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[SPIRITY WSA ENTRY - VILLAIN] When I was in middle school, my favorite genres were always Sci-fi and Reincarnation. So, when I heard that I was going to be reborn into a world of advanced AI and high tech, my excitement went through the roof, knowing that I would be reborn into my dream world. But that's not the only reason why I'm excited, because I knew to myself that in this life I would finally have a chance to find my cute heroine!! that's right... My ideal heroine... However, Little did I know that my heroines were all originally villainous villains?!!, whose fates are to destroy the world?! "Ahh shit...." ======== [Benefits of adding this to your collection] -Characters and worldview Illustrations for y'll! [Exclusive illustrations] -2.2k words per chapter for the first 10 chapters of the story. -Consistent weekly updates for you all! -It's free and accessible to read. -Writing development. -Update every 6:55 P.M / 18:55 (UTC+08) ======= Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pZHbXYjz

NightGLE_WN · Fantasy
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Dream fragment

"Brother, wakey wakey~" A sweet, faint voice awakened my consciousness.

'Ugh... I'm sleeping,' I thought annoyed by her voice.

"Brother, wake up..." it called to me once again, but this time she sounded more remorse.

Why does she sound so sad? As if someone dies...

Also why this voice seemed so familiar, just like Kaori's voice in my past life? Wait, did I just say "in the past"?

"Brother, wake up!!"

What the heck am I saying? Past life? That's nonsense. But before that, I really need to open my eyes, or else Kaori will definitely punch me right in the face.

"Yes, I'm going to wake up, so can you please shut up, Kaori?" I subconsciously said to Kaori as I tried to open my eyes.


However, when I tried to open them, it seemed like I couldn't. It was as if my eyes were glued together.

'Huh, what the fuck??' I thought before forcefully opening my eyes.

"'Aghh! Why can't I open my eyes?! If I don't open them right now, I'm screwed!' I thought as I began to panic.

Realizing that if I don't wake up soon, Kaori will boss me around for the whole day.

"Brother, please wake up..." Kaori muttered in a lower tone.

'I am trying to, but I can't! I can't open my damn eyes!" I thought when Kaori called me again, which shocked me.

"Please, don't leave me," Kaori said in a mourning tone.

Huh? What are you talking about? I'm not going to leave you, idiot...

"Please wake up, brother, huhuhu," Kaori cried as she began to burst into tears.


Ugh... Idiot! Don't cry. I was trying my best to open my eyes, but for some reason, I couldn't. Also, why are you crying as if I've died?

'I Die?' I thought utterly confused.

Wait, now that I think about this, didn't I die because of my stupid friend robbing the convenience store and getting shot to death?


No, wait, this isn't right. What am I thinking?


{SYNC 27%}

With a dinging sound, my head was immediately stabbed by a sudden piercing sensation.

'Agghhh!!! Damit it hurts!' But then it disappeared.

However, moments later it came back once again, this time it felt like I had a headache.


That rips through my brain, accompanied by a burning sensation in my chest.

'Shit, why i am having a headache!!?' I thought as I tried to keep my consciousness alive.

But, this didn't last long, as my thoughts were shaken by an intensified headache.

Which made me forget all the recent memories that had happened. However, at the same time, I miraculously opened my eyes.

"Huh? What is this place? " I said cluelessly confused.

Like, I have a memory that is too important but completely wiped out in an instant.

Anyway, the moment I opened my eyes

I began on Observing my surroundings and the first thing I saw was myself lying on a single bed.

To my left was a solid wall a yellow-painted wall with large cracks spread all over the wall

To my right was a long blue curtain that extended and covered the entirety of my bed.

It looks like I'm in a hospital room right now.

"But why am I in a hospital room?" I mumbled to myself, seeking an answer.



But then something unexpected happened as I sensed a gripping sensation in my right hand.

When I looked down, I saw Kaori wearing a collared white shirt with a blue ribbon tie, a blazer, and a striped white and black skirt.

[[Characters Illustration]]

She was kneeling at my right, holding my hand tightly, with a tearful expression on her face.

Without time to think, I opened my mouth and said, "Kaori?" as I stared into her teary eyes.

Hearing my voice, Kaori shifted her gaze towards me, and as soon as she saw me, she burst into tears., exclaiming, "Huwaa!!!" Before speaking, she said, "Brother, you finally woke up!!"

Hearing what she said made me confused a little bit, but putting this thought aside, I needed to comfort her first.

"There, there, don't cry, you idiot," I said as I swept her long golden silky hair over my palm.

But that trick didn't help to stop Kaori from hugging me and crying while repeatedly calling my name, "WUAAA... brother, brother!"

10 minutes later.

"So you finally stopped," I said as I stared at my hospital gown, stained with snorts and tears from Kaori.

By the way, the moment I finally opened my eyes, I was already wearing this sky-blue hospital gown.


"Yes?," Kaori replied quickly, wiping tears off her face.

"Now, tell me what just happened, Kaori," I questioned with a serious look on my face.

Why I'm serious? Cuz as of right now, I'm really clueless as to what the hell is happening.

My memories were wiped clean and All I can recall from the past is this bleaching sensation on my tongue that still persists.

Other than that, all that remains is this blur and a lingering feeling of forgetting something.

"Don't you remember?" Kaori hinted with a teasing tone.

"..." Seeing her attitude made me quiet for a moment before finally speaking, "Really?"

Hearing this, Kaori smiled and answered, "You and your friend got into a fight with each other in the school hallway, and there you go, lying at the hospital." she said as if it was nothing.

"School? Fight who? What the fuck are you talking abou-" I replied, but then my attention was taken away.

When I noticed Kaori sweats which for some reason stopped from dripping from her face.


As I stared at her totally froze as if time stopped. That's right the time Stopped.

'The fuck is happened' I thought pounding what just happened.

When suddenly The atmosphere around me suddenly changed, as if time itself were reversing, all visible to my naked eyes.

The hospital gown I was wearing slowly disappeared as if it were being blown away like the sand by a strange wind.

Revealing my old high school uniform in full black color with a brown shirt and long pants.

[[Characters Illustration]]

"Woaa, amazing," I exclaimed, mesmerized by what had just happened.

Simultaneously, the bed and the room I was lying in underwent a complete transformation, turning it into my old school infirmary room.

Furthermore, Kaori, who was on the other hand, also underwent a transformation.

Her grown-up face turned into her younger self, and her clothing changed back to her middle school attire, reverting to how she used to look that time.

[[Characters Illustration]]

An adorable little angel with the fangs of a devil.

After that, when it all came to an end, time finally resumed its normal flow.

"Kaori, what is happening?" I asked, my confusion evident.

"Brother, you're acting kind of odd today," Kaori replied with a smirk on her face.

"Odd? What do you mean?" I inquired once again.

"Nothing, heheheh," Kaori said, pausing momentarily due to a ding sound.

-ding dong!

"Oh, wait, it seems like Uncle is finally here," Kaori said playfully as she stood up.

However, before Kaori could take a single step, I immediately grabbed her arm and looked at her intently.

"B-Brother?" Kaori asked, appearing somewhat scared as she stared at me.

"Uncle? Hold on, didn't our uncle die long before you went to university?! What do you mean by that?" I yelled, questioning Kaori.

Yes, that's right. Our uncle passed away long before Kaori went to university. How could I forget that?!

'Fuck! This is really confusing... what just happened!' I thought deeply.


{SYNC 56%}

With another ding sound, my head throbbed with pain for a moment. "Argh!!! My head!"

But it quickly subsided, leaving me perplexed. "Huh? What the heck?" I mumbled as I looked up and gazed at Kaori.

"B-Brother, are you okay? What do you mean our Uncle died?" Kaori asked with her voice trembling and tears welling up in her eyes.

"..." Seeing this, I remained silent for a moment, as I was taken aback by what had happened to Kaori.

Yes, that's right! What kind of bullshit I am talking about! Kaori is still a middle school student.

'How could our Uncle die? Did I go insane? Bruh... that stupid' I thought but unknowingly, "Dammit if only you made it in time..." muttered.


"That time?" I pondered to myself but again, before I could think that question.


My attention was shifted to Kaori, whose tears were on the verge of bursting again.

'Ahh, shit. Let's put this topic aside for now. I need to calm Kaori down first,' I thought to myself, recognizing the urgency of comforting Kaori.

So I leaned my head to her and said, " I'm sorry it's just your brother is just a bit confu-" However the time stopped again

The scenery changed to our old house with only one bedroom and a single TV, surrounded by a pile of trash.

Moreover, Kaori's clothes and physique slowly disappeared like dusk being blown by the wind as if she had transformed into a child.

"Kaori?" I asked, but quickly diverted my attention to myself.

As I looked down, I noticed that my clothes and physique had once again undergone a transformation, just like Kaori's.

'Wait, what the heck is happening?' I thought confusedly, trying to come up with a solution.

However, before I could find an answer, the time flew again once and for all.


{SYNC 90%}

But with that familiar dinging sound, my headache returned, along with a burning sensation in my chest.

"Ahrghh!!!" I howled in pain while clenching my fist.

"Brother?! W-What happened?!" Kaori stuttered, her voice filled with worry.


As Kaori called out my name, the pain subsided, but not long after, a flood of memories suddenly rushed into my mind.

"Ahhh! Damn it!" I howled in pain as the memories that I had long forgotten came rushing back.

"T-t-that's right!!, this isn't all true. I'm already dead!" I yelled in frustration as the realization hit me.

And with that realization, my surroundings, along with Kaori, quickly shattered like glass.


However before it completely shattered, I looked into Kaori's eyes one Last time

"Goodbye..m Kaori big bro loves you..." I expressed with a smile a gently

Hearing my words, Kaori smiled back and replied, "Goodbye, brother see you later~"





And after that, the last piece of it all was gone.

All that remained was me, floating in this empty, dark, pitch-black void.

And there, in front of me, was a blue screen.








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