1 Chescka Scarlet

\\Scarlet Manor\\

Sitting comfortably in my bed, watching The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix, I suddenly heard a knock on the door.

"Chescka? Are you in here?"

I immediately turned off the television screen and stood up to open the door.

"Yes mother? Do you need anything?"

My mother Chelsie, smiled before entering my room and sat on the edge of my bed.

I followed her and sat beside her getting suspicious about what she's going to tell me. Her smile seems to have a different meaning.

"Not at all my dear. Your Father and I just wanted to check up on you since the school year is about to start. Do you have everything you need for school already?"

Mother asked me, looking a bit worried.

I mentally rolled my eyes. They have always been like this. They're so worried about the things I do and about the things I need. Although I'm not going to say that I don't like it because I do. I love it when they baby me even though I'm already seventeen years old.

"Mommy, the only thing left that I don't have for school is my own car. Come on Mommy, I'm already seventeen. I wanna have my own car. And in fact, it's too much of a hassle having a driver."

I said to her pouting.

I saw her flash a worried and shocked face but it vanished in an instant. She smiled at me and held and cupped my face with her both hands.

"Dear, you're only Seventeen. You still aren't allowed to drive a car and besides, you don't even know how to drive one. Your dad and I promise you, on your eighteenth birthday, we'll give you a car. But for now, stick with having a driver."

I just nodded my head with what Mommy said.

She's right at some point. I still don't know how to drive a car. But it's just unfair. My classmates and friends has their own cars even though they aren't still in the legal age to drive one.

I really feel like there's something else behind why they always act so over protective of me. It's like I'm a very priced possession or something. But maybe I am? I mean I'm their only child so maybe that's why they're acting too overly protective of me? Uh, whatever.

"Well my dear, I better get going. Your father is waiting for me in the car right now. We'll just visit one of our branches in the Philippines and then we'll be back maybe two days from now. Take care of yourself alright dear? I love you."

I then again nodded my head and kissed Mommy on the cheeks and bid her goodbye.

The moment I heard the car had left, I sighed.

There they go again. It's not that I'm against them being away all the time. It's just that I feel like they're hiding something from me with every time they leave this house. The way I am not allowed to come with them on their business trips, the way they don't allow me to see their offices and the way they're too overly protective of me. It's really really suspicious.

Every time I'd ask them things, they'd always answer me with, 'We'll tell you when you've come of age.'

I mean, what the hell is my age have to do with all my questions? It's not like a one year difference of me knowing answers to my question can cause a havoc right?

It's just that, I deserve to know everything about my family, right? Because that's how it works?

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