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Chapter 13 - Arriving

The Blackbird blitz through the air quickly as they arrived at the X-Mansion—which is really beautiful—The aircraft floated above the backyard of the grounds of the place as some mutant kids that was playing below lifted their head to look at it.

The green grounds of the backyard suddenly starts separating in half as it make way for the aircraft to land inside. The Blackbird slowly landed inside the mansion stably.

The door of the vehicle lifted up as the X-Men exited one by one followed by the new mutants. Andrew looks around the vast space with some curiosity and noticed that almost all was colored in silver 'This guy really likes them silver'

As he starts walking with the new mutants as they followed the X-Men when a gasp was heard within his group. He turned his head curiously to Illyana who has a stunned look on her face while tears slowly began to glisten on her eyes. Andrew followed her line of sight and saw an enormous metal man standing at the far-end of the large room.

The metal man has silver-metal for a skin coupled with his big shredded muscle that seems to to burst out of his tight black shirt any moment; It's the older brother of Illyana; Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus.

Colossus who is also looking right back at Illyana began to move as he lifted his feet and took a step forward, his slow walking then starts to take pace as he began to run toward Illyana as a smile slowly made its way on his face while tears began to form on his eyes that looks like mercury when on his face.

His every step leaves mark on the ground as he run with speed inappropriate for his size. Andrew was amazed by looking at this metal-man and then looks at Illyana who also smiles as she also starts running towards her brother while her soul sword starts manifesting on her hand.

"Woah woah wait wait what is happening..!?" Roberto Da Costa hurriedly asked seeing Illyana taking her sword out.

"Don't worry. They just miss each other. Let's go." Charles Xavier said with a smile as his wheelchair starts strolling forward followed by the rest of his group who just shook their head as they look at Colossus who have started running away from his sister in fright—feeling the danger that the sword carries.


"This place is the School for the Gifted Youngsters like yourselves. This is where we help young mutants like you hone and control their abilities in hopes of being able to get back on your normal lives along with normal humans." Charles Xavier said to the new mutants in front him while the rest of the X-Men have already gone on their separate ways along the ways with Illyana still busy slashing her brother back in the hangar. "The main goal of our Institution is to promote equality between Humans and the Mutants while forging a peaceful coexistence between the two."

"That is such a wonderful endeavor Professor. I hope the X-Men accomplishes that." Dani said as she looks on the window of the room they were all in where saw mutants kids like herself playing happily.

"Not just us but along with you all. We will accomplish this goal together." Charles Xavier smiled as he said this conviction while looking at the young mutants infront of him one by one. His face twitched a bit after he looks at a young man on the side of the group. He tried reading the mind of the kid to no avail as his psychic energy just wandered inside the teenager's mind without getting anything—its empty.

'Don't smile Andrew. Don't smile Andrew." Andrew held himself from laughing after he saw the comical face of the professor that tried to pry his mind.


After a while of trying to instill some things that will make the young mutants loyal to the institution. Xavier let them go after he summoned Ororo to guide them to their respective rooms. The professor couldn't help but rub his temple in slight exhaustion after trying to read the mind of Andrew the whole time to no avail, as all he got was emptiness with his ability just swimming through the seemingly Infinite realm of his mind.



A knock sounded from the door and after Xavier's permission, Hank opened it and strode inside the room.

"Get me any information you can get about this new kid Andrew Detmer. I can't get anything from him. We need to make sure he isn't a danger to all of us." Xavier said while sighing and explaining a bit.

Hank was stunned after hearing that there's actually someone who can resist the ability of the most powerful Telepath in the world but just nodded as he also realized the danger this may bring them.


'That old fucker actually tried to mind-rape me the whole time i was inside that room." Andrew couldn't help but curse inwardly after remembering Xavier poking around his mind earlier.

"Okay we are here. This will be your room from now on. Good luck with your room-mate." Ororo said at the side as they stopped infront of a door as she smiled to Andrew.

Andrew looks at her beautiful face for a while but just nodded in reply afterwards.

"Great. Bye." Ororo looks at him with a teasing narrowed eyes after she saw him staring at her for long and then began walking away with her waist naturally swaying left and right as she disappeared in the intersecting corridor.

Andrew looks at this spectacle for a while and then looks at the door after she disappeared.

He opened the door and then saw two beds inside the relatively big room. The other bed is occupied by another guy who lays on it while holding a book in one hand while on the other is a lighter which he constantly opened and closed. The guy has a slicked back smooth hair and a relatively good look coupled with a slight cocky smirk that never seems to dissappear from his face.

Andrew took a step inside the room as the young man lift his head to look at him while closing the book: "Who the heck are you?"

"I am your father." Andrew said with a deep voice and face full of seriousness.

"Are you fucking with me?" The guy immediately stood up after hearing that as the fire in the opened lighter suddenly became bigger.

Andrew sighed inwardly and was disappointed that the guy didn't get the reference.

"What a shame.. Nevermind. I'm Andrew. Andrew Detmer. Nice to meet you." Andrew lift his head after and reaches out his hand for a handshake.

"Uh.." The guy was at a loss for words at Andrew's attitude but seeing that he was not picking a fight with him, he also reaches out his hand to shook the other party's hand. "I'm.. John. John Allerdyce."

Andrew thought for a moment and tried to recall who he was and nodded his head after with a smile. "So.. Can you introduce this place to me? Me and my friends just got here so.."

"Uh.. I'm actually busy, maybe Bob–." John Allerdyce a.k.a Pyro wasn't able to finish his words when the door opened again and a head peeked in.

"Hey John let's go pract–.. Oh."

"Speaking of the devil." Pyro spoke as he shrugged his shoulders and then responded to the newly arrived guy. "Bobby, this guy and his friends just arrived here and wants to have someone to accompany and tour them around. Would you mind?

Robert 'Bobby' Drake a.k.a Iceman immediately responded with "No, I don't mind." and then walked towards Andrew and shook his hands and also introduced himself with a smile. "I'm Robert Drake but you just call me Bobby just like everyone."

Andrew responded the kind gesture and also smile. He then turned around to Pyro and said "See you later." which he just receives a nod.

Andrew and Bobby then got out of the room as the former quickly find the new mutants using his ability.


Within a big expensive-looking room that has a floor to ceiling glass window, a black man wearing an all black trench clothes and black eyepatch sat at his seat while writing something at the paper on the table in front of him.

Nicholas Fury; Director of the S.H.I.E.L.D, couldn't help but curse under his breath as he checked all the complaints of those higher than him sent him.



"Come in." The man spoke with a voice tinged with annoyance and tiredness.

The door opened and revealed the one known as Phil Coulson. Phil strode to the front of Fury and puts some stack of paper on the desk of the annoyed man and spoke: "Good morning director, from what we have gathered from the site and some evidence we saw around the place, it seems that the place was owned by some secret organization that experiments on mutants and trains them to become a killing machine.

We assume that the unrecognizable woman from the site is also a mutant whom the organization ordered to train young mutants and speaking of the young mutants.

It seems that they have already escaped the place after defeating the woman with some unknown means; we think that one of the young mutants has the ability to summon an abnormally large animal and that animal was the one who killed the woman and after killing the woman, the animal seems to not follow its master as it also attacked them and then disappeared afterwards in thin air based on the marks from the place."

Nick Fury listened attentively to the other party and pondered about the things he said. He thought about something and then asked: "Do we have the location of those young mutants? They shouldn't have got away that far, right?"

"That's the last thing director. We also found that after the battle with the woman and the animal, The young mutants seems to have been rescued by the X-Men as their RS-150 Blackbird was seen flying through the sky coming from the direction of the site." Coulson said seriously like the best agent that he is.

"Hmm.. nice work Coulson. Let's leave those young mutants at the care of the professor since he have already done us quite the help in the past but if you somehow get the chance, know the identity of those young mutants he rescued." Fury nodded his head as he remembered how the professor have been a great help to them by finding criminals that they can't find on their own "Nice work again. You're dismissed."

Phil Coulson nodded and made his way out of the room as he fiddled with his limited edition captain america vintage cards while smiling like a kid.


In the deepest level of a building in New York hides a secret a laboratory. A handsome man with unnaturally pale skin and slicked back black hair holds a medical tool as he checked the insides of the body laid in a table in front of him. He was about to continue with his little working when the phone in his pocket started to vibrate.

The man's face twitches in annoyance as removes his gloves and then he turns around and sat on his seat on the far end of the laboratory as he then took his phone out. "What is it?

"Mr. Milbury, one of our facilities was destroyed and the young mutants being trained in it escaped while our people assigned to it died and was now taken away by S.H.I.E.L.D who have now had the place under their control." A voice that obviously carries fear sounded on the phone.

The man now known as Mr. Milbury took a deep breath while his face was emotionless and then said with eerie calmness: "Make sure that that blind organization doesn't trace anything back to us and also find more mutant to make up for the escapees... Speaking of them, send me the information regarding those young mutants."

"Yes sir. Right away." The voice immediately replied and the call ended.

The unnaturally pale man calmly stood up and then took the gloves and then came back to his project as he whistles a tune.


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