12 The Academy

One week had passed in a blur, according to my trainers I am ready to go to the academy. I feel relieved that my training was over, but deep in my heart, I know that it will become harder when I will be in the academy.

    "Are you okay Mal? We will be leaving in an hour." Freda asked and informed me about our departure, and I am so happy that she is now back into wearing civilian clothes.

I am more at ease having my friend beside me again. She looks like a teenager again, though she looks younger, when she is wearing her soldier uniform she looks more intimidating.

    "I don't know Freda, it is still so hard for me to believe all these." I told her while I am at the window of my room looking at the landscaped at the north part of the castle. Birds are flying from a distance while the graceful long-necked swans are swimming in the lake.

   "I know Malia, don't worry, we are here for you, everything is new to you, your life here in fairyland is very different from the world you used to. Don't be so hard on yourself Malia, try to embrace the newness of your surroundings, just like me when I was new in your world." She said while putting her arms on my shoulders. My friend is really back, I miss the way she comforts me.

   "Don't you know how many times I am tempted to use my magic, especially when I want to go somewhere, I don't know about cars and trains Malia, I am used to flying. I also have a lot of uncertainties when I arrived in your world, but the more I spend time with you, I started to like the human world, even do I miss my home terribly." She said looking at me solemnly.

   "I am sorry Freda because of me, you undergone all those things in the mortal world." I said to her looking into her eyes.

    "I loved all the experiences I encountered in your world, and knowing you is the best thing that ever happen to me Malia, I am so grateful for everything." Freda said happily.

    "Our clothes including combat uniform, specially your gowns had been delivered at the academy. The king personally requested a seamstress just for you." I am surprised by what Freda told me.

    "They never take my measurements, how come the dresses are made already?" I asked her.

    "The king had seen you, and it is enough to know your exact body measurement."

    "Why do we need a dressmaker when we can change our own clothes?" I asked her with confusion in my voice.

    "Not all fairies have the power to do that, it requires special ability, even the member of the royal family, only a few are gifted with that kind of power. Since, you are not allowed to show your actual talents the king needs to order clothes for us to be worn at the academy." She said grinning at me.

    "You just don't realize how special you are Malia, you are just new into this world, but you were able to enhance and summoned the seamstress magic. Many had desired that kind of power, can you imagine having the most beautiful gowns in the fairy world? That is amazing, and the dresses you made during your training were exceptional." Freda said with admiration in her eyes.

"Wow! That is new information for me, I thought all fairies are capable of doing such magic." I said still unable to believe what I have heard.

"There are so many things you need to know and learn Mal, you will learn it all once we are in the academy. We will be going to the academy by using a portal, I, Nick and Hale debated about flying or using a portal. We decided to use the latter, since it is the safest way, we think flying is good for you as an actual experience, but your safety weighs more than anything." She said seriously.

Just thinking about another portal makes my whole body weak. I can't imagine myself having the same delirium again, it really makes me sick. I can't tell Freda about it, I need to overcome this, if I have to be in this land, and their way of transportation is killing me, I need to find a way to enjoy it.

    Nick and Hale arrived and informed us that it is time for us to go. Before we left, we go to the King And Queen to say our goodbyes.

    "Malia we believe in you, Erthesia land is in your hands now. Don't worry these three will protect you with their lives." King Robert said and smiled widely at me.

   "Thank you so much for everything Your Royal Highness and Your Royal Majesty. I will forever be grateful for your kindness." I said while bowing my head to them.

    "It is an honor for us to have you in our kingdom Malia. Good luck in your endeavor and you may fulfill your destiny, please take care of yourself always Malia. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon." The Queen said and hugged me tightly.

     All of us said our farewells and headed directly at the portal made by the king himself.

     "You need to relax Malia, this will get over soon. Just hold onto us." Nick said smiling at me. The two princes both offered their hands to me. I saw Freda shaking her head with amusement in her eyes.

     I don't have a choice but to hold the left hand of Nick while my other hand holds the right hand of Hale, then we get in simultaneously, and I felt Freda behind us. As much as I want to scream I was able to control it since I don't want both of the princes to hug me.

     They are both good-looking and desirable, but I want to keep my distance from them, I don't want to be involved romantically with any of the two. I know I am attracted to their beauty, but my goal is to save Erthesia so, I have to focus.

We arrived at our destination quickly, and I am so pleased that I only felt light-headed. I didn't feel the same sickness as last time. I know it will become easy for me over time.

    "Are you alright Malia?" They all asked me at the same time.

     I really laughed, their concern for me is beginning to freak me out. "Of course guys, I am okay. Thank you so much for your concern, but can you please make me feel like your real friend not someone you are guarding for, I know friends are looking for each other, it would be best if we play it cool." I said to them with a little irritation in my voice.

    "I understand what you mean Mal, I am sorry." Nick said sadly.

     "Hey! I don't mean it to offend you Nick. Let us all enjoy this place like a normal teenager." I said, looking at the place they called home for the Elite Fairies.

     "It's okay Mal, I am not hurt." He said looking at me earnestly.

The building in front of us is ancient yet it is still magnificent and dazzling. The Academy looks like a castle itself, but divided by five parts if you try to look its architectural design. The walls are sky-high, it looks like we are currently standing at the center of the academy's ground.

    "Wow! So beautiful!" I said in amazement.

    "Indeed, I was here before so many times actually, since we are entitled to enter here anytime we want. My father wants me to enroll here, but it never fascinated me, until now that you are here." Said Prince Hale meaningfully.

    I can feel my whole face turned into crimson color. I blushed because of Hale's gaze, I think he is looking at me directly into my soul. His eyes are mesmerizing, and I turned my head back at the building to avoid his captivating stare.

   Just by looking at the foundation of the academy buildings, I can tell that the founders of the academy were so powerful and wealthy fairies. The pillars are gigantic and the ceilings are so high from the ground. It added freshness of the entire place.

   The academy itself is surrounded by many beautiful gardens, I can see beautiful flowers blossoming around campus, the fragrance of the surrounding is making me feel at ease and I feel so relaxed and happy.

   I can see from a distance, at the back part of the academy a beautiful lake, birds are hovering above the still water. I will never get tired of the wonderful scenery in fairyland. All the fears and anxieties I feel were gone at the moment.

"Let us go then, so that we can go to our dormitory and have a rest since tomorrow will be our official first day of school." Said Freda with excitement in her voice.

    Since classes will start tomorrow I have not seen any fairies in the academy ground, even when we walked inside going to the headmaster's office. The hallways are deserted, which I am glad for I am not yet ready to encounter any of them.

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