Pregnant For My Rejected Mate Book

novel - Fantasy

Pregnant For My Rejected Mate


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Owen's lips pressed against mine. At first it was soft like he was unsure of what to do. At least he was doing something while I stood like a statue waiting to be pleasured like an effing idiot. I thought he was going to break it off but his arms went around me,  as sure and hard like it held promises to carry me if my legs gave out. I felt the rush and the warmth. The surging sensation I had never felt before. I was naive as I  had never been kissed before but I knew and dreamt, it was exactly as Owen was kissing me. The sensations almost left me limp like a freaking coward. Owen's face gradually blurred and drowned to nothingness.  ******* Emily and Owen has been best friends since they were in diapers. Owen was the one person she could trust to be there for her. He was Alpha and she was a pariah, a wolfless girl born to an unmated mother and a human father. He was hot and she was fire. He was voice of reason and she was chaos itself. She was his mate and he rejected her. Follow Emily as she navigate through the mess she calls her life with no one but the cub she had with the best friend that rejected her. cover is not mine. credit goes to the owner, reach out if you want me to take it down