39 Arrested

"I want to call my lawyer," I spoke with faked anger and gusto as I sat on the chair while looking at the person in front.

A young man of above-average height with dull light-brown-gray almost taupishcolored hair that was somewhat unruly and styled with messy and loose bangs framing his face and golden eyes.

He wore a regular white dress shirt decorated with a loose, dark-green tie and gray suit pants. He also donned brown shoes and a short beige jacket with a dark brown accent.

I knew who he was, Haru Kato. One of the two protagonists of Balance Unlimited.

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He looked at me with disgust as he spoke.

"You peed... on a fucking pole near which was a few meters ahead of a shrine..."

Oh. Well... this was unexpected. Not like as if I wanted to pee near a shrine.

"So I can pee anywhere else, right? That is not near a religious place."

He looked at me a bit confused before getting a bit angry.


This brought a frown onto my visage.

"And why can't I??"


"Dogs pee on the road. Why don't you arrest those creatures?"


"Ah, I see." I nodded as if understanding everything. Using telekinesis I snatched the coffee mug, Haru was drinking coffee from.

Taking a sip of it in front of the dazed Haru I replied.

"So you don't believe in equality."

Question marks appeared on Haru's forehead as if not able to understand what I was saying. Seeing the clueless guy, I continued.

"Anyway... you either let me speak to my lawyer or tell me how much I need to pay as a fine."


At that moment, the door to the interrogation room opened as a young man of average stature entered. He had dull blue-gray eyes, thick eyebrows, and short, slicked-back black hair.

As soon as he entered, the aura in the room changed as he looked directly into my eyes.... a little too haughtily.

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"Nava Etrama Di Miki, the Grandson of Silver Fang, Age: 17. A God of Highschool contestant representing the entire of Tokyo. Hmm?" He spoke calmly, his expression changing lil by lit.

By the end he frowned as he spoke, his expression had turned grave.

"Why is it that I am not allowed more access to your information... it's showing confidential."

I looked at him the same way he looked at me when he entered the room, however... I sipped my coffee from time to time.

Then I opened my mouth.

"Daisuke Kambe. Age:27. A measly height of 5'6 which becomes 5'8 when wearing heightened shoes to hide your insecurity. One of the richest young masters in the world, a wannabe police officer, an emotionless robot virgin that has never ever even wanked in his life. One father, one mother, one grandmother ohh, and a hot sister. Mother dead while father ran away to buy milk and returned in the form of your butler while your grandmother seemingly killed your mother...well...shit happens."

Reminds me of mother in law/daughter in law hate operas. Man... those were indeed spicy.

I smiled smugly. The same way the guy in front of me smiles whenever he is amused in the anime.

"I know everything. Things that even your pathetic cheap copy of Jarvis does not."

Spreading my arms, I broke the cuffs on my wrist under the shocked gaze of Haru and Daisuke who was simply stun dazed as if thinking about my words.

Shaking my head I spoke.

"It seems I do not need to call a lawyer or pay any fines or spend time in jail despite how much I want to.

Using telekinesis I opened the door to the interrogation room as I walked out of it.

Now now now, tilting my head I looked at the sole reason I willingly came to the police department despite having so much power.

A tanned female with purple hair was oiling her sniper gun as a young, attractive woman sat beside her.

She had noticeably large breasts probably G-cup. Long, dark-brown hair that was kept in her prison hat, with one lock of hair hanging right off her face. She had dark-blue eyes and she sported glossy nude pink lipstick.

She wore a police chief uniform along with high heels.

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Rika Minami from Highschool of the Dead and Kiwako Makina from Deadman Wonderland.

Makina was indeed a surprise. I did not expect to see her here while Rika was with Haru when he caught me and I won't lie I caught her staring hard at my shlong.

Winking at her, I pulled my pants down to the shock of the two women. Even the stone-cold Makina had a change in expression.

Chuckling a bit, I started to leave the police station. It seems I have a few more reasons now to get arrested. I love it.

While nearing the exit, I saw a woman in a black maid uniform and perfectly groomed blonde hair with a blob of light green hair that had a very red butt probably from spanking himself held between her arms rushing towards the police station.

Oh my... it seems I am gonna have a hearty reunion.

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