1 Prologue

Shout out to #Omega200 author of MHA: True Power of Telekinesis for giving me the idea for this fic.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The gloomy sky prevented the moon light to shine into the land as thick heavy clouds littered the atmosphere occasionally rumbling as lighting flickered through it.

Helicopters hovers in the sky as its blades whipped through the air, spinning as the soldiers tries to stabilize it.

"Fuck!" A soldier who was piloting one of the helicopter couldn't help but curse as he looked at the two figure who was floating about twenty meters away him.

The two figures was floating in the air as they talked indistinctly. One of the figure was a teenager wearing a hoodie and pants while the other one who looked pissed off was also a teenage boy with an obvious thin body wearing hospital gown. The once neat white bandages that is wrapped in his arms and legs now crimson red as drops of blood seeped through it from his wounds and drops continuously.

"We are now right at Seattle City where two presumably mutants are fighting, and as you can see they are now floating beside the top of the Space Needle and it seems that the one wearing hospital gown are the one wreaking havoc while the other one is trying to calm him down. This is one of the biggest mutant destruction we have seen over the years or their history and we–..."

A middle-aged female reporter said as as she points to the two in the air while talking to the camera that is being carried by the camera-man.

- - - -

"Listen! Just focus, okay?" The one in hoodie said as he slowly inch closer to the other one.

"I dropped him" The one in hospital gown shouted. "Why did you catch him?!".

"Andrew, this is not a game! Do you understand? You're hurting people Andrew!" said the one in hoodie as he tried to reason to the other one.

"You're weak Matt, you're all weak!" The one in hospital gown now known as Andrew shouted like maniac as he smiled madly.

"Andrew, just listen to me for a seco--"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"Andrew they can't stop us. It's not too late for us to go." The one in hoodie now known as Matt said as he pointed to the helicopters and police.

"It's too late. It's done its over. You treated me like shit! You left me alone!"

"You're not alone Andrew I'm here with you. I should have been with you all along! We can stop this right now, you and me, we can be family." Matt said.

Andrew looks at all the people on the ground, he looks at how they look so small.. So.. Fragile, like an ant, he then looks at Matt as they floated in skies and then said, "I'm an apex predator" as a bus appeared on their vicinity and slammed onto Matt.

- - - - -

Andrew stands at a platform in front of a bank as some soldiers and police pointed their guns at him. He raised his hand and the soldiers immediately took this as a sign as they immediately fired at him rapidly but to their shock, the bullets just stopped infront of Andrew as he had his hands Infront of him while screaming his lungs out.

Andrew then took a deep breath and then waved his hand In a pushing manner infront as the bullets that were infront of him blasted towards their owner's.. body as they and their cars flew away from the force of Andrew's ability while being pierced by numerous bullets.

"Andrew! please stop this!" Matt shouted as he cried while looking at his cousin who was now consumed by his power.

"HAAA!" Andrew screamed as he raised his hands as the glasses of the buildings around them started to break and shattered the next second with some of the glass injuring the fleeing people.

"ANDREW! Please stop this! Don't make me do this!" Matt screamed as he looked at the people being hurt while he lay on the ground with numerous wounds, it was a miracle that he was alive despite being slammed into buildings and being hit by a flying bus.

"Andrew!.. Please..." Matt said weakly as he looked at the Golden-colored statue with a spear behind Andrew, he cried as he shouted and telekinetically controlled the spear in the statues' hand as it flew to the air.


With a sound, the spear pierced Andrew straight through the back as it came out of his front and stabbed onto the ground. Andrew stands impaled, a look of shock on his face, and then Matt flails up his hands; a bullet on the ground lifted and immediately lodged itself on Andrew's head, killing him instantly.

Matt collapses, After a moment, the police advances.

- - - - -

White Room.

Matt lays on the floor of a perfectly white room. At the far end is a blackened out two way mirror. There's a camera on

the inside of this as well as on the white room, and we can see resolute men in suits reflected on the inner glass, watching with unreadable expressions.

There is a chair and a table, but he's clearly fallen out of the chair. It's maybe an hour after the scene in front of the bank, and he's received no medical attention.

To this end, Matt is suffering from, among other things, massive blood-loss, multiple broken bones, dozens of gashes and cuts, presumed internal bleeding, and a broken back.

He can barely move, sliding around on the floor in his own blood, watched by the compassionless eyes of them.

He is barely coherent, screeching in agony.

"Please...Help me. Help me, please...I'm sorry! I'm so Sorry, I tried- help me, help me, I'm dying, I'm dying. Stars- I see stars, somebody- It hurts, please. I'm- the blood...I tried"

Matt screamed as he twisted on the ground in agony.

Two men in contamination suits enter the room, wielding some kind of radiation sensors. They go over to Matt, scanning him.

The men ignored him as Matt makes some gasping sounds, his eyes going wide.

"I can... I can hear the.... singing.." Matt said as he stops moving. He lays there, not breathing, completely still.

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