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A soul with knowledge about Marvel and different anime reincarnates in Marvel (MCU) some decades before the battle of New York with the abilities of a certain vampire. This is a cross between MCU x Strike the Blood. There will be chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, occasionally also on Sundays. ----- if you like you can support me on patreon.com/Fast_Reader There are 10 advanced chapters

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Chapter 233

Hela returned to her room after dinner with Damian's family.

Sitting on the bed, she couldn't help but recall the moments she spent with Damian. Unbeknownst to herself, a hint of blush appeared on her face.

In the end, she just shook her head. With an experience so new and stimulating, she really wanted to continue and explore further.

At that moment, the door opened and Amelia entered with a smile.

"Master, how was your fight? Did you enjoy it?" Amelia asked, smiling and sitting down forcefully next to Hela.

"Hm, I enjoyed it a lot," Hela said, nodding and inevitably from her mouth came out a sensual voice, slightly curving her lips into a smile.

Amelia seemed to turn into an ice sculpture upon hearing her master speak in that manner.

"Master, did King Damian hit you too hard?" Amelia asked jokingly but with concern in her eyes.

"In fact, he did hit me quite hard," Hela said, chuckling.

Amelia's eyes almost welled up with tears as she wondered if her master had suffered a brain injury.

A slight smile was the most she showed; she had never heard a laugh like that before.


Damian got up early the next day before heading to his tower for a brief meditation session.

Although progress on his magic circle was slow, if he didn't do it regularly, he would never finish.

He could also stop sleeping entirely and dedicate himself completely to meditation, but he wasn't in such a desperate situation.

A familiar magical pulse indicated that it was time for breakfast, so he stood up and walked to the dining room.

Everyone was already there, so they wasted no time and started eating.

Everything was normal, and the only thing Damian could highlight was that Amelia gave him a few more glances than usual.

He idly wondered if Hela had told her or if she suspected something. It didn't really matter, though.

After breakfast, everyone began to disperse to do their own things.

Wanda also got up from her seat and approached Damian, who had also stood up.

"Can you teach me now?" Wanda asked, looking at Damian.

"Sure," Damian said, nodding with a smile.

"Let's go to the garden; we'll be more comfortable there, and it's a quiet place," Damian said, taking into account Cortana's words. It was better to teach her in an open place where she felt comfortable and safe.

"Okay," Wanda said, clearly liking the choice.

The two walked to the garden, and Damian casually created a large tent with a padded space in the center.

Wanda's eyes widened in surprise at that display of power; it literally appeared out of nowhere. If Damian had transmuted the ground to form the tent, she wouldn't have been surprised since she could do that too, but she felt no magic in what he did.

"Come, sit," Damian said, sitting down first and gesturing with his hand in front of him.

Wanda nodded distractedly before sitting down a meter away from Damian. In the end, she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed because while she was distracted, she sat a bit far.

Damian couldn't help but think she was a bit far away, but in the end, he said nothing.

"How about you start by showing me your magic circle?" Damian said, smiling at her.

Wanda nodded slightly before instigating her magic, making a crimson magic circle appear in her hand.

"Do you mind if I take a closer look?" Damian asked, realizing why Cortana warned him to be careful. Normally, he would have taken her hand directly and observed it closely.

"Go ahead," Wanda said, extending her hand to Damian.

Damian leaned in and saw the complex runes; there was nothing wrong, and they were condensed runes made for humans.

But her magic circle was just as strong as those of his family at the same level.

Damian also immediately noticed the cause of this: the runes were made with energy superior to magic, and individually, each rune was stronger than even the runes in his magic circles.

The difference was that his magic circles had many more runes, so in the end, they could match.

Although he expected Wanda to have a lot of potential, he was really amazed thinking about the possibilities. She could truly become very powerful.

If he taught her the magic circle made for vampires, which was much more complex, Wanda theoretically could become a mage more powerful than him.

Still, Damian didn't feel wary about it; his confidence never came from his magic. Besides... he created the magic circle system, so of course, he has an emergency backdoor.

"In reality, your magic circle is a weakened version made for humans. Not everyone is like you, which is why it was so easy for you to create them," Damian said, surprising Wanda.

Damian extended his hand and created a magic circle somewhat similar to Wanda's.

"This was the third magic circle I created. If you notice carefully, it has almost three times the number of runes as your magic circle. For a human, it's very difficult to create such small and detailed runes in one go," Damian explained.

Wanda nodded slightly as she looked at her magic circle and Damian's.

"That's why I created a weakened magic circle that humans could use. Of course, not everyone can do it, as you've noticed, it's still very difficult," Damian said.

"Why give power to humans?" Wanda asked. Normally, people would be wary of others getting stronger, wanting only themselves to be the strongest—she experienced it firsthand.

"That's a secret," Damian said, smiling slightly.

"Now, I have two options for you: I'll teach you the rest of the magic circles for humans, or we'll destroy your current magic circles without harming you so you can create magic circles like mine," Damian changed the topic, looking at her.

Wanda's eyes widened in surprise as she inevitably thought of a person she didn't want to think about.

Feeling her strength rapidly increasing, her previous teacher refused to teach her out of fear, but here was Damian, telling her that he wanted to teach her an even stronger version.

If her magic also applied to that type of magic circle, her magic could be even stronger than Damian's at the same level.

But still, he gave her the option to learn it.

Her feelings became chaotic, and she looked at Damian in an inexplicable way. She wanted to ask him to teach her the upgraded version, but she was a little embarrassed to ask.

Although she knew this was an opportunity that perhaps only she could have due to her Scarlet Witch condition, she knew it was something that Damian definitely wouldn't be as generous with as the method for humans.

Her mind immediately raced with possibilities, but in the end, she just looked at Damian hesitantly before speaking.

"What do I have to give in return?" Wanda asked, looking at him.

Damian looked at Wanda, who seemed to believe that everything was too good to be true.

He couldn't help but think for a moment before coming up with a good idea that would surely ease her doubts.

"How about you join Madripoor for a minimum of 10 years? Afterward, you can decide to leave if you wish," Damian said, looking at her.

"10 years?" Wanda asked, more to herself as she thought.

It's almost half of the life she has lived, but she also knows that her own life is incredibly long; 10 years seemed very little considering the value of the knowledge they were going to give her.

She couldn't help but suspect that Damian just chose a random amount of time to appease her.

"100 years," Wanda said, unsure if that amount of time could compensate for the knowledge gained, yet she didn't feel comfortable receiving something at such a low price.

"Deal," Damian said, nodding and looking at her a bit strangely, but in the end, the goal was achieved.

"How will you eliminate the magic circles I already created?" Wanda asked Damian, unable to think of how such a thing could be done.

"We'll solve that now; we'll go somewhere else," Damian said, making both of them appear in a completely white room.

This room had been created on the spot by Damian and was right next to the pillar with the Infinity Stones.

"This room is special and has the ability to alter reality," Damian explained as a small pillar with a glass sphere rose from the floor between them.

The glass sphere was at the level of their abdomen, and inside the sphere, there seemed to be a crimson substance moving slowly.

Wanda was a bit confused at first by the change of location, but upon hearing Damian's words, she quickly snapped out of it.

"When I tell you, put your hand on the sphere and imagine what you want to alter. You must concentrate, and think about your body before creating your first magic circle," Damian said seriously.

"If your mind wanders, perhaps the color blue will start turning yellow from that day on."

"Isn't this almost like a wish machine?" Wanda said incredulously as she looked at the sphere.

"You could also consider it that way; just don't destroy the world, please," Damian joked.

"Is it possible to revive someone with this?" Wanda suddenly asked with some melancholy in her eyes.

"You could perfectly recreate a person's body, but it wouldn't have a soul," Damian said. As far as he knew, the souls of all the dead were stored in the Soul Stone, of course, there were exceptions like Asgard or some other place where something similar happened.

"I understand," Wanda said, nodding. She wanted to be clear about this matter so her mind wouldn't wander and think about reviving her parents.

"Are you ready?" Damian asked, looking at her.

"I'm ready," Wanda said after taking a deep breath.

Damian nodded and acted as a catalyst so Wanda could use the stone without any problems.

"Put your hand on the sphere," Damian said.

Wanda extended her hand over the sphere and immediately focused, putting all her intention into returning her body to how it was before creating her magic circles.

This had an almost immediate effect, and her magic circles began to blur before only a large crimson mist remained in their place.

Wanda withdrew her hand and almost stumbled, feeling that her body was not the same as before; it had become weaker.

"It seems everything went well," Damian said, nodding slightly.

"I guess," Wanda said, not feeling well; she felt everything spinning. Suddenly her vision darkened, and she started to fall to the ground.

Damian immediately appeared next to her and supported her back with a concerned expression.

Quickly checking the situation in her body, he noticed that everything was in order and that it was just a minor side effect.

Knowing that she wouldn't wake up soon, he sent her directly to her room to rest.

As Wanda disappeared from the place, the room also dissipated, leaving the familiar space of Cortana where she usually worked or did her things.

Damian shook his head before appearing in his tower and starting to meditate. He had hoped to finish teaching Wanda right away, but it seems that won't be possible; he'll have to wait until she wakes up.

Several hours passed while Damian meditated when he felt Wanda waking up; he had kept his senses around her.

Stopping his meditation, Damian appeared outside her room and knocked on the door.

"Wanda, it's me, are you ready to continue?" Damian asked before Wanda could respond.

"I'm ready," Wanda said after a few moments of silence as she tried to orient herself.

The absence of her magic circles made her understand that it wasn't a dream, and she guessed she had fainted.

Wanda quickly opened the door and saw Damian; she always felt a flutter in her stomach when she saw his eyes fixed on her.

"Then let's go," Damian said, nodding, making both of them appear again in the garden, sitting.

Wanda's eyes blinked a few times, disoriented before recovering. She wasn't really used to these sudden scene changes.

"To make it easier and faster for you, I'll transmit the shape of the first magic circle to your mind," Damian said, extending his finger and sending a small light to Wanda's forehead.

Wanda's mind was immediately filled with information about the magic circle.

Analyzing the information, Wanda noticed that the magic circle was really similar to the previous one, only it had many more runes, and some were quite complex.

"Do you have it?" Damian asked, looking at her.

"Yes," Wanda said, nodding.

"Good, then just practice as you like; the first one should be quite quick, but as the number of magic circles increases, so does the difficulty," Damian said.

"What magic circle are you creating?" Wanda asked curiously.

"The sixth magic circle," Damian said, smiling at her.

Wanda nodded slightly, impressed but also expecting it considering it was Damian.

"By the way, it might take me more than a year to finish creating it," Damian said, laughing a little.

Wanda's eyes widened in surprise; as far as she knew, one couldn't stop halfway, and she couldn't imagine meditating for more than a year.

"For now, just focus on creating your first magic circle," Damian said, smiling amusedly at her expression.

Wanda put on a small pout seeing him laugh before closing her eyes and starting to create her first magic circle for the second time.

The days passed with Damian teaching Wanda and sneaking off with Hela to ''fight''. In an instant, a month had passed.


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