Daggers In Heart Book

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Daggers In Heart


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"This room lacked the perfume you usually wear, for so long." A magnetic voice in her room spoke sharply which made her gulp with the fear of getting caught. She turned to see a man standing by the door who approached her with soul penetrating stare. "Why are you here?" She asked sounding stern when he got out of shadows which made his features look dark due to dim light. "Why? Can't I come to meet you?" He asked while tilting his head and lifting her face by chin. "Where did you go?” He inquired after getting no reply from her as he focused on her breath getting uneven. "I went to the garden for a stroll." She responded haphazardly looking into his flickering eyes which had a killing intent while she suppressed her gasps. "In the middle of night? Tsk, Aleena come up with a good lie." He spoke with a lopsided grin sending a chill down her spine and leaned over her face. "Did you go to find him, my little angel?” Upon hearing his words she gulped and pushed him with an impulsive reply. "Yes, I did and you can't stop me, I will do whatever I want."


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