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Jie Po

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Who ever controls the cats, controls the world!! It's essentially exactly what everyone wished PokΓ©mon Go was like. Capture digital creatures on your phone and be able to pull them out! MC runs a pet shop so I assume there is going to be the sale of things like dragon eggs and such later down the road.

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Website : qidian china Views : 1.16 million Rating : 8.0(624) Chapters : 642 Status : ongoing rank : 110 Word count : 1.51 million author rank : lv5


I wanttttttt this game instead of Pokemon Go. I want that Lucky cat to change my hell life to lucky life..muhahaha ..different from other novels,sometimes u need diff things to spice of the life~seriously read this~


Translator needs more support so we can get more chapters. So Guys and galsss i plead u to rate this novel cuz im liking it soo much already that i want 2 chapters a day...im sure my fellow readers will help me or u could read this story and judge yourself and review it.


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I just started reading this book. Not going to lie, had no expectations at the beginning and was really confused by the female protagonist tag. But this is so adorable and hilarious. πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚Zhang Zian is the best. If he wasn't so shameless, I would worship him as master. Just kidding. *nervously looking around* Goddess Xinghe, Master Gu Ruoyun, and Amazing Lin Sanjiu! Don't kill me! πŸ˜…But I give this book a 9/10! (Shameless manager Zhang Xian! That negative one point is because of you.) I just love the storyline and especially the cats. Xinghai, our amazing Luckycat, Fina, our majestic queen, and Old Time Tea, my favorite! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ±(I don't know if this counts as a spoiler. If it does, I formally apologize to anyone reading this) So, basically I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves animals or comedy, especially lonely, single dogs (Woof! Points at myself 🐢🐢). Who needs love these days! πŸ’‘πŸ’”πŸ™…Let us enjoy a book, laugh, admire kitties, and eat chocolate instead! 😝


The story is pretty good with the MC going around catching pets, like in PokΓ©mon Go, but with the twist that some pets have unique abilities. Would recommend.


ESTA NOVELA TIENE GATOS!!! *-* 100% recomendada .......................................................................................................................


I just reaaaaallly wanna say that the picture is really cute. Did not expect something like this her at all πŸ˜‚. The name pet king sounds a lot more domineering than the picture suggests. πŸ™€


Cat King. If you interested in cats with more purrsonality than your average Wuxia MC, want to laugh your ass off, and pawty with the coolest cats ever written then this is the purrfect book for you. Read it.


this story starts slow but its a fun read and a break from op mc's and conventional gimmicks which adds to its charm any one looking for a good story should give it a go.


Reveal spoiler


Pet king? More like Cat Slave. I dropped this novel because of the cat patriotism. I expected him to find famous legendary pets that are mythical and imaginary but he just found cat after cat and stereo type after stereo type. Can anyone give me an update on the current status of the pet type and count by episode 1000+? I know of Shy cat Bitc’oin cat Lesbian cat Wise cat Gay annoying parrot and dumb dog.


Nice novel. Nuff said.......................................................................................................................


OMG IT'S UPDATING AGAIN OH MY GOODDDDD YIPPEEEE!!! I get to see Fina, Old Time Tea, Galaxy, Richard, Han Fei AND THE OTHER CHARACTERS I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE NAME OF WOW! I'm so happy I'm going to re-read this!!


Great...so far I enjoyed reading it... I like cats the most 😜 But I'm just wondering why it's already been 7mos since the last update... Is it still ongoing or is it drop already?


I was initially interested in this novel, and I read to chapter 182. I enjoy reading slice of life system novels. However, this novel took a very weird turn. When the main character first got the system, the system told him that there wouldn't force him to do anything dangerous. However, all of a sudden there is now a life or death competition against other system holders? Wasn't this supposed to be a slice of life pet store novel? Why did it change so fast? Normally I wouldn't care all that much about this competition, but the problem is the main character literally has no reason nor motivation to participate in this. The only reason he is the owner of a pet shop is because his parents died, and so he wanted to take over. The reason the main character started capturing this mystical pets is basically, "why not?". Anyway, this story is pretty slow. The main character focuses on the mystical pets he has 100% of the time, why is kinda disappointing for a pet store owner that has 10 - 30 pets and only focusing on three of them. (So far) Normally in a story like this, you'd expect a lot of cute moments, because well, the main character owns a pet store. However, those are far and wide, nowhere to be seen. The story is extremely slow and repetitive, to the point of annoyance. However, this novel does have some good comedy. Like when the main character implied communism would be a good idea. The translation quality of this novel is pretty mid. Everything is understandable, but they randomly change the names of various characters/pets. It's extremely confusing because they literally have two different names for a character in a single chapter. Overall, the novel is decent, but the fact that the author drones on and on about random stuff really makes this novel too slow to bear. I am unsure why they put a action-plot in a slice of life novel, but whatever.


An amazing novel, instead of going towards the action side of pets, Pet King focuses more on the slice of life and the development of main character and the pets. With each pet being very unique and having a backstory, the progression of pets is simply wonderful, with almost all pets having complete character arcs, you can expect a more detailed characters oriented story.


Reveal spoiler


It is very interesting.... The author have knowledge about animal realms... So we can have many information about cats and dogs.... And very funny sometimes.... Like it very much