3 Chapter 3:

When Cain and his companion, Murkrow, laid their eyes upon the scene before them, they beheld a small, purple creature standing with its fangs bared as if to claim ownership over the hare that lay hidden behind it. The pokemon had struggled greatly to capture the hare, but its hard-won prize was now being threatened by this interloper. But the creature was not so easily defeated, and with quick thinking, it snatched the hare away.

Pokémon: Rattata (Red)

Gender: Male

Level: 10

Type: Normal

Ability: Run Away

Held items: None

Egg moves: None

Basic moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite

Taught moves: None

Technical Machines (TMs): None

As Cain and Murkrow soon discovered, this pokemon was none other than a Rattata. And the dash that it had just used to snatch away the hare was none other than 'Quick Attack'.

"Caw!!!" Murkrow, upon seeing that the meal he had just procured was now being taken from him, let out a fierce cry, his pale-yellowish beak glinting with a cold light. The bird was so incensed that, if not for the presence of Cain, it would have launched an attack straight away.

A red-aptitude Rattata was not an uncommon sight on this island. Though it was two levels above Murkrow, the difference in strength was not fully reflected in their levels alone.

"Now that you have stepped forward on your own, I will let you be the first opponent to face off against Murkrow," Cain spoke, his face devoid of emotion. He had already surmised that this hare had not come out of the bushes by accident. It was not so foolish as to expose itself as easy prey.

"Murkrow, 'Tailwind'!" With a command from Cain, a gentle breeze began to swirl around Murkrow, making him feel as if his entire body had been lightened. The reality of battle was vastly different from that of a game. There was no such thing as taking turns; so long as a pokemon's speed was sufficient, one move could be swiftly followed by another. With a speed value of 91 and the effect of Tailwind, Murkrow's speed surpassed even that of Rattata, known for its swiftness.

"Peck!" Cain's voice was cold and detached as he issued the command.

A streak of darkness sliced through the trees, the blackness of night providing an extra veil of concealment for Murkrow. Rattata had no time to react before it was brutally struck by the bird's sharp beak.

"SQUEAK!!!" It let out a piteous cry of pain. Only now did Rattata realize that the Pokemon facing it, its features obscured by the darkness, was not to be trifled with. In haste, it turned to flee.

"Murkrow, do not let it catch its breath. Keep using Peck!" Cain's mind was fully focused on the battle, his emotions buried deep. He would not underestimate any opponent, no matter how weak they may appear.

With a final strike, Rattata lay incapacitated, and Murkrow prepared to stop his attack.

"Continue!" But Cain's voice was cold, and it rang out once more.

Murkrow hesitated, glancing between Cain and the fallen Rattata. A flicker of discomfort passed through his eyes before he pushed it aside, and his beak struck again until the Rattata was completely lifeless.

A hint of softness appeared in Cain's eyes, but it was quickly replaced with a hard resolve. On this man-eating island, there could be no mercy. Even the weakest of foes had to be taken seriously. Murkrow too, had not disappointed him. Despite a moment of hesitation, Cain understood.

Only through killing could one survive and thrive in Team Rocket. Only the red color of blood held the power to intimidate. This was a truth that Cain had come to understand through years of experience in his previous life, a truth that he now sought to instill in his Pokemon.

If you want to live, kill. Keep killing. Carve a path forward in blood.

Picking up the hare, Murkrow flapped his wings twice and flew back to perch on Cain's shoulder. And as they continued deeper into the forest, a silent understanding formed between the man and his companion.


"Fizzz..." Drops of golden oil cascaded off the roasting hare, drizzling into the fire. Though it was unseasoned, the aroma of the roasting meat that wafted through the air was already enough to make the mouth water.

Murkrow, unable to contain himself, bounced upon the ground, his eyes fixated on the roast meat before him. He had never encountered such a tantalizing scent before, and his desire to eat was almost unbearable.

Sitting nearby, Cain cast a glance at the eager Murkrow, a slight smile curling his lips. "It will be ready soon, do not be so hasty."

It was not long before the meat was fully cooked. Tearing off a hind leg, Cain left the rest for his companion. The harsh environment had resulted in the hare being fatter than expected, and as he was currently weak, one of its hind legs was sufficient for him. As he ate, he felt a warmth spread through his body, invigorating him.

As he watched Murkrow devour the hare in two or three bites, Cain let out a long breath. Murkrow's malnourished body required time to recover, and if he wished to speed up the process, he would require the aid of various medicinal berries.

"System, find a pokeblock that can quickly restore Murkrow's malnourished body and talent," Cain commanded.

Ah, pokeblocks. One of the skills possessed by Pokemon breeders. As the owner of the system, how could he not make use of it? In his previous life, Cain was an excellent Pokemon breeder, though he had not been formally tested by the Association. The creation of pokeblocks was a specialty of his.

Making pokeblocks required precise measurements and timing. A normal person may only master it through experience, and the quality of those pokeblocks would often vary. But for Cain, as long as he handed control over to the system, the pokeblocks would be identical every time, almost as if copied.

All of the recipes for pokeblocks, now stored in the database, were among his greatest assets today. With enough ingredients, he could help his Pokemon grow quickly, without wasting a single ounce of their potential. The moment the order was given, a complete list of ingredients and their effects appeared before his eyes.

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