Pleasure Helping Spirit System Book

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Pleasure Helping Spirit System

Missing Left Arm

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After his act of kindness turns him into a victim of a scam, Chen Hao bellows at the heavens: If I do another good deed, let me be struck by lightning! [Ding-Dong! Pleasure Helping Spirit System activated. Ding-Dong! Mission: Within 2,500 meters of the Southeastern direction, find a female ghost and fulfill her dying wish. Reward: Divine Power Blessing] Whilst humans have troubles, ghosts have obsessions; whilst troubles are easily sorted out, obsessions are difficult to resolve. The guilty is always punished and the kind-hearted are always rewarded; retribution is inescapable. From battling dragon spawn in an ancient tomb to helping a centuries-old water ghost fulfill his dying wish of becoming a scholar, Chen Hao completes missions by helping the spirits let go of their obsessions and resentment so that they may rest in peace. With each mission accomplished, the system rewards him with more powers that will aid him on this path of cultivation to becoming a great Daoist master.