2 The Right Choice? (2)

"Hello, Aichi Sendou."

A mellow voice could be heard where the old man is.

"Oops, excuse me I forgot you don't have a body yet!"

The still unidentified man snaps his fingers making my vision turn white for a moment before I regained my senses.


In amazement I had my mouth wide open while remembering the weird shit that just happened over here.

Looking down at my now familiar body that I didn't have for who knows how long, I started to piece things together after I finally was able to think straight.

"Did I die?"

I asked the old man meekly still not believing all of this.

This is just a bad dream right?

The old man seeing my troubled expression gets a smile on his face.

"Yes you have died Aichi."

The old man responded to my question.

Damn I really wanted to play that new Pokemon game with Kamui. I didn't even get to say goodbye to my family or anything like that.

'What a stroke of bad luck I have.'

I think to myself with my eyes starting to get dull.

"So what now, are you god or something? Sorry if I'm being rude but dying ain't the best therapy to be honest."

I tell him sincerely.

The old man looking at me gives me a warm smile and snaps his fingers again.


Three roulettes suddenly appear beside the old man with only the left roulette having any sort of words.

"Full metal, Genshin, One piece…"

I say in a near whisper reading out some of the options on the wheel.

"We will be determining where you will be reincarnated to today, after this wheel though we will give you three benefits. The first benefit is a given, set reward while the second benefit is by chance while the third is where you will be born/living."

The old man explains. Respectfully nodding at his explanation, I start to wonder a little about what I would get as it will determine my future.

Even if this is a dream there is no point acting like a dick for no reason.

"Can I inquire on what my guaranteed benefit is?"

I ask with obvious curiosity. The old man hearing me starts to explain that it depends on what world so get which makes sense.

"You can spin the wheel now boy."

Walking up to the left roulette, I give it a good spin with all the power my body could muster up.


The wheel after half a minute couldn't keep on going and started to slow down as you could just barely read some of the words written down.

"Please no DC and Attack on Titan."

I constantly say in a soft voice looking at the slowly spinning roulette.

After a few more seconds the roulette finally stopped on an option making me hold in my breathe.



I say excitedly seeing [Pokemon] being the chosen world I would be going to.

"Better than going to a world with universe ending beings or horrible living conditions."

I say with glee.

Looking at the old man I could see an amused expression on his face. The old man seeing my stare points to the other two roulettes that just appear to have gotten their options filled.

'I'm not gonna look this time and just spin.'

I say to myself going up to the two roulettes and mustering up all the strength I could to spin both of the wheels.


The two roulettes spinning just like the first one, started to slow down a bit and after a while stopped.

[Twinleaf Town]

[Psychic Abilities]

"Let's Go!"

I shout out loud seeing the final option. I've always wondered how being a psychic would be like in Pokemon after seeing Sabrina mess with ash in the anime.

"Twinleaf Town?"

I say confused, I don't really remember all the towns and locations in Pokemon so this confused me a little bit.

"This is the starting town in the video games Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. The place where this town is located is known to you as the Sinnoh Region!"

The old man says with pose. Ignoring the weird Y pose the old man made I started to remember than I still had one more benefit.

"Can you tell me what my one guaranteed benefit is?

I ask the old man.

"Alright I'll tell you. Your last benefit is being able to choose any Pokemon you want as your first partner. The restrictions are as follows. No starter Pokemon, no pseudo-legendaries, no legendaries and no mythical Pokemon."

"Simple right?"

He tells me with an expectant look.

'What would the best option be here.'

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