Pokemon: Reborn as ash , Make up for your regrets and become stronger

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What is Pokemon: Reborn as ash , Make up for your regrets and become stronger

Read Pokemon: Reborn as ash , Make up for your regrets and become stronger fanfiction written by the author stromerthaha on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, r18, system, comedy, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


On the first of his Pokemon journey, Ash/Satoshi awakened the memory of his past life and obtained A system will generate tasks and give all Pokemon related items. Knowing the trajectory of his future life, he decisively chose to make up for the regrets of his past life. Pokemon releaser? [You refused to release the pidgeot and received the reward: Potential Evolution Ribbon] [You refused to send the primape and received the reward: MewtwoX Mega Evolution Stone] Change the Region level and clear it? [You use Champion Pikachu to defeat Rookie Trip. The opponent doubts his life and gets the reward: full Mastery of Aura] Region competition companion runner? [You defeat the mystrious trainer Tobias and get the reward: One of three creation dragons dragon of antimatter giratina; title: Dragon Lord] Will you remain single* forever? [You have obtained the "harem protagonist aura", and the harmony of the harem +10] *Robbing Pokémon? [You break paul's leg and send him to a juvenile detention center and get the reward: "One ball into the soul" title (throwing a Poké Ball has a probability of directly recovering the mythical Pokémon) ] ... This is a Chinese translation fanfic I removed all the Chinese elements as mush as I can I fully rewrite the chapters with my own style if you like it please support

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Sebuah perjalanan hidup manusia itu sudah tertulis jauh sebelum mereka dilahirkan. Saat kehidupan mulai terbentuk dan sesosok janin sudah tersimpan rapi di dalam sebuah ruangan yang sangat nyaman dan kokoh, Tuhan mengutus malaikat untuk mencatat nasib calon manusia yang sudah mulai tumbuh di dalam rahim seorang ibu. Tuhan meminta utusannya mencatat bagaimana nasib si calon manusia itu. Apakah hidupnya bahagia, sedih, sulit, atau penuh kemudahan. Bagaimana dia menjalani kehidupan, siapa jodohnya, seberapa panjang usianya. Bagaimana dia menjalani kehidupannya, setiap pertamuan, juga kapan dan bagaimana dia meninggal. Setelah utusan Tuhan mencatat semuanya sesuai dengan yang Tuhan mau, kemudian ditiupkan ruh kedalam janin yang sudah tertidur nyaman di dalam perut ibu. Lalu janin itu akan terus berkembang hingga tiba saatnya dia bisa terlahir ke dunia yang fana ini. Luna, seorang gadis yang memiliki keberuntungan yang sangat bagus. Meski kehidupannya tidak seperti orang lain yang seusianya, tetapi semangat juangnya untuk bertahan hidup sangat tinggi. Dia adalah seorang gadis yang memiliki orangtua campuran, Ayahnya seorang warga negara China sementara ibunya asli Indonesia. Ada sebuah peristiwa yang mengharuskan dia kemudian diadopsi dan dibesarkan oleh keluarga sahabat Ayahnya dan dia tidak pernah mengenal kedua orangtuanya. Setelah dewasa, Luna tak sengaja mendengar salah satu Kakaknya membicarakan tentang kebenaran bahwa dirinya hanya anak angkat di keluarga itu. Luna merasa sangat sedih dan sedikit kecewa kepada kedua orangtua kandungnya, dia berpikir kalau Ayah dan Ibunya tidak menyayanginya. AKhirnya Luna mendapat informasi yang sangat mengejutkan dari kakak sulungnya yang merupakan sahabat ayah dan ibu kandungnya. Akankah Luna bisa bertemu dengan kedua orangtua kandungnya? Bagaimana karirnya dan juga bagaimana cara dia menjalani kehidupan setelah dia mengetahui jati dirinya? Luna juga bertemu dengan seseorang yang memiliki kehidupan tak kalah buruk darinya. Mereka berdua kemudian merasa senasib dan keduanya menjadi sepasang sahabat. Akankah Luna berhasil bertemu dengan siapa yang dia cari dan seperti apa kisah persahabatannya dengan pemuda bernama Yudha yang ternyata seorang bajingan dan lelaki pemabuk yang dicap sebagai sampah masyarakat? Ikuti kisahnya di Bidadari Bercadar.

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whats the raw name[img=update][img=update]


Is a pretty good fanfic but still lacks quality on the translation, still that can be fixed, so translator do your best. Also to help you a little, use software to help you translate better, grammarly, chatgpt, etc. All of those are free and make your translation slightly more easy. Still, good job!


Excellent original story, if it can no longer be considered a translation, try reading the Chinese MTL and it is garbage. Keep it up. More


read up to 30 chaps. and still writing has no improvement yet my brain had enough🤯💀💀💀,,like what is this - ("but now ash can earn his own money and travel without having to work so hard for his mother delia" totally different from what you wish to express) and a lot more of mistakes like this or even worse in every chapter, i repeat every chapter that reader's has to wrack their brains to make sense of what you want to express. so rather than releasing multiples off chap. in a short span of time, you could just take your time to write a better quality (just my suggestion though as it's up to you) WRITING QUALITY- 1⭐ UPDATING STABILITY- 5⭐ STORY DEVELOPMENT-4⭐ CHARACTER DESIGN- 4⭐ WORLD BACKGROUND- 5⭐ 4⭐ for the story development as i didn't reach the depth to judge your story.


as its a fanfic thats just released , it pretty good , dont know how update stability will be . still looking forwward for more.


It is a pretty good Pokémon fanfic and the story evolves every moment, especially the love for how it develops, exists and succeeds, good history


I enjoy the pacing and fluid interactions with the characters. I do like that the author does pay attention to what the reader opinion, but still has his own clear vision. I will offer ideas in some of my comments, feel free to use them if I can inspire your creative flow for putting out more chapters. I hope to see where you decide to take your story and bring it to life. I appreciate the time and effort you spent on it. P.S. I'll be using this gif for any future ideas I'll will offer.


this novel started as a translation but the author made great changes to the story and made it so better than the original novel. keep it up and give more updates.


Reveal spoiler


Interesting story, i always hated the fact,how Ash/Satoshi, just left behind some of his Pokemons and never come back for them.Sure in Pokemon Journey we have some comebacks from his older Pokemons, but no everyone,another thing is him just restarting everything, each time he travels to another region, and taking only Pikachu with him,and never again calling back his other Pokemon who are left on Profesor Oak ranch.


Very good translation and novel, hope that you keep updating it ...........................................................................


Mr. author, you forgot about Sonia in galar, it is great material for waifu.................................... ................................................ . .................................................. .................................................. ... .................................................. .................................................. ...........................


please don't drop it in the middle my friend


A melhor fan fic de Pokémon---------‐-‐‐,,,,, ,,, ---------------------‐-----‐------------‐-‐‐,,,,, ,,, ---------------------‐-----‐-----


Loving this hope you don’t stop 111111111


i like the story ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Honestly it's one of the best Pokemon FF's I've seen on WebNovel👌


looking forward since there not a lot of pokemon fics nowadays! [img=recommend][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]




This an updated rating I've catch to the newest chapters and I can say this is a good pokemon fanfic at first I was worry the story was gonna be about ash harem taking most of the story but it's not but it's mostly misty and Sabrina and the author still wants to add 50s members to the harem and the 18s scenes can be skip and author let's u know when it's gonna start and end ill update this rating when I change my mind so far so good I have no almost no complains but to not add all those love interests (50 harem girls)


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