25 His Real Feelings

    Freda thanked Flynn, then she walked ahead of us, I think she is giving me and Flynn enough space to talk. His silence is making me uncomfortable, he usually makes me feel bad every time we are near to each other, but tonight Flynn is in deep thought, once in a while his arm brushes mine that gives me a tingling sensation. It reminds me of our sweet encounter in the forest.

    "Malia, what happened to you today is very dangerous you could have died." He said with a sigh.

"Isn't it a good thing for you? I mean you hate me so much right? You played with my heart Flynn, I think it would be the best thing that can happen here in the academy, everybody will be so happy if I am gone." I said, feeling sad about the idea of me dying, and my disappearance will be their joy.

We are currently crossing the academy ground, when he halted suddenly, and he faced me with exasperated looked on his face. His masculine scent makes me more drawn to him. His face hardened with pain and anger.

    "Malia, I never wish you to die, and I won't allow you to be dead, when I kissed you during our examination, I guess you knew already what you mean to me, yet you kissed another boy in the hallway." He said, offended.

    "I can't blame you for having that kind of thoughts, I am so sorry Malia, I know I have been an idiot for hurting your feelings, for saying those unkind words to you, and for leaving you in the forest without telling you how I really feel, will you forgive me Malia? Can you give me another chance?" He said, while holding my hands looking hopeful.

My body goes on high alert, I feel as though I am in a dream, I can't believe when I heard he apologized to me, and he is asking me for another chance. His burning touch brings me to the edge. He came closer to me, our eyes met, a smile flashed across his face from beneath the shadows of his stylishly messy hair, and I am lost for words. He kissed me softly, unsure at first, then his kiss becomes demanding and aggressive, we kissed under the dark cold night.

He kissed me the way I wanted to be kissed, and then his tongue is in my mouth, it plunged and wiggled claiming my whole body and soul. It has the force to make me want for more. I came closer to Flynn, and he hugged me tightly without breaking our kiss.

   He continued kissing my lips in slow rhythm, he gently fondled and caressed my lips. I grumbled due to the desire burning within me, I became so powerless under his spell, I only want one thing at the moment, I long that the night would never end.

We were both panting after our mind-blowing kisses, when I lifted my head, I found Flynn looking at me with wonder. He is grinning at me wildly, and embracing me steadily.

"What?" I asked him, not able to keep my own gratification. I smile like I never smiled before, I feel like I am floating above the ground.

    "Nothing, It's just I never feel this kind of excitement before, you make me feel so alive and contented Malia. Based on your response to my kisses I concluded, that you are willing to give me another chance right?" He asked me self-assured.

    "I think I need another round of that kiss of yours before I can finally say that you are forgiven." I heard, he chuckled, but he obeyed my request, he kissed me again passionately long enough to make me breathless, I put my head on his chest, then he enveloped me with his muscular arms and body. He keeps kissing my forehead and my ears that made me giggled, then he nuzzled my hair, I never experience this kind of euphoria.

     "Yes! I do Flynn, I want to start over. How can I say no to you Flynn? You make me so addicted to the taste of your lips." He smiled widely when I looked up to him, and I can see the happiness all over his face.

Freda is no longer in sight, Flynn sits on the grass, and he pulled me to sit beside him, he gently put my head on his shoulder. He keeps on giving me butterfly kisses on my hand. We went silent for a long time before I have the courage to talk to him.

"Prince Flynn are you sure about this? I mean you will be laughed at if you will be seen with me, and worst be executed by the council."

"I am the crown prince of Erthesia Malia, I think my own father won't allow me to die, but one thing is for sure I am now willing to die just to be with you, Nick made me realized what a weakling I have been, I don't want to be that kind of person anymore. I promise you, I will do everything to keep you safe, I won't allow them to execute you." He said looking at a distance.

    "Wow! I didn't expect you to be this romantic, do you think I will let anything happened to you because of me? I am not scared to die with you, but I am not that selfish Flynn, you are the crown prince of Erthesia, the whole fairy land is looking up to you. We know that it is impossible for us to be together." I said feeling weaker than ever. I hate lying specially to the people I care about, but how can I tell Flynn my real identity.

    "I am not the right one for you Prince Flynn, besides, I know that your engagement will be announced within this year." I closed my eyes and let my tears cascade on my cheeks.

"Malia, please don't cry, I can't do anything about the engagement it must be done, but I can assure you, I will do anything just to be with you. I never fancy Avery, this is the first time I feel this way. You are the only one who made me realized that I am capable of falling in love." He said wiping my tears away.

    "I have never been so afraid in my entire life, until now, when Hale told me about what happened to you at Kentro today, I am so scared of losing you Malia. I will be gone for how many days, I need to ask my father to tighten the security of all kingdoms, that person is connected to the Dark King, it seems he wants to bring you into Skotadi Kingdom. It made me more confused, what they want from you? They will not rest until you will be captured."

    "Please, Malia be extra careful when I am away, and if you have time to talk to your animal friends in the magical forest, please spend time with them, they know many things." He said, pleading at me. I touched his face and give him a quick kiss on the lips.

     "Don't worry Flynn, I am safe here at the academy, my friends will protect me." I said to him reassuringly.

    "I know that they will be there for you, but please don't let Nick kiss you again, even if I know he did it on purpose, it still made me so angry. I will beat him, if he will do that again." He said jealously.

     "Don't worry Flynn, they already know how I feel about you."

     "Well, that's good news then, at least they know where I stand in your life." He said arrogantly.

    "Hey! Don't let it get into your head, they still hate you for hurting my feelings."

    "I know Malia, that is why I will do penance by apologizing to them tomorrow. It is unusual for me to say sorry Malia, I am doing all this for you." He said giving me his killer smile.

    "Freda might think that I kidnapped you, even though I covet to be with you until the sun rises again, we have to get going now Malia." He said still wearing his perfect smile. Flynn is good with words.

     We stand up together, and walk to our dorm room, he put his arm on my shoulders while nibbling my ear. It gives me goosebumps, and it causes all my doubts gone for the time being.

I hardly sleep at all, I keep reminiscing his touch and his kisses. I can no longer deny it myself, I am helplessly falling in love with the Erthesia's prodigy.

     One week has been gone, and Flynn hasn't come back yet from the palace. I miss him terribly, for the whole week I spend most of my time within the jungle.

    "Hey Malia! It seems your heart now is more than okay, but you miss Flynn so much." Said Serpentina

     "Yes! I do." I said, looking lost in the beauty surrounding me, now that the examination was over the magical forest real beauty is within my grasp. "You have a wonderful home Serpentina, I have been wanting to stay here forever, I will never get tired of this serenity." I said lying on the ground next to the serpent, I am touching her scales, I am no longer afraid of them, Roz and Ezeki are also on the ground, listening in the background, but once in a while they interact with our conversation.

      "As long as we are around Malia, you can stay here whenever you want, but this forest is dangerous, without us you will be lost and be eaten by other beasts living within in this habitat." Said Roz in a strong yet calm voice.

    "The forest have two sides Princess, the deity who has been protecting this side is almost tired, but no need to worry the Deity is a powerful one. The forbidden part is under now the dark king's order, they are trying their best to eliminate the goddess to have access to the academy." Explained Ezeki.

"That is why all of us, including Headmaster Amos and some of your teachers are taking turns on patrolling the border now and then." Said Serpentina.

     "Wow! Nobody told me about that."

     "Of course, not all students have known about the other side, except the members of the guild, and the princes and princesses of Erthesia's Kingdoms, to avoid chaos. We are telling you this because you are the hope of Erthesia, when the right time comes you will be helping us to defeat the dark forces." Serpentina said while looking at me full of hope.

I learned a lot of things from them, they helped me develop my own power. I know how to use telepathy. Serpentina is full of knowledge she is my mentor for my mental power, while Roz taught me my combat skills, on the other hand Ezeki is responsible for my strength and stamina development. I never felt so ready now. I am now ready to face Flynn with our face to face combat.

     After Suzanne's attacked Mr. Knight allowed me to take time to slowly practice with Nick, Hale and Freda, before he paired me to my other classmates, according to him I am half fairy after all, that is why for how many months I evaded the chance to duel with Flynn.

    At this time, I have been partnered for almost all of them, except for Princess Avery and Flynn. I am looking forward to being matched to the popular fairies of the whole academy. Avery's combat skills are exceptional, and needless to say Flynn is the most powerful one among all of us.

   "Thank you guys for helping me intensify my power, without your help I will not be this ready to face Avery and Flynn." I thanked and bowed to them.

     "Princess Malia, don't bow to us ever again, that is improper, we should be the one bowing to you, I think I also need to teach you the customary code of conducts among the royals. Therefore, our training is not yet over Malia, come back here tomorrow same time, and same place." Serpentina said while the two beasts chortled at me. They laughed because I am still lacking of royal behavior within me.

    "Watch out the two of you, once I learned the proper way to conduct myself, you will not be laughing at all." I said pretending to be hurt by them.

    "I am Sorry Princess Malia, we are just amused with you, it doesn't mean we look down on you, your beauty and power is enough for you to gain our trust and unending loyalty." Said Roz in regretful manner.

     I simpered and said goodbye to them, and teleported back to our own room.

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