Pinch my cheeks, I'm the villainous AI

My name was Finn and I wrote... Stella and the celestial bodies! A wonderful novel I wrote to get girls. That was by far the dumbest thing I've ever thought of. Though that wasn't the whole truth. As that's what I told my friends who read the female oriented novel. Now however... Now I regret every version of the story. With my early death of slipping on a lego and falling off my balcony while live-streaming. So by far, my most embarrassing moment. To my surprise though time stopped just before I hit that ground and I heard a voice. It asked me if I wanted to be saved. Saying yes, I now say I regret my decision. ----- I don't own art obviously and its AI generated

ZeOwl · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
25 Chs

Why the help?

June closed her car door, "This is the place."

We apparently weren't meeting at the bar like a thought. Instead it was an odd building with no markings. I put the pieces together that it was a strip club. It was just early in the day so it was quiet.

I laughed, "Classy place for a meet up."

June rolled her eyes, "What you think working women a-"

I interrupted, "What did I say earlier? every niche has a role and every role has a job. Let's head in."

She sighed and nodded, "Sorry, its just I hate that he uses this place. It was apparently the place he first grew up or something. I am pretty sure it was where my grandfather took him to lose his virginity."

I never wrote about June's mother, so I asked her flat out. "Who's your mom?"

June raised an eyebrow, "Oh, she was a stripper. One of the reason I hate this place actually. She was a college student that worked her paid through it and well. Mom got knocked up by her boss. She didn't want me, but she didn't want to get rid of me. So she talked to him about putting me for adoption."

I nodded as she opened the back door. She paused before heading in, "Surprisingly my dad said he'd take me. Raise me alone, promised her I'd have a good life. In a way he was right, I never once visited these places as a kid. Actually I think he never did when I was a kid either."

She continued, "Its one of the few things a really appreciated he did for me. My life and his were never mixed up, not until I joined the police force actually..."

She walked in and I followed, "So your Mom?"

June shrugged, "No clue, if you ever find her I'd wouldn't mind talking to her if she didn't mind it either."

I stumbled slightly, "Why do you say that?"

June looked at me, "Let's be real, you clearly have the means. I'm like 87% sure you exist a year ago. Let's leave it at that."

How the hell? I responded, "I agree to that, but just so you know I did exist before a year ago."

That was in fact the truth I existed for a year and a half or so now. I had the exact number, but that kind of invalidated the half truth.

She walked past some people and everyone was just silent. Got me thinking back to that bartender that tried to drug me. I guess I'll have no real answer. However it made me realize June seemed to have no reaction to it at the time. Hm, I wonder...

June slowed down as we entered a smaller room, with cabinets and a large L shaped desk. It seemed her dad liked a literal paper trail for the removal of paper trails. He barely let me look around the room speaking almost instantly.

"Welcome, you are Finn Ryle?" June's father had sunken eyes and looked anemic. He had a big belly, but his arms looked withered. It was awful.

I gave a light nod, "I am, I assume you wish to talk about my gift I gave June?"

He looked at into my eyes and sighed, "June could you leave for this?"

She frowned, "I have every right to hear what you are gonna say. After all i could've easily given it to my work."

He sighed, and even used a pet name for his daughter. "I know Junie, but this is more than that."

I just looked in between them as June had a sour expression that effected her whole face. While her Father's was weak and almost expressionless except for the look of exhaustion that was permanently affixed. 

June gave in, and pointed to me. "You better talk later."

June turned on a heel and slammed the door on her way out. Her father sighed, "Sorry for her, but first. Why did you approach my daughter?"

I shrugged as I sat down, "To get to her friend without talking to said friend. Basically using her to use her friend. Specially since I don't think it would be good if I act directly with that friend of hers."

He nodded, "You are referring to Stella correct?"

I gave him a nod back, "She's a genius, however I have a disposition that may have some consequences if I get involved with her to directly."

He reached over to his drink and sipped it. "You don't seem to hold me in any regard. Do you not think I may harm you or loved ones if you manipulate my daughter or her friend?"

I gave a shrug, "Eh, honesty I had an incident that made me lose the sense of fear." It wasn't really a incident, but I continued. "Not to mention I'm an orphan and I only found out I had a father recently with inheritance."

June's father spoke, "I hardly believe Arthur Ryle is your real father. However I do believe that leads me to my next questions. Are you the one who created those blueprints? When June gave me the USB she mentioned it had a blueprint on it for her friend. Now that can be excused, Arthur Ryle was a scientist, maybe he made something that could be passed on. However recently a mysterious man has been sending letters out."

Ah, I get it. I must have sent a deal out to a group he was connected with. Sometimes Companies needed shady deals. I didn't discriminate so my guess is one of the car or housing companies are connected with his dealings.

I put my hands up in an extra exaggerated shrug. "Can't say, but its up to you to know." I was never gonna admit it. So it was whatever, and I waited for him to speak.

He crinkled his lips and nodded, "Will you at least tell me if you are the one that provided the information of the USB?"

I laughed, "Yeah, I did the work on that one. Though I won't tell you how."

He nodded, "Respectable, can't share your network. Though I assume it was through some hacking. Can you tell me why though?"

I raised a hand and pretended to show off a pedestal. "You are dying aren't you? Want your daughter to take over after you. The drive was a push to help her. If she gave it to you it would benefit your relationship before you pass. If she gave it to the station... Well, we both know how that would go for her."

He took another sip of his drink. "I thank you for that then. Which leads me to my next question. What will you do with my daughter going forward?" His tone shifted as he asked his question and he leaned forward.

Huh, I didn't actually understand what he was asking. Was he asking if I would help her more? Or was he asking as her father? His tone was on the side of threating, while also inquisitive. I rubbed my chin. "Can you clarify?"

He leaned backwards again, "I think that gives me my answer. However I will clarify anyway. Like you said I'm dying, I got about a year or two left in me. Even with the chemotherapy and the device you sold to the hospital it is unlikely I will recover. I want someone to help her and protect her so she doesn't lose herself.... Like I did when I was younger."

That was a lot of information surprisingly. It seemed he found out I sent blueprints out due to his hospital. Also a year or two? His cancer was progressing faster than it did in the story. Finally was the fact he wanted me to help his daughter. 

I thought he would threaten me honestly, I paused and rubbed the chair in thought. "I'm pretty sure she would be fine. however I suppose it wouldn't be bad to help a future crime boss. The only problem is the police station. I'll have to think about it, but I likely I'll help her. Directly or indirectly as I move forward in my own plans."

He gave a chuckled that almost turned into a coughing fit. i got up, but he stopped me. "I'm fine, just a bit of mucus."

I sat back down, "Since I'm here... I don't suppose you could help me?"

He looked up, "Help how?"

This was a bit impulsive, but his help would be decent. "I am making a talent agency that will be for basically all types of work. If you got anyone you could send as employees, guards, talents."

He nodded, "You got a location?"

I shook my head, "Nah still setting this up, I was brought here when I was in the process. So this was impulsive."

He took out a pen and wrote down a number, "You can call me when you got a location. I have some people who want out of this line of work. I'm not one to force people to stay, however jobs are difficult to line up when your previous work experience was for a gang."

i grabbed the paper and nodded, "Thanks, I'll call."

"I'm sure you got a ride with my Junie, but I would like to talk to her a bit. Do you mind waiting outside?"

I paused before shrugged, "Can I get some food?"

He raised an eyebrow, "It tastes like shit."

I nodded, "That's fine with me."

 I exited his office and pointe dover at June. "You got an appointment."

She frowned at my antics and got up to storm into her father's office.