Psychic Parasite

[Sequel Released] (Psychic Parasite: Final Serenity) At the peak of his life, a man is transported to the future. A world that had faced an apocalypse, barely clinging to their humanity is what greeted him. The post-apocalyptic world, the Earth of the future was shrouded in mystery. In order to return to his timeline, an era where he had left his footsteps behind, he had to unravel the secrets of the world. The only problem being, this was an era dominated by the Parasites. Note: Giving the story a light read like your usual cultivation novels will leave you confused. There is plenty of foreshadowing all throughout the story. Enjoy your read~!!! ------------ Cover by: Jamesmikopi Check out his works: https://twitter.com/jamesmikopi ------------ Join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/Q544Bxu Or contact me through my Discord ID: Overlord_Venus#9364 Or through my email: mistameeee@gmail.com Follow me on Instagram @overlord_venus

Overlord_Venus · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
453 Chs

Training Cheat

At a particular point in time, in the training hall, Jyorta had controlled his two psychic arms, lifting a Refined Object each, their conditions stable. The blue soul took this memory, making this the base.

Next, the memory from when Jyorta controlled the chakram using his stronger psychic arm was extracted. Even though his other psychic arm dissipated, as a result, it wasn't a problem. In the extracted memory fragment, all data related to the second psychic arm was erased.

Now, the memory—when Jyorta controlled the spindle using his weaker psychic arm—was extracted, and everything apart from the psychic arm was erased from the scene. This memory fragment was then merged into the previous memory fragment, taking the place of Jyorta's weaker psychic arm.