1 Pleasure Helping Spirit System

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"F*ck. If I do another good deed, let me be struck by lightning!"

As he walked out of the local police station, Chen Hao bellowed at the heavens with a bitter and furious look on his face.


A bolt of lightning suddenly flashed across the azure skies!

Chen Hao was startled.

Damn, I was only casually saying it. Is there a need to be so serious? Charity is not always rewarded! The heavens are blind!

Today was both a joyful and sorrowful day for Chen Hao.

The joyful part was, after graduating from a diploma mill and slogging hard at work, he had finally obtained his first month's salary from work. Also, he was in a splendid mood as it was a public holiday. So, he had been itching to go to a massage parlor with prostitution services to reward himself.

The cheery Chen Hao hummed a song as he rode on his Mobike1 to the place he had been pining for.

Seeing an old lady lying on the floor and moaning by the side of the street, he kindheartedly tried to help her up. Who would have known, the old lady suddenly held onto his thigh and yelled loudly, "Someone knocked into me! Someone knocked into me!" Then a man and a woman rushed out and grabbed Chen Hao.

The entire thing happened like a Blitzkrieg2.

By the time Chen Hao managed to react, staring at her son and daughter sticking out their hands and demanding compensation, he was in a terrible state.

This was clearly an incident staged to extort money. Unable to wiggle his way out of this, Chen Hao furiously called the police.

Unfortunately for him, his opponents were experienced and had chosen a corner where there were no surveillance cameras. The police were helpless with regard to this matter as well.

Finally, after much wrangling, Chen Hao compensated with the three thousand over yuan he had with him to resolve the matter.

That was Chen Hao's first salary ever. He had wanted to, after heading to the massage parlor, go for a good meal and replace his phone with a better one. He had wanted to have a taste of what it was like to spend all his salary the first day one received it.

Alright, he did have a taste of what it was like now. But all it did was fill his heart with a bitter sensation.


Found a man in complete despair. Pleasure Helping Spirit System activated.


Mission: Within 2,500 meters of the Southeastern direction, find a female ghost and fulfill her dying wish.

Reward: Divine Power Blessing]

Eh? What kind of situation is this? Pleasure Helping Spirit System? Helping female ghosts? Are you pulling my leg? I don't even wish to help humans, and you're asking me to help a ghost?

Startled by the sudden voice, Chen Hao glanced left and right but found nobody.

Indeed, when a person suffered a blow, he would start to hallucinate. With his money gone, his mind had suffered a great blow. Chen Hao decided to go home and take a nap, hoping everything would be alright after he woke up.

After scanning his Mobike, Chen Hao rode away in it.

[Ding-Dong! 2,000 meters away from the female ghost.]

"Who is it!"

Chen Hao abruptly stopped and yelled.

Startled by this, several pedestrians turned to look at Chen Hao in shock.

After several seconds of awkward silence, the pedestrians glared at Chen Hao like he was a lunatic before strolling away.

Meanwhile, Chen Hao was still feeling anxious and doubtful.

That voice earlier seemed to come from his head.

This was certainly not a hallucination!

After calmly observing his surroundings for a moment, Chen Hao cautiously continued riding ahead.

While he was in a focused and wary mode, indeed, the voice sounded again.

[Ding-Dong! 1,500 meters away from the female ghost.]

Chen Hao abruptly stopped the Mobike, his face frozen.

The voice indeed came from his head. What the heck is going on? What female ghost? This is the goddamn reality, not a movie. Where did this female ghost come from?

Mm, moments ago it just said 2,500 meters in the southeastern direction.

The direction I'm going in is the southeastern direction.

Chen Hao's gaze flickered for a few seconds before he abruptly reversed his vehicle and rode in the opposite direction.

Shortly after, the voice rang again.

[Ding-Dong! 2,000 meters away from the female ghost.]

This time, the distance pulled further apart.

Damn. Was there really a ghost?

Chen Hao gasped, feeling a chilliness rise from his feet and speedily spread throughout his entire body.

Chen Hao stared at the specified direction of the female ghost in horror as he contemplated whether or not to go over.

This was a ghost! Any ordinary person would be afraid!

But then again, he lived right over there. Surely he couldn't abandon his own home, right?

Chen Hao was in a dilemma.

After a long while, he clenched his teeth and reversed his bike again.

Why should he be scared! Although it was late afternoon, the sun was still up. Wouldn't the ghost be afraid of melting under the sunlight?

Ghosts are more afraid of humans than we are of them. I need to be stronger. Can't show my cowardice.

Although he kept giving himself pep talks to toughen up, Chen Hao's expression was turning stiffer and stiffer.

That mysterious voice kept ringing as well.

[Ding-Dong! 1,500 meters away from the female ghost.]

[Ding-Dong! 1,000 meters away from the female ghost.]

[Ding-Dong! 500 meters away from the female ghost.]

At this point, Chen Hao stopped. It wasn't that he didn't have the guts to go any further, but because he had reached his home.

He had rented an apartment here, a dilapidated area in the suburbs, and there were many houses behind it, holding back the development of the city.

But the rental was cheap. Hence, many youngsters who only just started working liked to rent apartments in this area.

Standing outside the housing estate, Chen Hao stared intently in the southeastern direction.

If he were to go forward another few hundred meters, that'd be where the female ghost was located.

The houses over there had worse living conditions than the housing estate where he was currently staying. Hence, ever since he got an apartment here, Chen Hao had never gone over to the other side.

And now, towards that place, Chen Hao felt a sense of awe and curiosity.

A female ghost!

He wondered what a female ghost looked like—would she be as beautiful as a goddess, or would she look hideous with protruding eyes and crooked mouth, with blood dripping from all orifices?

This curiosity gnawed at Chen Hao's heart like an ant, making it impossible for him to dismiss it.

That voice in his head had said that he would be blessed with divine power after helping a female ghost fulfill her dying wish.

Tsk tsk, divine power. He had heard that the old Buddhist monks who possessed divine power could easily increase the value of a cheap piece of fake jade by several hundred folds by blessing it with their divine power. If he learned this skill, he could become a rich man!

Chen Hao's heart pounded wildly, feeling like he was faced with a life-changing decision.

Should he run away in cowardice and continue to slog away at work, or should he be brave and confront the ghost for fascinating future prospects?

After hesitating for a long time and glancing up at the sun repeatedly, Chen Hao gritted his teeth and started up his bike again.

Surely the female ghost wouldn't be able to harm people in broad daylight?

In a state of high alertness, he rode to a dilapidated house that seemed neglected for a long time, before the mysterious voice rang again.


Location of the female ghost detected.

Do you wish to activate your Yin Yang Eyes3?]

He was asked to choose yes or no.

The contents had finally changed.

Mm, Yin Yang Eyes?

Was he about to see ghosts?

Chen Hao's heart pounded wildly like the rumbling of thunder.

Looking into the house from outside, the bricks of the walls were exposed and blackened, and the windows were broken and the place was overgrown with weeds. This seemed like an ordinary decrepit old house.

But it was exactly this sort of place that gave off a sinister and cold vibe.

"To hell with it. If it's yours it's yours. If it's not, nothing you do will change the fact. If this is real, that means I have been bestowed with a miracle. From now on, I'll be invincible and roam between the world of the living and the dead. If not, I needn't keep scaring myself and mulling over this."

Chen Hao murmured to himself in his heart. Finally, he made up his mind and quietly chose yes.


Yin Yang Eyes activated.

Pleasure Helping Spirit System has found its host.

Host: Chen Hao

Dao Attainments: None

Supernatural Power: Yin Yang Eyes

Spirit Detected: Female ghost Liu Yue'e. Vengeful ghost of three years. Help her fulfill her dying wish and be blessed with divine power.]

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