell me—" However, before Drake could speak, he was then interrupted by Red Rose.

"_Shh!_ If you already know it, you don't need to say it," Red Rose warned in a domineering tone before slowly slitting her right wrist using a mini knife.


Just as he slit her wrist, a strange handle made of blood appeared after that.

Without thinking twice, Red Rose pulled it out, revealing a scarlet sword with lava lining on it.

"As expected..." Drake mumbled under his breath while he stared at the katana that Red Rose was holding.

"Is it cool, right?" Relentless Demon bragged as he raised his hand, signaling Red Rose to attack.


Seeing this, Red Rose then charged in with inhumane speed towards Drake.

"W-wait, please stop!" Drake begged, positioning himself to defend.

And, just as Red Rose got closer to Drake, she then jumped while holding the katana with both hands, giving a straight, powerful attack down to Drake.


"Arghhhh! I s-said wait!! Ughh!" Drake growled in pain as he struggled to defend the attack using his body.

Seeing that Drake is somehow alive, Red Rose laughed creepily, "Heheheh...."

"As expected, the Revenire Family can't die like a cockroach!" Red Rose ranted as she tried to attack once again.

This time directly towards Drake's head.

"Don't belittle Revenire! Hyaaa!" Drake retorted as he deflected the shot by simply punching Red Rose's hand.


After that punch, Drake counterattacked, spinning and landing a powerful kick through Red Rose's ribs.

"Arghhh!" Red Rose growled in pain as she flew through the air after receiving Drake's powerful kick.

As Red Rose slowly fell down, Drake positioned himself, ready to strike by cracking his knuckles.

"Dieee!" Drake yelled before swinging his fist toward Red Rose's head.


Luckily, Red Rose managed to defend herself by bending her katana in mid-air to block Drake's attack.

However, even after defending the attack, Red Rose still flew away because of the powerful force.


Red Rose slammed her body into the wall.

Seeing this, Drake couldn't help but give a sigh of relief. "Ha..."




When suddenly, Drake heard clapping sounds coming from Relentless Demon.

"I didn't expect that would happen. How wonderful," Relentless Demon remarked while continuing to clap his hands.

"Yeehh... I didn't expect it to, phew!" Red Rose added before she stood up from where she had been slammed.

Blood spilled through her mask. "Phew!"

Seeing this, Drake couldn't help but grit his teeth in frustration.

"Y-you monsters..." Drake bellowed while looking at Red Rose, who was standing up as if nothing had happened.

"I guess playtime is over," Relentless Demon exclaimed before he signaled Red Rose to attack once again.

"Yep, playtime's over," Red Rose agreed, positioning herself to rush over and attack again.


Red Rose then charged with killing intent, swinging her katana towards Drake's right arm.

Weirdly, for some reason, Drake didn't move or attempt to defend himself. Instead, he stood still and mumbled, "Sæfþ, come out."

After mumbling those words, a purple plasma liquid was released from his right arm, covering it entirely.


"??!" However, the Relentless Demon noticed Drake's strange behavior and immediately warned Red Rose.

"Stop!! Ar- no, I mean, Red Rose! Don't attack his right arm!" Relentless Demon warned her.

"What?!! You said it too late, you idiot!!!" Red Rose yelled at her as she attempted to stop her attack towards Drake's right arm.



However, it was already too late, and Red Rose's katana had reached and hit Drake's right arm.


"Wait, that doesn't sound like human flesh being cut," Red Rose muttered before observing her katana lodged in Drake's arm.

Strangely enough, Red Rose's katana hadn't penetrated or sliced through Drake's right arm.

"Arghh!! Why can't I pull it?!" Red Rose asked confusedly as she struggled to remove her Katana from Drake's right arm.

"Dunno," Drake replied while looking at Red Rose with a menacing aura.

Seeing this, Red Rose tried to pull her katana away from Drake once again, using all her force.

However, no matter what she did, it seemed impossible to pull it out. It looked like her katana had fused together with Drake's right arm.

"Dammit, Ke- no, I mean, Relentless Demon, do something!" Red Rose yelled for help from Relentless Demon.

"..." However, Relentless Demon just ignored her and remained silent as he stared at Red Rose's katana, which was slowly being devoured by the strange purple liquid.

Seeing this, Red Rose looked at her katana. "Ah... damn it, I guess I have no choice but to do it," Red Rose whispered in a frustrated tone.


"Just give up, bitch. There's no way you can kill me with my formidable Sæfþ!" Drake proclaimed in full confidence as he chuckled.


"What are you talking about?" Red Rose asked in a pissed-off tone before she showed Drake's left arm.


"W-wait, why are you holding my arm?!!!" Drake gasped in fear upon realizing that he no longer had his right arm.

"Ahhhh!!! How did you do that? I thought I had already devoured your sword!!" Drake questioned in utter confusion while covering the amputated arm using her left hand.

"I just cut it," Red Rose simply replied before swinging Drake's right arm like it was some kind of toy.

"What do you mean you just cut it? Also, don't swing my arm! You bitch!" Drake cursed out loud as he stared at Red Rose swinging his hands while also continuing to lose blood from his wounds.

Hearing this, Red Rose grinned before she stopped swinging the arm.

"I don't know. Also, why would I answer a dead man's question?" Red Rose replied as she raised her katana.

"??!" Seeing that Red Rose raised her katana, Drake already knew that he was going to die.

"Noooo!! Please don't; I have a family!" Drake begged for mercy, kneeling and pleading.

However, it was useless...

"Sowey~" Red Rose apologized before she gave a beautiful clean cut over Drake's neck.


As the blade went through Drake's neck, he was decapitated while kneeling without a head and right arm.

"Weep basic, basic, heheheh," Red Rose cheerfully mumbled.

As she picked up Drake's head from the ground and showed it to Relentless Demon while giving a peace sign.

"Red Rose, please put the head down," Relentless Demon ordered her in a serious tone.

Hearing that, Red Rose then threw Drake's head at the window without thinking twice.


"You didn't even help me when I was having a hard time pulling my katana," Red Rose complained, feeling pissed off.

"I can hear you, idiot. Also, where did you throw the head?" Relentless Demon replied as he stared at Red Rose while crossing his arms.

"I'm not gonna answer that. Answer mine first; why didn't you help me when I was having a hard time!?" Red Rose argued.

"Struggled, my ass. You just pretended that you couldn't pull that sword of yours. You didn't really struggle," Relentless Demon remarked.

"So you know, then why didn't you help me then?" Red Rose retorted.

'ah... she was right in such an idiot,' Relentless Demon thought to himself, realizing that he was kind of wrong for doing it.

Thus, in order to correct his mistake, he decided to walk through Red Rose.

"Well, it's because I saw that you were having some fun, so I just let you go," Relentless Demon pleaded as he gently patted Red Rose.

"Really?" Red Rose asked in an innocent tone before she held Relentless Demon's hand.

"Yes, yes," Relentless Demon replied as he continued to pat Red Rose.

"Anyway, where did you throw Drake's head? We need it, right?" Relentless Demon suddenly asked as he looked at Red Rose.

Hearing this, Red Rose gently removed Relentless Demon's hands and rushed toward the window to see if she could still retrieve it.

"Grrr... why did you say it just now?!!" Red Rose panicked as she looked where she threw it.

However, no matter where she looked, it seemed she couldn't find it anywhere.

"Ahh, shit... it's gone..." Red Rose mumbled.

"Aria?" Relentless Demon called him in a cold tone.

"Erkkk!!! I'm sorry!! it seems I lost it!" Red Rose Apologized once again.

"Aria!!!" Relentless Demon scolded her because of his stupid mistake.

Red Rose and Relentless Demon may sounds so cliche, However it was a nickname that was feared by thousand of enemies.

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