26 Chapter 25 - Raid

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[November of 2011]

[°New York City°]

3rd Person P.O.V


The gloomy skies and stormy clouds brought a signal that its gonna rain as the people below hurried to their homes.

Thunder and lightning kept flashing in the sky as young man around the age of 18 to 20 sat in a meditative position in the middle of all of it.

Andrew has his eyes closed as he breath in and out evenly and tried remembering the feeling that he felt when those electrical weapons of the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. touched him.

The moment those weapons struck him, Andrew remembered a scene that just happened a couple of months ago. It also happened in the night.

The past him – the past Andrew – had just had a fight with his father as the man found out that he bought a camera and confronts him regarding it, saying how he was selfish and shit. That night – for the first time in his abused life – he won.

His father tried to assert his dominance once again and beat him, but he had enough. Andrew throws him away with extraordinary strength and leaves after it – still not ready to end the pathetic man's life.

That night. He flew to the middle of the clouds to calm his turbulent emotions. But just a while later. Steve Montgomery – his friend that he met at a party and quickly got along with – arrived and tried to comfort him but the him of that time was so bad at controlling his emotions as he tried making Steve go away and accidentally killed him.

When Steve was adamant in trying to help his friend as he tried to approach. The Andrew back then has his emotions rumbling – seemingly resonating with the rumbling clouds – and the thunderstorm itself – without his permission – struck Steve, killing him instantly.

Though, Andrew isn't currently here up in the clouds to grieve and reminisce his deceased friend. He is here trying to remember the feeling of the thunder itself responding to his emotions, to his call, to his will.

Andrew kept digging as he tried to find the right feel to it as lightning would occasionally flash around him, but not touching him. He continued this state for about thirty minutes when he finally felt it.

Andrew immediately poured almost all his attention to it – while trying to simultaneously keep his invisible force-field on – as he grasped at that feeling. Holding it. Not letting it go.

The elusive thing seems to have finally gave up trying to torment Andrew as the latter finally grasped that feeling completely.

"Hsss" After a while, Andrew took a deep breath as he opened his eyes as a quick blue light escaped from it, vanishing afterwards.

Crackle! Sizzle!

A sound of what seems like a thousands of birds chirping suddenly resounded as Andrew lifts his right hand as a bright blue electricity manifested in it. Andrew played with it as he made it danced around his fingertips while not inducing any pain or wound to him and he felt more like as if he was in a hot spring.

After a while Andrew stopped playing around with it as he lifts his head to look at thick clouds that occasionally cracks with lightning surrounding him in all sides. With a thought, An arm thick bolt of thunder flashed from it and struck Andrew with a terrifying speed.

Andrew seems a bit too calm and didn't express any outward reaction as the bolt of thunder struck his outstretched hand. Instead of the expectation of his hand and him reducing into a bloody mess, the bolt didn't do any damage to his arms and body whatsoever as the bolt just surrounded and danced around his whole body harmlessly.

His clothes was also not affected as he had his Tk Aura hovering 3 inches above his skin, protecting him from any surprise attack of earthly level.

Seeing this, a smile surfaced on Andrew's face as the electricity all around him vanished. He looked around the air for a bit and blasts away. Breaking the sound barrier in the process easily as he speedily blitz through the sky.


Andrew slows down in speed a few miles away from his destination and flew with a normal pace.

After finishing his job – his father – Andrew remembered one important thing that started this all. The Crystal. Though, he found nothing after arriving at the site where the Crystal should've been. The only thing he saw there was that the whole place leading to the underground was covered and patched up.

Easily removing those covers, he found nothing under and that confuses and angers him a little as he considers that Crystal invaluable to him and was curious what he would find if he break it open.

Curious at who took it. Andrew couldn't do anything as he didn't know who got it and just left the place and Seattle altogether with Illyana and John.

Back to the present. Andrew stops and opens the window of a relatively large house and goes inside. Once inside he removed the humanoid-shaped force-field surrounding him on top of of TK Aura and opened the door.

He took the stairs as he descended it with calm steps and confident aura. Once he was on the on the ground floor. He saw Illyana and John sitting at the couch, relaxed, as they drank their own smoothies.


A sound of door being closed resounded as Andrew and the two turned to look. They saw a middle aged guy who had the face of an honest and hard-working man closing the door as he lifts his face to look and waved at them "Hi guys."

This was a guy Andrew encountered and chose when he was choosing where the three of them should live in the mean time. Andrew just tweaked a few screws at his mind and made the guy think that the three of them are classmates of his deceased daughter and is just looking for some place to crash at for the time being.

The guy immediately 'offered' his place kindly if they want and tada! They now have a free place. And now they have been staying at this place for about two and a half month now.

Andrew smiled "Good evening, Mr. Hertz. May I know where are you going?"

The guy known as Kevin Hertz also smiled as he replied "My boss called and summoned me for some late night work."

Andrew nodded and smiled "Be careful on your way, sir."

"Thanks. Have a good one." Kevin said goodbye as he made his way to the door while also greeting the two on the couch who also smiled in return.

The moment Kevin left. The three's smiles all faded from their faces almost immediately. Andrew walked and sat in the couch beside John who still had his disguise look.

"So.. Are we gonna do it?" John asked as he turned to Andrew.

Andrew nodded as John and Illyana took that as a signal as they went up to their rooms to change.

Andrew haven't been slacking for the past two and a half month as as usual, his abilities improved once again and even learned some cool tricks like putting a color on his psionic energy when he activates it or giving his flames different color.

Anyway. That's not the main point. The point is one day. John suggested that they raid some mutant experimenting facilities that they can find and save some mutants. While Andrew was initially not on the boat with this one, but he eventually agreed as he thought about all the things he can gain if he went to that kind of places.

So for the past two and a half month. Andrew has been tailing people like Alexander Pierce and William Stryker to see where they go and shit. But after waiting and not gaining any results as the guys was too careful with their moves. Andrew lost his patience and just invisibly invaded their homes and mind-raped all of them for all their worth.

Andrew was ecstatic seeing their memories and all he can gain from them.

Illyana and John went out of their respective rooms and met back with their leader as Andrew looked at them with a calm gaze "Let's go."

""Mnn"" The two nodded in unison as the three of them went out and flew away.


[°Random Hydra Research Facility°]

The three landed about three hundred meters away from the facility as they eyed it curiously and cautiously.

They saw numerous guards patrolling strictly at the front as they looked around them with carefulness, inspecting anything incase something slip from their eyes.

John turned to Andrew and spoke "So, what's our plan of attack?"

Andrew turned and looked at him with mirth mixed with calmness "What else? We attack."

"Hehe, that's what i like." Illyana who are still on her disguise laughed as her Soul Sword began manifesting.

Pyro also began to smile as he used his zippo lighter to produce some sparks of fire that quickly enlarged into a fireball hovering on his hand.

Andrew began hovering on the air with the two as the guards patrolling in the distance quickly noticed them and quickly began to move.

Andrew didn't waste anymore time as he blast forward along with the two and quickly reached the guards. Pyro has a slight on his face as he controlled his fire as it began expanding and transforming into serpentine structures and attacked the guards.


The guards was as powerless as a toddler in front of Pyro's living flame as it immediately burned them to a crisp despite their wailings while the fortunate ones managed to dodge away on John's purpose.

Illyana wasn't about to be outdone as she leaped from the air and pointed her sword to the guard. She slashed to the right as the unfortunate one was slashed into blue blue light as his body slif to the ground in two pieces.

Illyana wasn't done as the moment she landed, her figure blurred as she left an after image and appeared to the next guard who was about to fire his gun at her.

Magik pierced the guys head as he immediately died and slumped to the ground pathetically. Illyana pumped her fist to the air with a wide smile "Wooo! I missed this feeling!"

Pyro chuckled and waved his hand as the fire in his hand turned into a long pointy construct and pierced the guard trying to play dead on the ground. The guy is bad at acting..

Andrew shook his head at Illyana and just clenched his hand as heads of those who managed to get away and was currently running burst into bloody mess. Brain matter and shit all splattering to the ground.

Andrew looks around and even used his Domain outwardly and didn't spot any living being anymore outside the facility. He then turned to the thick metal gate and just waved his hand as the seemingly indestructible gate flew away, landing on some dead bodies.

Andrew, Illyana and Pyro looked inside and saw nothing inside. They walked inside and didn't really saw any sign of anything. The place was desolate. Pyro turned to Andrew and asked with puzzlement "Where is mutants being experimented?"

Andrew didn't reply and extended his senses and didn't really saw anyone in the surface. Keyword: Surface. Andrew then replied "The dipshits is in the underground.."

'What's with secret organizations and their obsession with underground bases?' Andrew thought with amusement as he spread his right hand to one corner as the thick floor was uprooted and removed.

"Should we go inside that." Illyana said with caution. What was revealed underneath was a stairs leading to an unknown dark place. Andrew wasn't having any of this bullshit as he and the two hovered a few feet from the ground as Andrew points his two hands to the ground.

Rumble! Shake!!

The whold facility began shaking result of what Andrew was doing as the whole floor of the facility and what should be acting as the ceiling of the underground facility was removed from its very roots.

Andrew waved his hand and the ground floor flew to the side. What was revealed underneath was numerous people with some guards standing and seemed to be waiting at the end of the stairs, ambushing anyone who comes down.

The scientists wearing their generic white gowns are currently huddled up together while a group of guards are standing in front of them protectively.

On the other hand, some kids that seems to be around ten years old and above are currently being held by their necks by another batch of the guards as they points their guns the kids head as they shouted "Give it up mutants! We know you're here for your fellow kind. So how about you take them and we go our separate ways?!"

John's face immediately changed from its previous smile to gritted teeth as the fire in his hand intensified. Illyana just looks at this silence but her grip to her sword increased.

Andrew just looked at the hydra scientists as if they're some kind of idiots and just raised his hand. Seeing this move of his. One of the scientists grabs the gun of one of the guards and points it at one of the kid as he shouted to Andrew "I'd watch my own move if i were you!"

"And why's that?" Andrew tried entertaining their idiocy.

"Huh? Are you fucking dumb huh mutie?! I am pointing a gun one of your kinds head and you're asking me why's that?! Huh?!" The brave idiot shouted back as he stared at Andrew with an incredulous look.


"What? How high are yo— Arrrkk!!!" The scientist was interrupted as one of the guards suddenly turned around and shot the scientist to his leg without hesitation "What the fuck are you doing? Arggh!?"

Andrew was tired of all this shit and just cleches his hand as numerous grey psionic construct manifested behind him. They all had the shape of different kinds of medieval weapons and they exude an ominous vibe that their color didn't help but intensify.

Illyana and John looked at this spectacle with an amazed look as this is the first time they saw Andrew do this. Andrew waves his hand as a signal and all the psionic weapon construct all blitz the air and impaled all the useless members of the hydra like the mob guards. Andrew also waves his hand as all the guns in the vicinity was twisted into useless piece of junk.

The scientists are spared for now as Andrew want something with them. The scientists was as pathetic as they can get as the moment they saw their protectors gone. They immediately gave up and knelt to the ground

Seeing them acting like that, Illyana couldn't help but spat to the ground with a loud sound and even want to kill the the pathetic men but John just stopped her seeing that Andrew spared them and deduced that he must have his reason.


Give me my promised stones, peasants.

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