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Project Royalty


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Princess Scarlett Franciescka Thianna Quinn is a royalty hidden from everyone for a reason. A game called "Project Royalty" was created by her great great great grandfather even before she and her parents was born. It is where Young Nobles from all around the world will search and seek for the princess and who ever finds her and makes her fall in love First, will marry her and inherit the Throne of Being the King of Xyrandia with her as the queen. Many kingdom goes after the throne not only for them to have their own kingdom but because of the power and wealth that the kingdom has. Chescka Scarlet, commoners name for the princess, doesn't know any of this. She was born and raised by Mr. And Mrs. Scarlet, her so called parents who owns the Scarlet chain of Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies. She studies in a prestigious university and has everything her heart desires. Although on one particular school year, four new male students suddenly enrolled into their school. Four princes to be exact. Now, will any of the Princes unravel her unknown secret? Will any of the Princes capture her heart? Or will they all end up the opposite of what is said?