4 Chapter 4 : Pewter City Babe!

"Cut me some slack old man, I had the worst start to a journey ever..." I said with a long sigh, I sure as hell didn't have it that bad but the dumbass from before? That shit was a nightmare start.

Flint raised his eyebrow at that, or at least I think he did. This guy has every part of his fucking face covered, I'm surprised no called the cops on him for being a pedophile or something.

"I'm from Sinnoh." I said to which Flint's mouth went agape, now I might seem retarded telling all this to some random and suspicious old man. If so then good! That's exactly what I want, I need to be perceived as naïve so that people underestimate me as much as possible. Only till I'm actually strong enough to steamroll people though.

"That's a long ways away, why the hell are you out here in Pewter?" Flint asked very confused, he probably thought I was retarded.

"I'm an orphan who lived in Sinnoh, right before my journey started I found out my parents were from Kanto." I said with a sad smile on my face, the sob story always works. Brad pulled way too many girls with that tactic for me to not believe in it.

"I was hell-bent on starting my journey here, but Prof. Rowan couldn't give me a starter because I wasn't gonna go through Sinnoh." I spat out with venom, I better get a fucking Oscar for this master class of a performance.

"I stole a few pokeballs and the pokedex registered to me and left, while sneaking onto the ship I found my starter." as I said that I threw out Buizel.

Buizel stared at Flint and then started flexing as usual.

"He is slightly retarded but he is the reason I survived getting here, now I don't have a home in Kanto or Sinnoh." I said as I looked down.

"That's one hell of a start to your journey, I've been hearing stories for years but this one takes the cake." said Flint.

"Come on lets get you to Nurse Joy, she should be able to help you." said Flint as he started to walk away towards the city. I smirked at a job well done and followed him, oh and Buizel was still flexing without realizing we all had left...

I quickly returned the dumbass otter and continued following Flint.

As I walked through the city, I admired the simplicity of the city. I wasn't like the cities filled with skyscrapers and pollution but it also wasn't a small town, the perfect balance between both.

As I walked into the Pokecenter with Flint, I saw Nurse Joy and GOD DAMN IS SHE HOT. I completely understand poor old Brock now. She's got that perfect hourglass figure with a massive bust and a beautiful ass, her hair is down and she's got some of the brightest blue eyes I've ever fucking seen. I am definitely going to try hit that, normally I don't really give a fuck but apparently the women in this world are all 11/10s compared to back home!!

Flint went ahead and explained the situation to Nurse Joy while I was ogling her, she glanced towards me while listening to the story and definitely noticed me ogling her if her sly smile was anything to go by.

"Oi kid get over here!" yelled Flint as it seems he finished explaining my situation. I walked over as relaxed as I could.

"Good morning Nurse Joy, I'm Carlos Davis." I said while extending my hand out with a very deadpan face. This threw her the hell off, evident by how confused she looked. She recovered soon enough and shook my hand.

"So that's what your name was, anyway now you can talk with Nurse Joy about everything. I'll see you around." said Flint as he walked back out of the Pokecenter.

"You had quite the rough start to your journey didn't ya?" asked Nurse Joy with concern.

"It was pretty bad but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I said with a smirk which caught her off guard, you don't see many 14 year olds with this type of confidence after all.

"I haven't heard that phrase before but It's definitely something to live by." said Nurse Joy with some admiration, hook line and sinker boys!

"Now would you like to be registered as a Pewter City trainer? Normally we would need permission from the gym leader but since Flint vouched for you we can get it done rather quickly" she said.

"I didn't realize that old rock selling man was that important around here, but ya I'd love to be registered here." I said which elicited a chuckle from Nurse Joy. "Especially when the Nurse is so gorgeous." I added in with a smirk on my face which caught her off guard again.

My age is certainly helping but I'm just following my usual pattern, send a shit ton of mixed signals and make them want your attention and approval. The legal age being around 13 here sure helps as well, because ain't no 14 year old be showing this type of confidence and attitude.

Nurse Joy snaps out of it and gives me a sly grin.

"Well isn't someone a confident flirt for being a 14 year old." said Nurse Joy clearly amused.

"Well you are certainly beautiful, but I'm pretty good looking myself." I said with a smirk. "Anyway lets get this registration done so I can rest." I added in to end the conversation. Sometimes you gotta end the flirting so that they start it again.

Nurse Joy was once again caught off guard, does literally no one use these tactics in this world? I might just be drowning in pussy by the end of my journey.

"Oh yes sure, I'll just need your Pokedex and your starter Pokemon." she said with a strained smile from being blown off to some degree. I handed both of the required objects to her and she completed the registration.

"You are now an official trainer of Pewter City, all your pokemon can be stored here in the Pewter Pokecenter from now onwards" she said with a smile, to which I responded with a bow to thank her.

She gave me a key to a room in the center where I could rest, I was dead tired from everything that has happened so I just need so bloody rest. As I settled into the room I got my shoes off and crashed onto the bed and fell asleep. I'd plan my journey from tomorrow onwards.

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