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A young man wakes up on an island with no memories of himself or his loved ones. All he has are memories not related to his personal life and a message introducing him to his new life. A few notes before you read this Fanfic. It's not going to be a rushed story. It's going to take time and go through things slowly. One Piece world only, no world traveling. While the Main Character will be strong, he will not be OP for quite a while. Be prepared to wait for it. The story will be following Luffy and the others for a while. This is for two reasons, one it helps me write and two, the Main Character actually has a valid motivation for doing so. No harem. Yes, the System is loosely based on 'The Gamer' but isn't a direct copy and is modified to suit my needs for my story. So while it might seem similar it is NOT the same. I do not own One Piece or any of the characters. All rights belong to their respective owners. I only own the Original Character. Prerelease Chapters here: patreon.com/playingnovels


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