232 Building an Experience

It was a wide hall, the walls curved, concave. Littered throughout were holes of all shapes and sizes. A projectile exited a hole, heading towards an armoured individual in the centre.

The individual stood in his spot, not budging an inch. A chakram flashed before him, blocking the projectile, producing a clang. The force behind the projectile pushed the chakram, moving it by a metre.

The chakram moved in response to the projectile's momentum, increasing the time of contact to create a cushioning effect, splitting the momentum into batches that it negated using the instantaneous force application actuated by the psychic arm.

After moving a metre in contact, the projectile lost all momentum. When it began to free fall, the individual raised his hand, grabbing hold of it. He then placed his left foot forward, anchoring his balance, exerting strength in it.


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