14 Prince Flynn

    "Just stay away from Prince Flynn Malia, for your own sake." Freda said seriously.

    "Why do I need to do that Freda?" I asked innocently.

    "Because he is the crown prince of Erthesia, his father is a good king, but his son is different, nobody's knew his real deal, he seems aloof and never get close to any noble, I don't know, maybe he is too proud of himself that is why he keeps his distance from anyone except from his cousins from Katharos and Exousia Kingdoms." Freda said earnestly.

    "Ah! I see, I thought we could be friends for the reason that our fathers were best friends." I said disappointed.

   "Never dream of it Malia, you may end up with a broken-heart." Said Freda with amusement in her voice.

    "What you mean by that? Why are you talking to me in riddles?" I asked Freda annoyingly.

    "It is entirely because, he is the most good-looking among all the fairies in the whole land of Erthesia ever born, and he is powerful too like his father. He is every woman's dream and fantasy. I hate to admit, but it is all true." Freda said shaking her head.

   "Oh! Really? Even you?" I ask her in disbelief.

    "Yeah! Of course, I think there is nothing wrong about admiring someone from a distance, but in my case I know it is merely a fantasy, because the reality is a person with royal blood can never marry a commoner or not allowed to have a romantic relationship with anyone who doesn't belong to a royal family." Freda said sadly.

     "Wow! Who made that stupid rule? That is insane, all is fair in love and in war. That is so absurd, what if Hale falls in love with a commoner? What will happen then?" I asked Freda still unable to believe what she was saying.

    "Unfortunately, your ancestors made that rule, to protect the monarchies and their power, and to keep the entire land of Erthesia safe. The nobles knew and follow that rule ever since."

I was speechless, how could be my forefathers so selfish? Our talked was interrupted by someone who knocked on our door, Freda got up and found Nick and Hale standing at our doorstep, she let them come inside.

"Wow! You've got a lovely room and a wonderful view." Hale said admiring our place.

"Yes! Kindly tell your father that we are so thankful for the wonderful accommodation." I said smiling at him.

"Let us go to the banquet hall of the academy, we are starving." Nick said to us looking at Hale who is still looking at me. They both make me uncomfortable with their gazes and special treatment.

I am now wondering how could be someone more attractive than these two species in front of me? What kind of beauty does Prince Flynn possess to beat their looks?

When we come at the reception for dinner the banquet hall is almost fully occupied, I was stunned to see all the fairies gathered around the buffet table, they are all glorious, the girls look lovely, while the male look marvelous. Nick wasn't kidding when he told me about the real beauty of the fairies.

I am nothing compared to them, I want to go back to our room and hide, but it is too late. Hale is holding my hands guiding my way towards the buffet table, while Nick and Freda are following behind us.

All the cuisines look appetizing and tasty, the presentation is superb. My hunger overcome my fear of facing my new world and reality, I enjoyed myself by choosing different varieties of food, especially desserts. Hale never gets tired of assisting me, he is always walking beside me.

Freda and Nick found us a table, I eat heartily, and as usual the food in fairy land never fail me, all the food I put on my tray are yummy.

"Enjoying yourself Malia?" Hale asked me with a broad smile on his face.

     I nodded at prince Hale since my mouth is so full, when suddenly a group of girls surrounds our table giving me and Freda a head to toe look. I stopped chewing, and keep my eyes on my food, I know something is not right, I can sense it.

    "Hey! Look! The two princes who are both popular in Erthesia land because of their good looks and charm." Said Suzanne the leader of their group. I can't help myself, but looked at them. They are all pretty in their own special ways.

"Thank you for your compliment Princess, we are still eating what can we do for you?" Asked Nick in a friendly way.

"We can't just ignore this Nicholas and Hale, why are you dining with this type of people, you are royalty and yet you are here with these two commoners? You can sit with us." She said looking at me with disgust in her eyes.

"Malia and Freda are our friends Suzanne show some respect. We can dine whomever we want, now please leave." Said Hale with authority while keeping his voice so low, I can feel his anger boiling inside him.

"Oh! Really Hale? You choose to stay with these lowly people? You girls should know your place, you are a commoner, royalties should not associate with your kind." She said angrily, all fairies are looking at our direction. I never feel so small and humiliated before.

In the human world though I am so quiet and reserved, the popular never hurt me in anyways. How could this beautiful princess talked bad things about common fairies, they have feelings too. I feel hurt for Freda and the rest of the commoners.

    "That is enough Suzanne." Said someone from behind me. Suzanne is in shock and she is blushing.

     "Your Royal Highness!" She curtsied and all the fairies stands up and bow their heads to the newcomer including Nick and Hale. I am the only one left seated and did not greet him in the same manner. I have been insulted and I don't care whoever he is.

    "Can you return to your seats ladies and give these two princes and their company a privacy to eat." He said to them, Suzanne walked away immediately followed by her supporters.

     I am so tempted to look at his way, but I didn't move an inch, until I can feel him striding toward Nick, since I am facing Nick I don't have any choice but to glance at him.

I was taken aback, in front of me is the most handsome face I have ever seen. His beauty is beyond comparison. I am blushing and my heart is beating so fast that I don't understand why, I never felt this way towards anyone. His penetrating and watchful stares, and deep seductive voice make myself alive and thrilled.

Looking at Nick and Hale now they are too simple looking compared to this man. He is taller than Nick by an inch or two inches.

    He has a very attractive personality, good sense of clothing, well-built, and sharp features. They say eyes are windows to the soul, his perfect azure eyes are as deep as the ocean and so beautiful that made my knees weak. Oh! My Goodness! Freda is right if this is Prince Flynn he really has it all.

   "Thank you, Prince Flynn." Hale said.

    "Don't mention it, so I guess this is the half blood your father is talking about, no wonder she has no manners at all." He said to them looking at me with contempt in his eyes. How dare he says that I have no manners.

   "Do me a favor Nicholas and Hale since you are friends with this girl kindly teach her proper etiquette, especially while eating and when she is in front of the royals. Suzanne is right, but I don't want to mingle with your personal affairs." He said and left without a single glance.

    I am dumbstruck, and so angry. I can feel it deep in my core. In a swift moment I felt I am carried away by Hale, then we are flying from dining area to our dormitory. Nick and Freda followed, I tried my very best to let go of his hold, but he is so strong. I keep on shouting to him.

    "Hale what is wrong with you? Please put me down!" I said, shouting and see the door of our dorm was opened by Hale's magic. It was closed by Freda and Nick, who are just behind us.

    "Thank, you Hale for your immediate action or else we will be in big trouble." Nick said relieved.

     I am so confused about what they are talking about, then it hit me, I can feel my wings. I am in shock when I looked in the mirror. The wings that I have seen in the Aeras kingdom during my training were gone now.

     My wings are new, it is so full of different colors, the upper part of my fore wings, a combination of the primary colors blue, yellow, and red, while the lower fore wings are mixture of secondary colors such as green, orange, and violet. The hues of my hind wings are composed of the six tertiary colors namely yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, and yellow-green, while the borders of my whole wings are all red.

    "Oh, no! I am so sorry, I did not know that this will happen, I am so sorry, I forgot about the warning of king Robert. I should have control my temper.

    "Hey! Mal, it is okay, it is not your fault, now we don't have any doubts about your identity, you are indeed the daughter of King Maverick, you surpassed your great-grandfather's magic. In history, he possessed only ten colors, you have twelve, it means you have more power." Freda said proudly at me.

"I need to go to call the Headmaster, please don't leave Malia alone." Said Hale and vanished into thin air. He must be in a hurry to use his magic.

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