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Proficiency Panel Right At The Beginning

Successful Path

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# highpower The most ancient myth of the world emerged again. Countless realism started to converge and intertwine. The dark side of the world slowly and quietly emerged. Monks advocated the ethos that blood and flesh are painful yet weak, but our minds and souls are eternal. There were also martial artists who showed off their powerful bodies and their determination for invincibility. Lu Ren watched the changes that were happening n the world and breathed frantically. “Ding, because you have been breathing non-stop for the past 26 years, you suddenly had some epiphany and learned the breathing training method.” Upon hearing the notification in his mind, Lu Ren hesitantly waved his sword around.” “Ding, because you waved and poked your sword around, you suddenly had an epiphany, and successfully learned basic sword techniques.” A long time later, as he looked at the army invading from the alien world, he raised his sword and struck out. Instantly, endless waves of turbulent air ravaged the space. Wherever that waves of air went, mountains collapsed and rivers were ravaged. The waves continued to destroy the army and strike toward the alien world. The entire alien world shattered and was completely destroyed with countless blasts and explosions, then slowly dissipated in the air.


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