16 First Day of Class

   When I wake up the sun is beaming through the window of our room, I am still lying-down in my bed and feels so drowsy recalling my dream of kissing Prince Flynn with so much passion and hunger. I am wondering why on earth I was dreaming about him, it seems I had been waiting for him for so long.

   I hate myself for remembering his touch, the sweet taste of his lips, I felt like I already experienced my first kiss and it was with him, maybe it is because I still hate the prince that is why in my dreams I was kissing him. They said that dream is the exact opposite of reality. I detest myself for liking everything that happened in my dreams.

    I have risen from bed and go to the bathroom to take a bath, and I am hopeful that the present fondness I feel for the Prince will be gone after I refresh myself.

   I am surprised to see all the clothes and shoes King Robert prepared for me, all the dresses were beautifully made, there are for cocktail attire, evening gowns, ball gowns, formal dresses, semi- formal, and all were custom-made from the best fabric. All the shoes in the shoe cabinet are in different styles and colors.

   I am still in awe, when Freda stands beside me. "Whoa!! Your gowns are beautiful! Queen Halena's expertise is choosing beautiful gowns and dresses, every gathering held in the Aeras Kingdom the queen always wear gowns with the highest quality and elegance.

   "Why there are a lot of gowns and dresses Freda?" I asked her with confusion in my voice.

"Because here in Erthesia, women should wear dresses and gowns, there are a lot of occasions here in the academy that you will need these dresses. We are no longer in human world Malia, you can't wear your pants and T-shirt here, besides it was the only pair you have, you don't want to be humiliated again in front of the fairies right?" She asked me and I nod my head.

"Of course, you know me Fred, I don't want to be the center of attention, if I need to attend those balls, then I don't have a choice." I said, annoyed I am not used of wearing dresses, I love pants, shorts, tee shirts and blouses.

"Malia you will look stunning whatever you choose because you are tall, having a height of five feet seven inches is tall for a girl here in fairyland. You should be thankful you have the height and perfect hour-glass body figure." She said looking at me.

I took my uniform from the closet, I wore the black and white pleated high waist mini skirt with a blazer, while the white inner blouse has long sleeves, and I paired it with black shiny shoes. Freda is already wearing her complete school uniform, and she looks more fairy to me now that her hair is adorned with a headdress made of fresh flowers. I let my long shiny straight hair cascaded on my back.

"You are beautiful Freda, the uniform suits you perfectly."

"Thank you, Princess, you too, we better get going now so that we can choose a chair far away from the center." Freda said.

We get out of our door room, and we go to the staircase, according to Freda here in the academy we should act like normal students like in the mortal world. Magic is not prohibited, but as possible, we should use our legs in going to our classes so that peace and order will be observed.

The school ground is now packed with fairies, the boys are wearing formal clothing, black trousers with white long sleeves with blazers too and neck ties matched with black shoes. It looks like I am back in human world again, except for the fact that the population here is composed of good-looking individuals.

We arrived early in our classroom, no one is around yet. Freda and I chose the far end chairs. The fairies came from a group of two to three persons, perhaps they are also roommates. I am scanning my book of Magic Summoning Level 1, when I heard greetings and commotion among my classmates. I lifted my head to see the source of their sudden uproar, I never expected to find Prince Flynn in front of me frowning.

   "Good morning Your Royal Highness." Freda greets the prince with fervor, she is standing beside me now and poking my left arm. "What?" I asked her irritated.

"Well, I thought I made it clear last night that you should learn the proper demeanor half blood? Are you really that stupid? Or just very slow in catching up since you don't belong here, fairies were born intelligent, but you really disappoint me." Prince Flynn said all those offensive words to me indignantly, he is glaring at me like a laser beam.

Everyone is laughing at me, I can see them out of the corner of my eyes that they are whispering, and looking at me with distaste in their eyes. I released a long sigh, and I control myself like the way the Headmaster told me the other night, I want to let out my vexation towards him, but I needed to keep calm or else the whole class will be aware of my true identity.

"Sorry, I don't understand what you mean? I don't even know you, how could you judge me without even knowing me?" I asked, looking through his hypnotic gaze without blinking my own eyes. All the fairies gasped the moment I insulted their prince, I am trying my very best to maintain my composure. I smiled at him seductively that made him uncomfortable, and I can see his face turning red out of anger, or from something else that he had seen in me.

   "Oh! My goodness! You don't know who he is? He is Prince Flynn Vermilion, the Crown Prince of Erthesia Land, you should show some respect and must observe a code of etiquette when you are in front of a royal." Princess Suzanne said with confidence, she stood beside Flynn who is completely ignoring her, while he is still looking at me with contempt.

   "We are not done yet, whoever you are, I will make it sure that you will go back from where you come from. Your kind is not welcome here, how could the headmaster allow this abomination. Your presence here is a disgrace of the academy's reputation." He then turned his heels in a dignified manner and go back to his seat in front of the class. The whole class looked at Prince Flynn with admiration in their eyes.

   I don't know how long I can keep my anger deep inside me, but I am so thankful that I was able to survive his insults. I was hurt, but I need to be strong to stay in this academy to show everyone that they are all wrong about me, I respect his father for his loyalty to my own father, but not him, he is an arrogant bastard and a jerk, yet he makes my heart hyperventilate and my knees go weak.

Professor Barbara came into the classroom with a well-disposed expression on her face.

"Good morning class, I am professor Barbara and I will be your educator for Magic Summoning level 1 subject. I will be here to help you develop your inborn power or acquired powers. Some fairies possess the ability of acquiring magic growing up, but it is very rare." Said Professor Barbara.

"In fact, there are only five people in fairy land history who were able to acquire magic by enhancing it, through total concentration not because of the colors of their wings.

    "They are called the GF or the Gifted Fairies. They were and three of them are still the most powerful fairies alive within Erthesia. If you read your books in advance, or you study this at home, for sure you know who they are. Anyone who knows the GF?" She asked, looking at the whole class.

    Princess Suzanne raised her right hand, and someone from the middle of the class, since I am seated at the back, I was not able to see her whole face clearly only the side view, but she is more beautiful than Suzanne.

    "Okay! Let us hear from Princess Avery." Professor Barbara called her name, and she stands up with grace, she has the most angelic voice I have ever heard, while on the other hand Suzanne scowls at Princess Avery. I guess she doesn't like her at all, she is her greatest competition for the attention of the mighty prince.

   "King Mirrick who had died a hundred years ago, and known to be the most powerful fairy of all time because of the numerous colors of his wings, according to our history no one has ever surpassed his magic until now, his son King Maverick whose death is still in question until now his body is not yet recovered. King Trelos of the dark kingdom, our current ruler of Erthesia Land King Cassian, and Headmaster Amos." She answered calmly.

    "Very good! Avery, thank you and you may now go back to your seat." Prof. Barbara smiled at her.

    I am so proud of my great-grandfather and my own father for being so powerful, but sad at the same time, I have to look for my parents no matter how difficult it can be. How I wish I had been raised here so that I can continue their legacy. Professor Barbara called me to stay behind after she dismissed our class.

     "How was your first day Malia?" She asked me with concern in her voice.

     "Thank you professor, it is great actually, I am having fun learning the history of fairy magic." I honestly told her how I feel, but I never mentioned the way other students treated me specially Flynn. I don't want her to think I am weak.

    She reminds me of our tutorial later in the afternoon, then she let me go so that I will not be late for my next class, I staggered to see both Nick and Hale waiting for me outside the classroom, both look so attractive with their uniforms, for me they both ranked number two for having good looks in the entire academy.

    What am I thinking? So, my number one bet is no other than the conceited Prince Flynn? I can't believe myself for being so irrational, no matter how hurtful his words to me, I can't contradict the fact that he is so handsome.

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