15 My Colorful Wings

Hale came back together with headmaster Amos with two other faculty members. I was not able to conceal my wings back no matter what I do, I guess maybe because I am still exasperated at Prince Flynn.

"Malia! Can you tell me exactly what happened? This is too early to come out, I didn't expect that your splendid wings will come out too soon." The headmaster is scrutinizing my wings together with his colleagues.

    "By the way, these are your professors, Mr. Wilson in your history, and Ms. Barbara for your magic summoning subject, professors these are Prince Hale of Aeras, Prince Nicholas of Elpizo, and Malia the lost Princess of Erthesia land." Amos introduced us to our professors.

    They also look so young and friendly, they both nodded and smiled to us warmly. My perception is they are on our side the way they looked at me made my whole body relaxed.

    "I am so sorry, sir, I didn't know that my wings will appear the moment that self-centered prince insulted me." I said shyly.

    "Oh! So you meet prince Flynn? Believe me Malia, he is a good lad and a powerful one too, but I think you should not associate with him for the fact that he is the current crown prince, you are the actual heir of Erthesia Land, your existence alone is a threat to him."

      "This happened even you looked like a normal fairy to him what could've happened if he sees the true hues of your wings." The tone of headmaster's voice sounds unhappy.

    "Every time you feel angry or excited princess Malia, just control your wings, I know you are not used having these sumptuous wings. I will train you personally starting tomorrow after your last period." Professor Barbara said smiling at me. I didn't say anything, I just looked at her in the eyes and nod.

    "You really have splendid wings, all the colors are vigorous, when you were a child, I was called by your father, and he asked me to examine your wings, back then these wings had only six colors, now you possess twelve colors, maybe it started to add up one by one, when you were growing up." Headmaster said solemnly.

    "We can't let you roam around campus while your grand wings are on display. For sure, the students will adore and respect you for having these kinds of wings, but we need to be careful, the dark king and his followers are now on the move, we do not know which kingdom has been infiltrated by him."  Amos added still in bewilderment.

   Nick, Freda and Hale are just in the background listening, they are still marveling about my wings, All set of eyes are on me, like I am not normal at all. They looked at me like I am a piece of a puzzle that needed to be solved, and it feels like I am a gem that needed full security and protection.

     "Malia can you hide your wings back?" Amos asked me.

     "No, sir, I really tried how many times, but I just can't." I answered him in a frustrated way.

       He came closer to me, and put his right hand on my head and chant something that I don't understand yet the language is so familiar to me. I suddenly remember it was the same words King Robert chanted when I was in Aeras. I can see the bright light coming from the headmaster's hand, and I can feel the electricity travels to my whole body.

      I am glowing, and my wings vanish in an instant, I feel lightheaded and tired at the same time. Magic always makes me exhausted.

"Now you need to rest Malia, your first subject is with me, don't worry too much I will help you how to control your magic." Prof. Barbara said with assurance in her voice.

"Thank you all for your concern to me, I don't want to be a nuisance to everyone." I said dejectedly.

"Hey, child, you are not causing any inconvenience to us, you are new to this world that is all, we need you Malia. I am so relieved that Prince Hale was able to take you right away from the banquet hall, and your power unleashed here in the academy, and not in the human world, you rest now Malia, and boys I suggest you need to retire to your own rooms now to let the girls sleep." Said the headmaster.

They bid their farewells and then left vanishing in front of us, I am not yet accustomed to them disappearing suddenly, it is still bizarre to me.

"Malia and Freda have a good night sleep, we will now go back to our own rooms. See you tomorrow girls." Said Nick looking at me with yearning in his eyes.

"Good night girls, good night Mal." Hale said, looking at me compassionately, they left using the door without using magic that made me feel at ease.

    "Wow! It seems the two princes will have a competition sooner than later."

     "What you mean Freda?" I asked her trying to understand what she is talking about.

    "They are both captivated by you Mal, can't you feel it? The way they looked at you with desire in their eyes?" She said looking at me.

     I shake my head. "You are wrong Freda, they just want to protect me, and they ought to keep me safe at all times."

    She laughed, but I can see the sadness in her eyes.

    "What is wrong Freda? Can you tell me who among the two you like?" I asked her and it took her off guard.

    "What you mean by that Mal?" She looks surprised by my question.

    "Come on, don't be shy, I know there is someone you like between the two." I teased her.

  I see her face turned red then she smiled shyly at me. "Well, I like prince Hale since I was very young, he is my only crush ever since, during my training in the kingdom I became close to him, aside from being handsome he is very kind to all of us, he has a good relationship with the commoners, that is why he is being loved, by his people especially the young ones."

    "I admire his courage and his love for Erthesia Land, but I know where I stand Malia, I can only love him from a distance, and I can never be his girlfriend aside from the fact that I am only one of the warriors of his kingdom, I am definitely not his type. Every time my father brings me to the castle I am always excited to see him, even now I still feel the same way." Freda said, with a wishful look all over her face.

    "Don't give up Freda, you can have him, you are beautiful and very attractive, don't doubt your beauty." I tell her happily.

     "Hello! You are so forgetful, remember commoner can never be with any royals, besides I am out of his league, if only I have even half of your beauty maybe he will like me a little."

     "You are not ordinary, you are a warrior." I said still not convinced about fairy kingdom rules.

    "Warriors or soldiers are still considered servants of the royal family except for those who have been chosen to be the leader of the entire army, but mostly generals came from royal families." Freda told me in a sad manner.

     "I am still a servant Mal, always remember your world is so different from mine. I am just so glad that I was the one assigned to be your guardian or else I don't have any chance to know you personally much more to become your friend."

    "You will always be my only best friend Freda no matter where, either in this fairyland or in the mortal world, I will never look at you as a servant." I said seriously.

     "Thank you for your friendship Princess, but I think I am not allowed to be there for you when your time comes to reign, I will be in Aeras Kingdom to serve the royal family of our kingdom." She said smiling at me.

"Well, you leave me no choice, if ever that is going to happen, if I will become queen of all kingdoms, don't you think I can't request anything? I will appeal to the high council, or court to have you as my right hand, but I understand that you always wanted to be with Hale, so I will support your decision if you choose him over me in the future." I said seriously to her.

"Malia you are talking nonsense all right hands, must be of noble blood, but whatever you desire once you are crowned as the queen of all Erthesia Land you can have it." She said more frustrated with me than ever.

"Let us go to sleep now, or we will not be able to attend to our classes tomorrow." She said.

"You tell me before, we can still function perfectly even without sleep for months, so I think we don't really need to sleep at all."

"Yes! Malia but it only applies to me and to all fairies who have undergone training, for those who doesn't have experience like you, you will be like a zombie tomorrow. You will be able to do that if you finish your training here at the academy." She said confidently.

"Can I ask you one more question?"

"Shoot! Of course Princess you don't need permission to ask me anything, go ahead what do you want to know?

"Why do I look different here in fairy world? Why I suddenly become beautiful?" I asked modestly.

I was startled by Freda's laugh and I feel ashamed. "Malia why are you uncertain about your beauty? That is your true self, when you are in human world all you can see is the simplicity of your beauty because of the spell your father cast upon you, but the reality is people can see you as an enchantress."

    I was speechless, I can't believe that the face and body I see in the mirror actually belongs to me.

   "That is why Princess Suzane is so jealous of you, how can you transcend her beauty when you are only a common fairy, being a half blood means your beauty should be simple like mine." She said sheepishly to me.

    "Have you noticed the way Prince Flynn gaped at you? I can see it in his eyes even though he looked sickened about you being a half blood he can't deny his admiration of your beauty. All male population in this academy cannot deny the truth that your beauty is beyond perfection." She said with sincerity.

   "You only said that because, you are my best friend." I said to her, my whole face is blushing.

    "One of the reasons why you should believe me, because that what real friend's do, to tell the truth, even if hurts, if you still doubt my opinion about your true charm, ask Hale and Nick tomorrow, for sure their description of you will be more than mine, you are the belle of the academy Mal." She spoke slowly, then lies on her bed to sleep.

    "Thank you, Freda and have a good night sleep." I said to her, I am already lying in my comfortable bed, but sleep is still elusive. Freda is fast asleep already, I am still thinking about everything she told me.

    I can't stop thinking about Prince Flynn especially his perfect kissable lips, I must be crazy for thinking the person who offended me, but he really makes my young heart feels excited by just remembering his whole face, why he has to be so arrogant and hot at the same time.

Finally, I was able to sleep, but the worst part is Flynn visited me in my dreams, and I dreamt about him all night long kissing him hungrily.

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