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Postpartum depression


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Hello I'm Andrea Barroa. From Roxas Capiz Philippines.What you have read from the title will be the real happen in my life. I'm just 20 years old when I give birth to my daughter. I give normal delivery to her. I feel super blessed and curious of having a baby in my life for the first time. At the first month of being mother it was not easy but I handle it with my own. I'm happy with my husband. By the way he is 23 years old at that moment we are Ldr(Long distance relationship). It's not big deal to us because we trust and believe each other. I love him and he love me too. But then suddenly after a couple of month I give birth he change. I don't know why as I'm just busy to be a mother and a wife to him even we a re LDR I still show him how much I love him.But one day. Something sink into my mind. I just feel that he treat me like a cold. Calling me a little time. No more updating. Letting me sleep even we are mad each other. This situation he never done me before. Until July 9 I saw a picture which he is beside at a girl. They are 4 in the picture. The two man in front and he and girl at the back. I don't know what going on but still I trust and believe my man. I calm my self first then during night we chat I ask him one thing. Me:Love? Do you still love me? Him:Yes love. Why you ask? Me:nothing honey.