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Princess Malia’s Secret


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Book 1 and Book 2 are complete while Book 3 is ongoing. For Malia Blaze her way of life is almost perfect, her parents love and adore her, but they are super strict and overprotective. On her 18th birthday they turn her world upside down, when they informed her she is adopted, and she is the lost Princess of a Fairy Kingdom. She needs to leave her human world behind to go to the Erthesia Academy to undergo training to become a full pledge fairy, while keeping her true identity secret for her own sake. Prince Flynn Vermilion is the Crown Prince, and the most popular guy in the Erthesia Kingdom because he has it all, good looks, wits, wealth and the crown. He hates Malia for she is the only female in the entire kingdom that does not care about who he is. He wants to teach her a lesson, make her fall in love with him and then break her heart into pieces. Malia hates the academy, for it is full of bullies and bitches. They make her life miserable because for them, she is only half human and half fairy, especially Prince Flynn. But She cannot deny the fact that He is the first boy she ever liked. Malia was abducted by the Dark Prince and her life was put in danger, Prince Flynn realized how important Malia in his life is. He is the first person who rescued her and discovered Malia's deepest secret. Can Prince Flynn break Malia's heart? Or is his whole being including the crown will be shattered? Can he give up the throne in the name of love? Is Malia powerful and strong enough to face the Sinister King of the dark realm to save her real parents and claim what is rightfully hers? ——————————————————————————— (Sequel Volume 2: The Deity Apprentice) Amara was chosen as the next Deity of Erthesia Land, because of her overflowing beauty and power. For all her life she lives in the Magical Forest, they forbid her to go outside until she will be at the right age. She trained day and night to become the perfect deity, she can’t wait to get outside her world to explore what lies beyond the wilderness. Prince Benjamin “Ben” Neroz, is the Crown Prince of Elpizo Kingdom, he is the playboy of the Erthesia Land because he is the most handsome in his generation, smart and powerful, that is why the female population of all Erthesia Land is dying to be with him. Amara met Prince Benjamin accidentally in the Magical Forest, and she fell in love with him, but being the Deity, means she is forbidden to fall in love, it does not allow her to interact with other fairies. Can Amara alter her destiny, just to be with the man she loves? -------------------------------------------------- Volume 3: Prince Maverick The Immortal Prince Violet Huez is a Senior High School student who does not have time for love because she is so busy working a part-time job to help her mother to make ends meet. Then one day her mother got sick and asked her to do her mother’s job as a maid in the Blaze mansion just for the day, but she accidentally broke the expensive vase of the Blaze family that costs a fortune. Maverick Blaze is the Crown Prince of the Immortal Realm. He visits the human world to enjoy, but he was forbidden by her grandmother to associate with humans. Maverick meets Violet and he wants to help and protect her, then he falls in love with her. To save her he offered Violet to take responsibility for the broken vase and he asked her to pay for the vase by spending time in the Blaze mansion. How can Prince Maverick stop himself from falling in love with a mortal girl? And how can Violet resist herself from falling in love with the mysterious heir of the Blaze family? Can their love have a chance to grow when Prince Maverick is summoned to come home to the Immortal realm to take over the throne of his father? Is he willing to give up his Immortality for a human girl? ------------------------------- Kindly Support my other books: Falling In Love With Miracle My Friend’s Arrogant Brother I Will Make You Love Me Again Loving Madeline


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