21 First Kiss

   I am crying and moaning in agony, I think I will die from the excruciating pain, that they do to me and the agitation I felt was consuming my whole body. I am incapable of moving my hands and legs due to the damage they have done, I think all my bones are broken now, I need to be strong for Freda, I can't forgive myself if something happened to my best friend, I am still on the ground enduring the throbbing of my entire body.

"Malia! What happened to you?" Asked Prince Flynn in bothered yet calm tone.

I think I lost my ability to speak, I just stared at him while my tears continue flowing on my cheeks. He moved swiftly, and I can sense him examining my entire body. Then I feel his feather light touch in my forehead, instantaneously I feel a tingling warm sensation traveling from my head to toe, and I can now freely move my hands and legs.

     "I think you are fine now." He said looking at me with concern written all over his face. I am still in awe, I can't believe Flynn is the one who helped me. Why did he come to aid me? He should have been happy looking at me in my suffering, but from what I have seen in his eyes, I can see the pity and sadness.

    He holds my arms and assists me to stand, He is a healer too, all the soreness that I experienced vanish instantly after his magical healing power get inside my system. Now, all I feel is a different sensation from his passionate gaze, I feel the flow of electricity coming from his touch. I looked up into him, since he is towering over me. He has a perfect height, and I can't help myself from looking at his ideal lips, that made me unconsciously bite my lower lip.

    Now that Flynn is standing so near, the memory of my dreams kissing him came crushing down on me. I want to kiss his lips, and to finally experience what it really feels like to be captured by his perfect mouth. My heart flutters with anticipation and nervousness, and as if Flynn heard my thoughts, he pushed me, until my back is on the tree trunk, and he moved his body so close to me, then I felt like my entire body softened by his nearness.

    Flynn smells so good, he slowly touched my face, and then he kissed me hungrily, and passionately. I am lost in space, I feel myself glow when his warm lips brushed mine. I could feel his sweet breath, his lips taste so sweet, then all the hatred I felt for him gone away with just one kiss.

I don't know where this will lead us, I will just worry tomorrow, what is important is now that I am in his warm embrace. I have been longing for this very moment to be kissed by the crown prince of Erthesia, I kissed him back fervently, long and sweet.

    I heard him moan, and he pulled me closer to him, he put his left hand in my head while the other is on my waist, he deepened our kiss and it became wild and steamy. He toyed with my tongue and lips, I was taken a back of the new sensation I felt.

    I follow his lead and played his tongue with mine. It felt so intimate, I can feel him ignited with passion. I feel elated, I don't know how long we have been making out, yet I still want more of his kisses, but suddenly Flynn stopped and look at me with horror in his eyes, then he fly away from me without saying goodbye.

He left me standing in the middle of nowhere, shocked and humiliated. I can still savor his lips even he is long gone now. I don't know how long I am standing there recollecting what had happened between me and Flynn.

I am glad that he is my first kissed, but I can't decipher the looked on his face before he soared away from me. He healed me, then he kissed me, and left with terror in his face. Am I that bad for him that he feels disgusted after kissing me? I can still feel his lingering kiss on my sore lips.

    I have to set aside my messy feelings for Flynn for the time being. I need to complete the task or else I would fail, I am glad he healed me, or else I am still on the ground creeping with pain. Though, he is a jerk, I need to thank him later. I am still grateful for what he had done to me, especially his kiss, actually it made me more alive and kicking, but every time I remember his face after kissing me, it made me despondent.

     After how many minutes succeeding the disappearance of Flynn, the thick mists returned. I concentrated on calling my powers within myself. "Clear the fog, please." I uttered quietly. Then suddenly the mists were gone. I am happy with my small achievement, and I glided under the trees. I don't want to soar high, I am still scared of what will happen if I can't control my flight.

I am disappointed and glad at the same time because I haven't encountered any insects or wild animals yet, suddenly I heard some hissing behind my back. I am not familiar with animals, but even though I don't have any interaction with them, I know completely from the sound of the earthly creature behind me, I need to face it no matter what.

I screamed when I am eye to eye with a white giant snake. Its fang is on me, It has a body of a log, I backtracked, but it comes to me in rapid motion, I tried to fly but it is in vain, the creature can move quickly. The giant snake coiled my whole body, and I became wilted at once. Suddenly, I can overhear someone calling my name.

"Malia, please fight back." I heard the voice again telling me to fight, when I opened my eyes I haven't seen anyone. I am so drained already. "Release me now." I said to the snake in a weak voice, unexpectedly the snake loosened its body, and I am able to breathe again.

"I don't intend to hurt you princess, I am sorry, but you can bring me now to the academy. I am at your service." Again, I heard another magical voice, and my mind is going crazy.

"Who are you?" I asked around me.

"Nothing to fear Malia, it is me. I am Serpentina." I looked at the snake and laughed at myself for not able to comprehend straight away that it was the snake who talked to me. Serpentina's body turned into normal, the moment I asked her to release me, her body shrinks and became small enough for me to carry her.

"You are not going to hurt me?" I questioned her.

"Of course, I won't, you are the Princess of Erthesia." the snake said.

"How did you know?"

"I am a magical creature Malia, we can see the real you, but we are not allowed to tell anyone about it, only if we want to die." Serpentina said.

"You mean if ever you notify any fairy about my identity you will perish?"

"Yes! Indeed, all creatures here don't have a death wish. No need to worry." The snake said flying beside me.

"You can fly?" I am amused seeing the white snake fly.

"Of course, we can." The serpent said proudly. I just nod at her and continue flying.

"Wow! This is great, a talking and flying snake. I am really in the fairyland or else I will lose my mind." I said to myself. I heard Serpentina laughed.

"Serpentina? Would it be alright with you if I will look for another animal or insects? No offense, but I am not so fan of your kind." I said to her shyly.

"None taken Princess, besides you are allowed as many as you can. You are my master now." The white snake said calmly.

I continue looking for other species, while the white snake is flying next to me. It did not take long when we run into another giant animal, once again, my fear overcome my senses, however I am fortunate enough to have met Serpentina. She was the one who guide me on how to tame the lion stood before me, roaring wildly, and he is on his stance ready to attack me.

    "Don't be fearful Princess, just focus on releasing your power, just command him, and he will listen to you." She said to me through telepathy, and I am astounded to discover another ability of myself. I never expected any of this to happen, never in my wildest imagination that I will be able to hear, nor communicate to anyone specially an animal without speaking, by only using my mind.

I extended my right hand, and opened my palm, I can feel my power surging, and beautiful different lights came into sight. "Listen to me, follow me and don't hurt me." I commanded the Lion. His tremendous growl ceased abruptly after I ordered him to listen to me. He bowed down his head and kneeled before me.

    "I am now yours, Princess. I will be at your mercy." The lion said to me still bowing his head. I wanted to look for another animal, because I don't like a lion to be my pet too, but I am afraid to encounter another one that I might also despise. I am not a pet lover how much more to have a company of a snake and a lion. This is getting worse than I expected.

    "You may stand now! May I know your name?" I asked the beast.

    "You can call me Roz." He said proudly.

     "Wow! You've got a nice name." I said, wondering who gave them their names.

"Guys, can you stay behind me, please pardon my rudeness, I am not an avid fan of animals of any kinds. My parents in the mortal world keep me away from any types of animals that is why I am still having goosebumps seeing you in person." I said honestly. They both moved to my back without complaint.

"Thank you so much for your cooperation." I thanked them sincerely.

"You are welcome Princess." They reply simultaneously.

"We need to hurry princess, I think you only have thirty minutes left." Said Roz. "We are going to fly, do you think you can keep up with us Roz?" I asked him hesitantly. "You don't need to worry princess, I can keep pace with you, I am even faster than you." The lion uttered.

Before I can spread my wings another creature take shape, and for the first time I am glad because it is a horse, but a black horse, and he is ready to ambush me. He looked so agitated and neighing fiercely. I automatically order him to obey my command, and follow my lead. We are running out of time.

     The black horse makes a bow and said. "My name is Ezeki, I am at your service Princess." For the first time I am relieved to have a normal animal on my side, and asked him if could ride him.

     "My pleasure Princess." Since he is a tall horse I use my wings to be able to ride at his back, but I almost fell when he takes off and fly above the outskirts of the forest and go into the direction of the academy. I was speechless, and at least that he has wings too, I can feel Serpentina riding Ezeki at the back, but she keeps her distance from me. I feel a little guilty about what I said to them earlier, I hope they are not offended.

    When I looked down on the plains below, I can see Roz is running at remarkable speed. He can keep up indeed. Even in human world lion is known to be the king of the jungle how much more here, when he is a magical creature. He has an enormous body like Ezeki, and a speed of a lightning. I enjoyed watching Roz rushing towards the academy.

     I am still in my amazement state, I couldn't believe myself to be friends with these sorts of animals. At first, I was afraid of them, but now I am overwhelmed with happiness to be able to know them. We were instructed by Professor Knight to go directly to the academy ground once we return with our chosen beasts.

From above, I can see my classmates with their new buddies, and for the first time in my entire stay in this academy I feel excited to meet them, and show them my new-found friends, and for the time being, I am trying to forget, what happened between me and Flynn inside the magical forest, but I know I won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about him, and my real first kiss.

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