Pokemon: Tweaked Travels

What would you do if you suddenly died and had the choice to live a new life inside one of your favourite fictional worlds, while still getting to experience interesting surprises thanks to a different continuity? If you are pokemon fans and your answer is that you don't know, then you might find out your answer thanks to Kyle Astra's journey through an alternate, more intricate and more adult version of the pokemon world. Are you extra pokeballs and potions ready?

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[Kyle's POV]

Currently me and Serena were in my room, silently sitting on my bed as we were still busy calming our embarassment after our moms teased the hell out of us, you know the usual "when are we gonn get grandchildren?" or "when's the marriage?" ? That, and despite mentally and spiritually being 17, it still worked on me way more than what i'm willing to admit, because apparently mom and Grace are really good at teasing.

Anyways, i eventually caught her up to speed about what i've been doing, and even got an 'apology kiss' to the cheek as a late birthday gift from her, getting me in the mood for hugs, which i did get as i then wrapped my arms around her from behind, and pulled her in, enveloping her tenderly, making her blush a bit, but she still complied nontheless.

Of course i also explained her about my 7 year plan, the training that i've been doing for the past week, Nyx's peculiarity, and a bit about my Arc Phone, getting her congratulations too. But what she asked me next surprised me a bit.

"Did you plan on having a partner for your journey?" She asked me curiously, her voice carrying a bit of shyness and embarassment too. She then showed me a pokeball, and took out the mon inside, which quite unsurprisingly was a Fennekin.

'So she got her starter already' I mentally observed, looking at little fire pokemon, who stared at me in a cute way, to then turn towards Nyx and play with her.

"This is Fennekin. She was given to me by Professor Sycamore, you think of him as Kalos' Professor Oak." She briefly explained, looking at our pokemons a bit before looking at me.

"I heard of him, he's also the lead researcher on Mega Evolution if i'm not mistaken, am i right?" I added, getting a brief look of surprise from her, but then turned into a smile.

"Mh hm. He also gave me a Pokedex like the one you have" She continued, taking out her own Pokedex to show it to me, a hint of pride showing on her face.

"That's great, Sere." I said sincerely, to then lean in really close to her face. "But, why exaclty did you ask if i planned on having a journey partner?~" I asked her in a teasy tone as i pulled her closer, making her blush a little as she avoided eye contact a bit.

"B-because i want to go with you" she whispered quietly, which i did hear perfectly, but pretended that i didn't, just like i pretended that i didn't notice the door silently opening a bit, with 2 pairs of eyes peeking through the small gap.

"Can you please repeat that? I don't think i heard correctly~" I whispered in her ear, going full rizz mode, making her blush quite a lot, while mom and Grace enjoyed the show, eager to see where this would go, waiting on edge for new ways to tease us.

"I SAID THAT I WANNA GO WITH YOU!" She suddenly yelled, embarassed as hell while looking away, too shy to stare at me.

"Sere, that's..... One of the cutest thing i heard you say today~" I playfully said as i pat her head, to which she pouted, to then turn towards me and tighten the hug.

"I *sigh* I know that this is extremely sudden, but ever since i returned to Kalos after the summer camp, i've been thinking about you. I-i really liked your kindness and determination, and even since you've told not to give up until it was over, i couldn't help but admire you.... A-and want to repay your favor by never giving up and becoming someone by the time we would see each other, so that you could be proud to say that you had me by your side." She shyly confessed, becoming beet red from shyness.

"So, c-can i please train with you and join you in your journey, Ash Ketchum?" She asked me loudly in an embarassed yet determined way, hugging me tighter, as if i had already answered and told her 'no'.

"Sere....." I sighed softly as i stroked her head, soothing her and easing her worries. "Of course you can, in fact, i'm already honored to call you my friend, and i'll be even more honored to say that you're my partner." I told her sincerely, giving her a warm and encouraging smile. Seeing my smile, she hugged me as tight as she could, closing her eyes in relief while she teared up a little in pure joy, happy that i want her by my side just as much as she does.

As they watched us, mom and Grace almost squealed in happiness, finding our interaction absolutely adorable, and being honest, who can blame them?

"They are clearly made for eachother!" Mom confidently said, secretly smirking proudly at me

"I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't be surprised if we soon caught them kissing.~" Grace replied, agreeing with her.

"Now that i think about it, we're not exactly in a rush to go back to Kalos. Maybe we can move here for some time, this town has been really kind to me and Serena so far.~" Grace teasingly suggested, telling Delia (who Kyle now fully recognizes as his mother) her plan, which gave her a few ideas.

"Oh oh~ I see what you're doing, Grace, and i love your idea, plus i'm sure the soon to be couple would love the idea too~" mom observed, fully agreeing to her new bestie's idea.

Back to us. Serena eventually loosened the hug just enough to look at me, allowing me to gently wipe her happy tears with my thumb, tickling her a little as she chuckled, to then smile softly. "Thank you for accepting me, Ash."

"Don't mention it." I replied as i gave her a bright and genuine smile, making her blush a bit, but she then looked down at our feet, seemingly unsure about something, which made Nyx and Fennekin briefly stop what they were doing to look at her, having noticed that as well.

"What's wrong?" I asked, a little bit worried, the same applying to Nyx, Fennekin, mom and Grace.

"Ash, have you ever felt a strange yet warm sensation while you were together with someone? Have you ever felt as if you had Vivillons in your stomach whenever you thought of that someone? Or as if you wanted to hold them close to you, and never let them go? Have you.... Even questioned if you considered someone to be more than just your friend?" She asked me with a clear hint of doubt and insecurity, lightly rubbing her arm as she avoided eye contact,making it painfully easy that she said 'someone' she meant herself.

"Sere..... What exactly are you trying to ask me? Because i have feeling that i might know, but i don't want to jump to conclusions. Please clarify." I replied, secretly wondering if i actually heard right, asking her to clarify in order to hear her ask 'the question' directly.

At first she blushed more when i said that, gulping loudly, but she then looked at me in the eyes after gathering up her courage. "Do you love me, Ash? N-not as your friend, but as something more, as, as...." She then trailed off, too shy to continue, making our moms 'awww' quietly.

"A lover?" I asked directly, not beating around the bush, surprising our moms, who definitely didn't expect this, especially mine, since the canon Ash has always been the densest fuck on the planet.

"A-ASH?!" Serena suddenly yelled, covering her face with her hands to hide her blush, having been massively taken off guard. But soon enough she removed her hands, looking at me with perhaps her reddest face so far, and nodded. "Y-yes. As a lover" she confirmed, almost fainting from the shyness.

"I do" i bluntly said, smiling pretty confidently despite blushing myself, feeling at ease around her even if this technically was my first time meeting her, yet i already felt that strong connection that makes you want to hold your special someone close, my heart telling me that she was the right one, and for once, i was actually willing to listen.

When she saw my boldness, mom covered her mouth with one hand, taken off guard at first, but she then giggled softly, proud of me.

'you're growing up so fast, Ash.'

Hearing my confession, Serena did something that i wouldn't have expected her to this soon. She quickly leaned in, and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, turning my mind blank as i sat there, as still as a statue, shocked to the core at how quickly things escalated. Needless to say, our moms were shocked too, yet they couldn't be happier for us at the moment, fully approving our "bond".

{Author Note: i know that this is extremely sudden and that it happened incredibly early on, but i had to cook up a feast and bring it home for the boys!}

After fully processing what happened, i also closed my eyes and absorbed the sensation, kissing her back in a tender and loving way, making her eyes widen briefly, before she quickly closed them, leaning into our kiss as i gently put my hands on her hips to pull her closer, willingly moving closer the moment she felt my hands, neither of us needing any words to understand the other during this moment.

Watching this, our moms actually screamed in happiness, blowing their cover as Serena jolted up in pure shock and embarassment, quickly breaking the kiss and turning towards them, looking at them in embarassment as she blushed more than she ever did her whole life.

"M-MOM?! T-THIS ISN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" she quickly tried to explain herself in panic, stuttering quite a lot out of nervousness as she got caught red handed.

"Sure, sweetie, sure. You tooootally weren't kissing Ash, the same boy who you wanted to see again so bad~" Grace teased, leaving her daughter so embarassed that her whole body got redder and started steaming, looking like as if she was using Luffy's Gear Second.

"It is what it looks like~" i chimed in as i then kissed Serena's cheek, making her glare at me, to then playfully hit my chest out of protest, making me chuckle softly as i then hugged her again, right in front of our moms this time.

"My my. When did you get so bold, sweetie?~" mom asked in a playful tone, enjoying mine and Serena's interaction, finding her embarassment and shyness to be adorable af.

"Since recently" i smugly commented while holding Serena close to me, who just stopped hitting me and instead chose to just enjoy the hug.

"Is this why a certain Pidgey told me that you and Serena are in love with each other?~ If that's the case i'm sure you'll like what Grace has to tell Serena right now~" mom added, making me and Serena curiously look at Grace.

"M-mom. Is there something wrong? She asked, worried that Grace might have some bad news, or that they have to go back to Kalos already because of an emergency.

"Wow, i've never seen you so nervous in your life.~ Are you scared that i'll take you back to Kalos because i caught you kiss the boy you loved? If that's the case, then i have great news for you. We're gonna stay here for one year after the Pokemon Summer Camp is over, and you're allowed to come here and stay with Ash whenever you want." Grace casually announced, causing her daughter to freeze in shock, looking at her mother in disbelief.

"R-really?" Serena asked, now hopeful that her mother is being honest.

"Of course, honey. Why would i lie about this?" Grace happily reassured her, confirming her daughter's hopes, to then get tackled by her as she gave her a tight hug.

After tackling her mother into the hug, Serena gave her the brightest and happiest smile she ever did, being the happiest she's ever been in her whole life. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She constantly screamed in happiness and gratitute, moving me, mom, and Grace, all of us having the same thought, to protect said happiness.

"Now with that out of the way. There's one more thing that i have to do" I suddenly declared, getting the ladies' attention. I then turned towards Serena. "Will you be my girlfriend, Serena?" I asked her bluntly. 'might as well make it official'

At first, she tilted her head and looked at me with a confused smile, looking at me as if i lost my mind. But when she did realize that i was serious, she stared at me in the eyes, and quickly tackled me into a hug like she just did with Grace.

"Yesyesyesyes!" She excitedly screamed, hugging me as tight as she could, making me chuckle softly at how adorable she was acting right now, feeling like my heart is gonna melt at this rate.

Suddenly she kissed me again, but this time i was prepared, and passionately kissed her back, both of us going for a deeper one this time, completely ignoring our mothers and our starters' existences. Who looked at us slyly, as if silently saying 'don't mind us, keep going'.

In the end our kiss lasted for about a minute, until we had to break it due to lack of air, panting a bit after breaking it, both of us slightly embarassed yet really happy.


Skip to the evening. Me and Serena were now in my bedroom, both of us in our Pajamas, ready to go to sleep, with Nyx and Fennekin also out, both of them wanting to join us.

'damn, we look like a family' i thought to myself, enjoying the simple and cozy atmosphere that now enveloped the room.

I then turned around, lying on the bed on my side, waiting for Serena and Fennekin to get in the bed with us, since Nxy already got in, and was now getting her head stroked by me, purring softly in approval.

"Ready for our first night together, mademoiselle?" I asked her as i lifted the blanket, making my best impression of a french accent, which made her giggle.

"Oui mon amour" she replied as she and Fennekin got in bed and lied beside us, playing my game, minus the fact that she didn't have to fake the accent.

"Goodnight, Sere" i smiled softly as i looked at her

"Goodnight, Ash" she smiled back, giving me a loving and tender look.

We then closed our eyes and peacefully fell asleep, wondering what tomorrow will have in store for us.

holy shit, i might actually get diabetes. Anyways, the chef's done with today's dish, hope that it was tasty, and that the cooking process didn't feel too rushed.

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