Percy Jackson: the dark souls survivor

what if fate had other plans for young Percy? oh poor 11 year old Percy had no idea what was in-store for him when he woke up in the cell. Percy Jackson X darksouls (world so far) dark souls 1 dark souls 2 dark souls 3 Bloodborne (untraveled worlds) elden ring

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(new Londo) (demon ruins)

Percy was once again traversing the ghost place again. now though he was able to kill the ghost because of his unlimited stock of Transient Curse.

add in the fact that the ghost also has a chance to drop them to make it even better.

although the ghost also dropped [ghost blade] and with that weapon, I didn't even need the curse.

upgrading it to +5 was easy enough, and killing all the ghosts was more of an annoyance than a problem.

while Percy was in oolacile, Artorias gave me a ring. not a marriage ring, but the ring that he was going to give to Sif to protect.

[covenant of Artorias

definition: traverse the abyss]

with that being said, Percy jumped into the black abyss, where Percy would find his new boss to you with.

[four kings]

Percy's DPS was way better than it once was. with Artorias sword in hand, Percy was able to kill the four kings first try.

their souls were used to level up, and Percy meet a snake-type monster where he could by infinite [cracked red orbs].

on the surface, Percy decided to give it a shot.

he used one of the orbs, and after waiting 22 seconds his vision went dark. when Percy opened his eyes he was in a new world, the same as his previous one though.

there he saw another undead. he was rolling, then drank an estus and used a boss soul. he seemed to gain infinite souls that way.

using his ghost blade, Percy began fighting the man, and Percy would dodge when it came to it.

but Percy continue hitting the man and caused him to bleed multiple times before dying.

[9,627,172 souls]

(A/N: this actually happened to me yesterday. found a guys duping his souls and killed him 🗿).

well, Percy certainly wasn't going to turn down the souls. when Percy got back to his world, he spent all the souls.

of course, somewhere on a place on earth, a man was complaining about how unfair this was. due to Percy being a real person, and not a character, his moveset was different from the game.

of course, he was salty due to losing all those souls he got through cheating.

Percy visited Quelaag and the fair lady, and Quelaag sold some pyromancy for me.

(made up)

{aura blast (10,000 souls)

fire enchantment (20,000)

lava spewer (25,000)

since Percy had the souls, he bought them all. and the best part is that he only needed to use his pyromancy flame.

while in firelink Percy upgraded his pyromancy flame to +10 before heading to blight town again.

Percy could kill everything in a single hit and that was mainly due to him kicking the greatsword before slamming it into the enemy.

Percy was about to go into Quelaags domain but then he saw what looked to be a woman in black clothes and nodded his head.

he picked her up before using a homeward bone and teleported back to firelink. ignoring her screams of protest Percy laid her next to the fair lady and Quelaag.

'I found her as promised' I said telepathically.

before they started their reunion I left. after all, I wasn't going to be here for their tears, I wasn't good with emotions.

all I knew was death, killing, and sarcasm.

sarcasm was mainly a form of protecting himself, due to his beyond-broken humor.

Percy entered the demon ruins with a blast. quite literally, he swung his sword once and sent the Capra demon flying into the wall.

then as the Capra demon laid against the wall Percy shoved his sword through its skull.

Percy made it to the bonfire by just jumping down, the worm thing that spits acid died to Percy swinging his sword.

Percy finally rested at the bonfire before leaning back and began thinking about his journey.

Percy lost count of how many times he died, but he knew one thing. he never went down a coward, he went down fighting.

Percy met many people, some good, some bad, some were too pure for this world.

solaire, who wanted to find his sun, quelaag who just wanted to protect her sister, and that one priest woman that Percy saved in the tomb of the Giants.

...Petrus however I had to kill as soon as I sensed hostile intentions. thank was all I needed to kill him because honestly I never liked him anyway.

Percy didn't even care that he killed him. he was so used to killing everything that killing another human didn't feel different from killing a Hallow.

Percy looked Petrus dead in the eye as he looked at Percy with pure fear. that was the last thing Petrus saw was Percy looking at him coldly before decapitating him.

Percy took the shortcut that the fair lady told him about and killed all the jumpy things.

[sunlight maggot]

of course, Percy also dealt with the titanite demon who didn't drop anything and continued moving.

Percy's blade was thirsty for death, and that's exactly what he provided...


hope you enjoyed it.