Picking Up Beautiful Girls In The Post-Apocalyptic World! Book

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Picking Up Beautiful Girls In The Post-Apocalyptic World!


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What do you do when you're a loser who is suddenly called the saviour of the world!? You use it as an opportunity to take charge of your own life while picking up cute girls along the way! Han Luo is just that kind of person, a perverted loser who is suddenly told he is the saviour of the world. "what do you mean I'm the only one!? cant you see I'm a loser!?" "If you want to kill me then you are going to have to work for it! My life isn't that cheap!" Join Han Luo on his journey through the post-apocalypse! [P.S. This is tagged Overpowered because I always wanted to create someone unbelievably strong. So Han is going to become one of the damn strongest people on this entire site - not just this story. But a good story needs growth, not just a quick power dump, so he'll be a bit pitiful at first, around chapters 1-15. So please bear with me till he gets back from his first time skip. After then, you'll be in for the ride of your lives] .......... Worked on it, so it's all good now. .......... The MC is not inherently good nor is he evil. He is like the manifestation of every man's internal dialogue come to life. He loves women and he will also do anything to stand on top of the world. He is extremely smart but he will also make good decisions, bad decisions and also silly decisions. If you're looking for a perfect MC with no flaws... well... Anyways, please try the first few chapters before you go. I promise you won't regret it. ....... Current release rate. 1 chapter a day + 3 chapter Mass release every Sunday P.S. I will post more than one chapter sometimes on the weekdays if I'm feeling really testy, but y'all can always expect a chapter a day. ....... Our discord is live!!! If you want to see your favourite characters up close or just want to talk to other readers, then join here. https://discord.gg/FGrRuwE2TH ...... P.P.P.P.S... I have no idea how may this is, but here goes! I've made the first side story about Regulus and its currently up! Hope you guys enjoy it!