Primogenitor in Marvel

A soul with knowledge about Marvel and different anime reincarnates in Marvel (MCU) some decades before the battle of New York with the abilities of a certain vampire. This is a cross between MCU x Strike the Blood. There will be chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, occasionally also on Sundays. ----- if you like you can support me on patreon.com/Fast_Reader There are 10 advanced chapters

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Chapter 199

Ana was sitting inside the tub, her neck resting against the edge, eyes closed, only listening to the sound of Emma playing in the water.

Emma was playing with her magic, making the water take all sorts of random shapes.

She wasn't very good at controlling it and had only recently learned to extract magic from her body.

Turning to look at her mother, she saw Ana with open eyes watching her.

Emma gave her a sweet smile before swimming towards her and hugging her neck.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Ana said, smiling before kissing her daughter's head.

"Nothing, I love you," Emma said, looking at her.

Ana's expression softened like never before as she caressed her daughter's head.

"I love you more," Ana said, smiling.

"Mama, when I grow up, can I marry daddy?" Emma asked, pulling away and looking at her mother, she remembered talking about it briefly with Alice and Ivy, she was a little curious since Ivy seemed upset that her father had told her not to.

"If you're as mature as I am and think like that, and you manage to convince him, I'm sure you can," Ana said, stroking her head without really caring.

Unlike the rest of her family, she was much more relaxed about such things, so instead of making a fuss she would just tell her the truth.

"Hm," Emma nodded with a slight smile.

"Are you happy at school?" Ana asked, looking at her daughter lying on her chest, satisfied that she didn't react strangely, it seemed to be just a leading question.

"Hm, I made several friends after a bit of effort," Emma said.

"Making real friends is very difficult, but it's okay. You don't have to worry because you'll always have your sisters," Ana said, stroking her little head.

"Hm, I wonder when I'll have more sisters or maybe a brother this time?" Emma said with a cute smile.

"Soon you'll have a sibling, although I don't know if it's a girl or a boy," Ana said, smiling.

"Really?" Emma said, surprised.

"Let's play a game. If you figure out who's going to have a baby, you can ask me for anything you want," Ana said, gently laughing.

"Okay," Emma said, nodding with a big smile before touching her mother's stomach.

It looked very flat, so she didn't think there was a baby there.

''Obviously, it's not me," Ana said, laughing.

"If it's a sibling, then it must be among my other three mothers," Emma said, putting her hand on her chin and thinking.

"Find out slowly," Ana said, smiling slightly before standing up with Emma in her arms.

She took a towel from one of the shelves before wrapping Emma and covering herself with another before stepping out.

Ana quickly dressed Emma before dressing herself and looking at her with a smile; her daughter was truly adorable.

"Spoiled girl," Ana said, smiling affectionately at her as she saw her at the edge of the bed swinging her legs with a happy smile.

Still, she was happy to pamper her daughter. She herself grew up in an orphanage, and as soon as she could stand on her own, she had to dress herself. No one combed her hair or tucked her in before bedtime.

Emma, who was immersed in her world of happiness after being taken care of by her mother, suddenly stopped while her eyes opened in surprise.

Ana, who immediately noticed her abnormal behavior, looked at her and saw her unfocused and shining eyes.

Seeing her like that, she just stayed by her side, knowing she was having a vision. She was quite used to it, but this vision seemed quite important; usually, she just froze for a moment before returning to normal.

Her visions were often of trivial things, such as what they would eat, if it would rain, or what they would play.

Ana finally started to worry a bit when five minutes had passed; it was definitely the longest vision she had ever had.

Emma finally closed her eyes before opening them again and looking at her mother.

Her eyes had returned to normal.

"Is there something special you need to tell me?" Ana said, smiling affectionately.

"Hm, I saw Daddy fighting a kind of giant robot, it was much bigger than the island," Emma said, looking at Ana while her brow furrowed a bit; she couldn't think of anything that matched its size.

"Bigger than the island?" Ana murmured, frowning. The only thing she could think of was that it could be a celestial.

"Let's go tell Daddy about the vision you had," Ana said, smiling and taking her hand.

"Let's go," Emma said, nodding.

Ana walked hand in hand with her daughter until they reached the living room where they found Damian and Carol playing video games.

"I don't know how, but I'm sure you're cheating," Carol said, looking at Damian.

"Darling, don't make excuses if you're not as good as me," Damian said, giving her a smug smile.

"Do you want me to wipe that stupid smile off your face?" Carol said, annoyed, knocking Damian onto the couch.

Looking at Carol from below, Damian chuckled slightly, his beautiful face and long blond hair falling over him.

Carol's face, originally annoyed, immediately calmed down as she felt Damian's hand caressing her cheek.

A slight smile appeared on her lips before lazily leaning against Damian's chest.

Ana, who had arrived, just watched them silently before slowly approaching them with Emma, who was looking at them curiously.

Suddenly, Ana took Emma in her arms before letting her sit on Carol.

"Hey!" Carol said, feeling the weight on her back.

"Mama," Emma said, looking at Carol with a smile.

Carol quickly turned around, making Emma sit on her abdomen.

"Girl, you're heavy. Maybe you're eating too much," Carol said, tickling her.

"She always had a good appetite," Ana said, nodding with a slight smile as she stroked her little head.

"Of course, since I'm her mother," Carol said, hugging Emma with a smile.

Ana just rolled her eyes, ignoring her.

"Emma has something to tell you," Ana said, looking at Damian.

"Wow, is something wrong? Sweetheart," Damian said, looking at Emma.

''Hm, I had a vision, I saw a giant robot arriving several times bigger than the island," Emma said, nodding adorably.

"Bigger?" Damian murmured, nodding, immediately coming to the same conclusion as Ana.

"And when will it come?" Damian asked a faint excitement building in his eyes at the thought of fighting someone at that level.

"I don't know," Emma said, shaking her head.

"Oh, I know what little Emma is talking about. A few days ago, a guy tried to interfere with me. He was very powerful, and I could only suppress him a little. In the end, he left, although it was clear that it was only his consciousness, and he was very far away. If he came personally, I wouldn't be able to resist," Cortana said suddenly appearing next to them.

"And why didn't you tell me?" Damian asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, it wasn't really that important, and besides, I know you like not knowing everything," Cortana said, smiling as she looked at Damian.

Damian just smiled and shook his head; Cortana was probably the only one who knew about the memories of his past life.

"So, is it something dangerous?" Carol asked, looking at Damian.

"According to the description, it's a celestial. It shouldn't be dangerous... probably," Damian said, looking at them with a slight smile. Despite appearing relaxed, his sense of alertness was at its peak, actively scanning his surroundings.

Even so, he knew the celestial wouldn't choose to fight him, at least not close to Earth, as that could destroy the planet and consequently the celestial about to be born. He couldn't risk it. From now on, he would keep his senses focused on his family until the celestial appeared.

"Don't worry, I'll be vigilant," Damian said, reassuring them.


Wanda was in a room with a large table in the center, and a large map unfolded, displaying the entire world.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have a holographic one?" Pietro whispered to her side.

"If you can create one, then do it," Wanda said, looking at her brother before refocusing her attention on the map.

Sokovia had been at war for many years, and technology was really lagging compared to first-world countries.

"So... tell me what you have," Wanda said, looking at one of her men.

The man looked at the queen before subtly swallowing and began speaking.

"Yes, for the moment, the country is in a stable situation since most countries are making an effort to maintain their governments."

"Since the world changed, more than two months have passed, and multiple armed groups with supernatural powers have emerged. Most governments have had trouble dealing with these people."

"It's also fortunate for us that there are no pantheons nearby since there have been many problems with the gods. They are too arrogant and treat people as something they can manipulate at will."

"I also received information about a quite powerful faction in the north. It was thought that the Nordic countries would be free of gods, but there are rumors of a goddess in that place."

"The presence of HYDRA is quite strong in Central Europe and Africa. Mr. Pietro has discovered several of their activities, and they have enhanced soldiers. They are definitely not as clean as they want the world to believe."

"In Asia, there are the sorcerers of mystical arts. With their efforts, the area has been quite stable, and it can be said that order has been maintained."

"The United States has also remained quite stable. General Ross has received many accolades for his efforts to maintain order. He has enhanced soldiers, and many suspect that he himself has supernatural abilities."

"And of course, there's Madripoor, commonly known as the safest place in the world. Even the god Hercules fell into that place, and so far, it is unknown whether he is alive or dead. Despite this, the gods didn't seem to react as if they feared him."

"These are the main factions in the world. With all due respect, I believe what we need are soldiers or some weapon that allows us to stand firm," the man concluded his report.

Wanda nodded and made a 'hm' sound as she looked at the markings on the map.

"So, our closest threat could be the unknown god in the north," Wanda said, looking toward the area on the map.

"Hm, for now, HYDRA doesn't really seem too difficult to deal with," Pietro said, nodding. The day his sister also killed their teacher was the day he awakened his abilities.

Guilt, hatred, and sadness were the trigger.

Since then, he has gained the ability to accelerate time around him, allowing him to move at absurd speeds.

With the two siblings protecting Sokovia, it had become a fairly safe place, to begin with, considering it wasn't a large country.

"Can you investigate?" Wanda asked, looking at her brother with some concern.

"Don't worry; they won't even know I was there," Pietro said, smiling.

"Hm, it's best that we know what we're dealing with and what kind of ambitions they have," Wanda said.

"I'll go check it out right away," Pietro said, nodding.

"Be careful, and remember not to enter buildings easily," Wanda said, putting her hand on Pietro's with a worried look.

Pietro just smiled before disappearing, leaving a silver trail. Pietro traveled to the north of Europe at very high speeds, avoiding passing through densely populated areas to avoid drawing attention.

While running, he couldn't help but think about his state, making his status appear before him.

Pietro Maximoff

Species: Human (gen X)

Magic: 183

Strength: 12

Agility: 10

Intellect: 2

(Human who awakened the X gene in his DNA, giving him the ability to create a space-time bubble around himself, allowing him to run at incredibly high speeds without affecting his surroundings, this bubble can be extended to manipulate objects or people at high speeds, he is somewhat talented in magic thanks to his sister's influence)

His lips always involuntarily pursed at seeing that he was only somewhat talented in magic and thanks to his sister.

Pietro continued advancing at ridiculous speeds before starting to run over the sea. His destination was a place in the Nordic countries.

About an hour after leaving, he finally approached a city before making a small stop.

He quickly stopped in a secluded place before walking normally down the street and entering a pastry shop.

He looked around before sitting at a table and ordering something to eat.

Using his ability consumed quite a few calories, although few considering how powerful his ability was.

After filling up his calorie tank, he paid before leaving and disappearing from sight, running quickly towards his target.

A few minutes after leaving the city, he finally found the place he was looking for.

A black, eerie-looking building stood tall, surrounded by several walls and soldiers.

"It looks really scary; I hope it's not something like a death goddess," Pietro murmured, a little scared by the atmosphere.

He stayed around for about half an hour before seeing a couple of soldiers entering the building, so he took the opportunity to sneak in without them noticing. 

Pietro quickly ran through the corridors looking for information. For some reason, the upper floors were quite empty.

Leaving that aside, he quickly reached the top floor and saw a room that was clearly different.

With a bit of nervousness, he opened the door before peeking his head in a bit. Not seeing anyone, he quickly entered and began to check the entire room.

With his speed, no document was left out. Just as he set his eyes on the only computer, he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening, and a shiver ran down his spine.

"Wow, it seems that a little rat sneaked into my room," said a charming voice but one that only caused terror in Pietro.

He felt like he had entered a dragon's lair, and had been caught red-handed.

"So... who are you?" Hela asked, closing the door behind her.

She no longer had an emaciated appearance, and her beautiful face was totally visible, her green eyes seemed to have a black mist moving inside.

Being stared at by those terrifying eyes, Pietro didn't think twice before running at full speed towards the balcony and throwing himself off. With his speed, he could easily walk on walls.

Hela opened her eyes in surprise seeing him move so fast. She couldn't see him clearly, but she could more or less follow his silhouette.

"How interesting," Hela murmured with a smile. This new world had turned out better than expected. She would gather all kinds of powerful people before marching towards Asgard.


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